Monday, August 1, 2016

Thinking About Trump

Some thoughts about Donald J. Trump
  1. His campaign is a disorganized mess - being run by a guy who worked on campaigns of some of the worst despots around the world and his children (who know nothing about political campaigns)
  2. Clearly the truth does not matter to Donald J. Trump because he says shit and then when caught in a lie his reaction is deny deny deny and expect the story to go away - The lies are getting harder to deny and their story arcs are lasting longer
  3. That was probably the worst party convention of all time and his speech was so dark and negative - something most voters are not used to
  4. Donald J Trump is so thinned skinned he is almost transparent - he views any criticisms as a "vicious" attack.  You see in Trump's world he is never questioned, never challenged and never doubted.  If Donald J. Trump says it - it is the truth and you do it
  5. He says he is raising a lot money - We will see at the end of the next reporting period
  6. Why won't he release his tax returns - He is not nearly as wealthy as he says he is - he does not want voters to know how little he has paid in taxes
  7. My guess is both
  8. His campaign is tanking - I wonder when the party leaders are going to pull the plug, ignore him and just focus on the Senate and House.  They will be subtle but by October they will no longer be commenting on him or his campaign - They will be in PA to campaign for Toomey and Trump will not be mentioned.  It will be like he does not even exist.
  9. He did not know that Russia invaded the Ukraine
  10. He asked for Putin to interfere in the election
  11. He denied knowing Putin after telling everyone who would listen that he and Putin were buds
  12. His admiration of dictators leads me to believe the he would try to become one himself
More later

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