Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I Hardly Ever Think about Weiner

I was going to blog something about Anthony Weiner and then I realized I just don't care and I have not given it much thought.  He is yesterday's news.

The Republicans who are trying to link Weiner to something that is corrupt about the entire Democratic party are just coming off as desperate and weak minded.

The pathetic Republican who are hoping the Affair Weiner will somehow negatively impact the Clinton Foundation and Hillary's political future because Weiner's wife is Mrs. Clinton's top aide forget that the Clinton's are covered and teflon and it is really just a silly argument to begin with.

The weak minded Liberals who are gnashing their teeth and wrenching their clothes because they fear the same thing are professional cry babies who specialize is gnashing their teeth and wrench their clothes over the most ridiculous issues.

I mean really, if somebody does not vote for Hillary Clinton because of Anthony Weiner's inability to keep his dick off of Twitter may be a good argument to bring back the literacy tests for voting.

But, like I said earlier I have hardly thought about this at all.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Mourning Gov. Bill Scranton

His family arrived here via the Mayflower and an important city in Pennsylvania bears his family's name.

Former Pennsylvania Governor William W. Scranton has died.

He left Yale Law to fight in WW II, after serving briefly in the Eisenhower administration he returned home to Scranton to run for Congress. In an overwhelmingly Democratic district he won. Two years later at the urging of Ike he ran for Governor against the powerful Mayor of Philadelphia and he won.

In 1964 he ran a last minute campaign to save the Republican party from nominating Barry Goldwater for President.  He was man who believed in public service but became so disgusted by politics that after his single term as Governor he said he would never run for public office again, and he never did.

He did however, serve as a special adviser, special envoy, task force chair, study commission chair for 4 Presidents and for President Ford he served as UN Ambassador. He was a man of great wealth and privilege and he spent his entire life in the service of people and country.  He was a fiscal conservative but he supported many progressive government programs and the civil rights movement.

He is someone I always admired and always wished I could have voted for.

The nation and Pennsylvania are certainly better places because of  Bill Scranton and it with sadness I mourn his passing but with gratitude I celebrate his life.


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reading is Fundamental

Found this on line - not sure where this store is.  The owners are my new hero's.

Loving reading and loving books is a sign of superior intelligence!  And, their generous spirit and faith in humanity is something to be admired and appreciated.

Well done you?  Book Store Owners 


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Remembering Lindy Boggs

Lindy Boggs was a descendant of the Louisiana's first governor, she was born and raised on a plantation, she was a child of privilege who spent her life fighting for human rights, social justice and against government and public corruption.  She went to Washington in 1940 as the wife of a congressman but she was nor ordinary congressional spouse she worked behind the scenes for the civil rights act. women's equality and economic justice.

When her powerful husband Hale Boggs died in a plane crash in 1973 she was elected to complete his term and held the seat until she retired in 1991. Throughout her congressional career she worked for the same issues she had before holding office.  She was a leading light in congress and a role model for future Congresswomen.  Upon her retirement they named a room in the capital building after her.

In 1997 she was appointed Ambassador to the Vatican she held that post until 2001.

I posted some links so we can learn a little something about this remarkable women.

Oh....she is also Cokie Roberts mom.

We need a couple of dozen people like Lindy Boggs in Congress these days.


In VA. Birth Defects are Caused by Sin

At least according to E. W. Jackson is the Republican nominee for Lt. Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  They don't have primaries in Virginia if a candidate gets enough votes at a convention.  He was chosen by party leaders, they looked at this man and said he is the best choice to hold the office.  That says a great deal about the leadership of the Virginia Republican Party.

“It is the principle of sin, rebellion against God and His truth which has brought about birth defects and other destructive natural occurrences.

I don't even know how to respond / react to this lunacy.

How can anyone actually believe this?

What message does this send to parents who have / had a child born with a birth defect?  They sinned?  It is their fault?  G-d is punishing them through their child?

I wonder if these type of statements will cost him any votes?

How many Republican parents will overlook this nonsense and vote for him because he is not a Democrat?


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Caroline Kennedy Set to Represent 米国 in 日本

First Daughter for Life Caroline Kennedy has just been appointed Ambassador to Japan.  A high honor indeed.

Japan is a key and important ally and sending them someone like Caroline Kennedy shows how important our relationship is and shows great respect to them.

I wonder if the Senate Republicans will try to delay and or filibuster her nomination.

Some will say that Ms. Kennedy is being rewarded for her support and loyalty to President Obama.  Of course that is the reason she is being appointed.  Most ambassadors are appointed because they are supporters of a President - Yes Republican Presidents do this as well.  It's not as if the relationship with Japan is hostile so a seasoned diplomat is not needed.

Some will say she has no experience in foreign policy.  She is not making foreign policy the President does that, she simply has to represent the interests of the nation to the people and government of Japan.  The State Department has professional, non political staffers to guide the Ambassador through her time in Japan.

She will be the face of the United States in Japan and quite frankly I can think of no better face than Daughter of Camelot and the scion of one of the greatest political legacy in our nations history.

Montgomery County & Equality - Perfect Together!

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania Register of Wills D. Bruce Hanes has decided to issue a wedding license to a lesbian couple.  The couple contacted him and after reviewing the request with both his office's solicitor and the county's solicitor it was decided to issue the marriage license because to do other wise would violate their civil rights.

It was not all that many years ago that Montgomery County, which is a suburb of Philadelphia was a bastion of Republican Conservatism.  Granted they were more George HW Bush Republican than Rick Santorum Republican.  It is now a little more blue than red but it is still a fairly moderate conservative type of county.

I am glad that this move has come from this county and not Philadelphia.  A suburban county sends a stronger message about the march to equality then a similar move from the a big city.

The ACLU has already filed a suit in court challenging my Commonwealth's desire to deny me full citizenship.

The real question now that The Supreme's ruled for equality is;

If the federal government can not discriminate should the various states be allowed to discriminate?

Well done you!  D. Bruce Hanes.

Mr. Hanes press release as reported by Main Line Times

From The Advocate

From Raging Chicken Press

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Ban the The Blow Job

The man who would be Governor of Virginia wants to ban oral sex!

Maybe he has never had a good blow job and is just bitter or maybe he is so bad when he goes down on his wife that she has convinced him that they are a bad idea.

I tried to write a serious post about this but really...I just can't

If I Get Married Free Speech Dies & The Nation Fails

Are these people insane?  Are they stupid?  Are they drunk when they speak? or are they just fucking nuts?

I mean really - If I am allowed to get married this great republic with come crashing down around us.  Not an underfunded education system, not bankrupt cities, not corporate welfare, not dysfunctional government, nope.... marriage equality will bring this nation to it's knees.

Ponder this... People who love each other getting married will destroy free speech.

And it is not the first time they people who hate this nation have used this argument.

Her Majesty Rules!

Queen Elizabeth II has signed a law allowing marriage equality in England and Wales.  The Conservative Party passed this legislation... Yes Speaker Boehner, Yes Governor Corbett - The party of Maggie Thatcher supported marriage equality and it is now the law!

C'mon America the British are showing us up.

An interesting note on this is that Her Majesty came out early in support of this legislation something she rarely does.  It is believed that when she said she would sign the bill much of the opposition fell away.


The Week in GOP Wing Nuttery

Wow it has  been quite a week in Conservative / Republican Wing Nuttery

Lindsay Graham the prissy Senator from South Carolina has called for yet another war.  I have to wonder what is it about Sen.Graham that makes him love war so much.  I know that Senator Graham has served this nation well as an active and reserve Air Force member he has served as a Judge Advocate the entire time.  He was wrong on Iraq and wrong on the way Afghanistan was fought so he wants us to trust his judgement as he tries to lead us into war with Iran.


Later term abortions that are performed to save the life of the mother are really just "A matter of convenience".  According to GOP Representative Brian Nieves


Kyle Tasker Republican of New Hampshire has a long history of odd public statements - this time he claims he needs booze in order to talk to Democrats.


The always foolish Steve King of Iowa claims that most immigrants are trying to smuggle "Weed".


Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah is willing to shut down the entire government in order to stop ObamaCare.  He prefers women paying more for insurance, he prefers that care is limited by a persons ability to pay, he prefers that people are denied care because of a pre-existing condition, he prefers that a young person who can't afford insurance does not get it.  Mike Lee prefers that people without insurance use emergency rooms for basic care and if they can't afford the care so be it...he prefers that the local hospital passes on the cost of that coverage to you and I.

 Let this sink in.... Sen. Mike Lee, Republican of Utah is ready to shut down the entire government to stop millions of his fellow citizens from affordable health care.


And then there is this jackass...... Glenn Beck  - The President not using a teleprompter last Friday proves he is committed to dividing the nation.
From his own blog

It was quite a week

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Scalia Follies Continue

There is so much wrong with this

  1. Scalia is an activist judge - he allows his personal & religious opinions to impact his judicial opinions
  2. Claiming that judicial activism leads to the holocaust shows that  Scalia is not as intelligent as his supporters claim he is.  
  3.  Using the holocaust as an analogy for almost anything other than the holocaust itself is grandstanding and an attempt to grab another headline by the justice.
  4. This argument is so absurd it is hardly worthy even a blog post.
 Mr. Justice Scalia is a disgrace on the court and is better suited as a guest host on Hannity


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"I'm In" Despicable Liz

Well!  She's in... Despicable Liz Cheney is in the race. She is going to challenge an incumbent Republican Senator in the primary.

Typical Cheney only loyal to Cheney.

It will be interesting to see if the voters of Wyoming are willing to turn a Senate seat over to a resident of Virginia.  If she does win she won't have to spend any time house hunting.

The incumbent Senator in an interview today was joined by the State's other Senator.

An Independent Files for Mayor of Bethlehem

We now have a race for Bethlehem Mayor this fall, at least on paper.  It is tough to get elected if you are not a Democrat but it is not impossible.  Four years a Republican was elected Controller.

Former Moravian Academy teacher Bruce Sigmon has filed petitions to run as an Independent for Mayor.  Running as an Independent may actually make more sense than running as a Republican in the city of Bethlehem.

Mr. Sigmon seems to be off to a languid start.  He said he will not really begin active campaigning until sometime in August.  I have no idea what his positions are but I am willing to listen, given my disappointment in the Democratic Nominee.

But, first and foremost I care about moving this city forward and I will vote for the candidate who meets or comes close to my expectation of the type of leadership I want for my city.

I am open and ready to listen to both Mr. Sigmon & Mr. Donchez and if both disappoint me I will write in myself.

Well Done you! Rep. Mike Schlossberg

"Love begets love, and this world clearly needs more love."

Local freshman State Representative Mike Schlossberg (D Allentown)  has co-sponsored legislation to bring marriage equality to Pennsylvania.  The bills primary sponsor is another freshman Brian Sims of Philadelphia. Something tells that these two power players are going to go far in Harrisburg and maybe beyond.

I'm not going to write another blog post as to why marriage equality is important I have made the case too many times.

I am proud that a local Representative is taking the lead on this and I impressed that as a Freshman Rep. Schlossberg is taking a leadership role. He knows he was sent to Harrisburg to make a difference and he is bound and determined to so.  And, I am glad that I can call the Honorable Gentleman from Allentown my friend.

For this Rep. Mike Schlossberg deserves a "WELL DONE YOU! MIKE SCHLOSSBERG"

Monday, July 15, 2013

Does He Have The Right to Walk Down the Street?

In 2013 United States of America does a young black male have the right to walk where ever he wants to or needs to walk?

Does he have the right to walk in downtown Bethlehem without people wondering why he is there?  Maybe he is just walking home from classes at the Ballet Guild.

Does he have the right to walk into The Moravian Book Store without being followed? Maybe he is stopping in for a gift for his grandma.

Does he have the right to walk up Church Street with his friends (also black) without people crossing the street because they are afraid?  Maybe he is showing is friends who do not go to Moravian Seminary the town where he will be living for the next few years.

I have walked down the street with my guy (who is black and has been for a very long time) and have seen people cross the street and or pull their children close because they were afraid, worried or suspicious. I have also seen the look of relief on their faces when they saw he was with a white guy.  This does not happen now that we are middle aged but it certainly happened when we were young men.

When Will It Be Safe?

The New York Daily News publishes this stunning and powerful front page.

I'm sure the people on the right will condemn this but the Daily News asks a compelling question.

When will it be safe for young black men to walk the streets of this country?  When will young black men not be viewed with suspicion while out in public, while shopping at the mall, while walking downtown, while shopping at Target?  

At the same time when will it be safe or young black men to walk the streets of their neighborhood in Chicago or many other cities in this country.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dowd & undergarments, Dionne & Iowa Dems and Gay = $ in Philly

Maureen Dowd dissects womens undergarments and what they mean to the culture at large.

E.J. Dionne discusses a recent poll of Democrats in Iowa - I think the most interesting thing about this poll is all the front runners are from the Northeast.

Philadlephia activily pursues The Gays. Is econmomic development pushing social change?

Guilty of Being a Young Black Male

His killer reported him to the police because he was suspicious of a young black man walking through "his" neighborhood.

Trayvon's killer did not believe a black teenage boy should be in his neighborhood and he was going to do something about it.

The man who killed the unarmed teenager, loaded his gun then stalked, pursued and confronted him because the teenager was a black male.

A scuffle ensued and Trayvon was killed.  The scuffle would not have occurred at all if Trayvon's killer had found him guilty of being a black male teenager.

The jury may have found Trayvon's killer not guilty of murder but the fact remains and will always remain that he is the man who killed Trayvon Martin.

We know that race was the factor in Trayvon Martin's death.  It is doubtful that the man who killed Trayvon would have pursued him if Trayvon looked like Justin Bieber.

But, what we don't know for certain if was race a factor in the results of this trial.

Legal experts are wondering if the Special Prosecutor would have brought lesser charges against Trayvon's killer he may have been convicted.

I have to wonder if the Special Prosecutor from this very conservative part of Florida brought charges that she knew would result in an acquittal in an attempt to placate all sides.  She only brought the charges after a lot of public pressure.  A fair and open trail was held in front of TV cameras and Trayvon's killer was acquitted of murder charges. The Special Prosecutor did her job and the judicial system did it's job.

The system works.  According to the Special Prosecutor.  I do find it odd that she played no part in this trial, she brought the charges but kept herself off camera until after the trial was over.  Then she held a press conference and with a big smile professed her faith in the system and proclaimed the justice was served. She seemed almost happy with the result or at the very least she seemed satisfied.

We do not know what the discussions were like in the jury room and we do not know what is in the hearts of the 6 white women who sat on the jury. But, I can't help to wonder if the man who killed Trayvon Martin was acquitted because Trayvon Martin was guilty of being a young black male.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Verdict - Is It Possible to Still Have Hope?

I don't know what to say - the words are just not coming.

I am saddened

I am stunned but not surprised, I am disappointed but I sort of expected it.

Often on this blog I refer to this country as "This Great Republic" because in spite of all it's imperfections I believe(d) that this nation is still the place where justice lived.

At this moment after this verdict I am not sure I can or will ever say that again.

Bill Clinton used to say "I still believe in a place called hope."  I cannot at this moment.

Friday, July 12, 2013

My Congressional District & The Job Fair

My Congressman Charles Dent (R Pa 15) is hosting 2 job fairs.  That in itself is not such big or important news.

But, what caught me off guard was where one of them will be held.

Saturday, August 3rd, 10 am to 2 pm

Penn State Harrisburg

Capital Union Building Gymnasium

777 West Harrisburg Pike, Middletown, PA

This is where I went to college and it is pretty far away from here.  Because of reapportionment the 15th Congressional District now snakes its way across five counties.  It goes from the Delaware River  to the Susquehanna River and 10 minutes from the Pennsylvania Capitol.

A two to three hour ride from one end of the the district is expected in Montana or Wyoming but it makes no sense in a state as dense as Pennsylvania.  A district like this is a disservice to the constituents and pretty unfair to the congressman to cover a district of such a size.  Though I suspect Mr. Dent is not really complaining since the district was created to ensure he or the next Republican is safe.

Here is the district 

And, go to the job fair, if you have the inclination.

#MalalaDay - Did You Miss This?

Today Hillary Clinton tweeted this

Malala today at the UN: “Nothing changed in my life except this-weakness, fear and hopelessness died.” Extraordinary young woman.

It is an extraordinary and powerful statement.  Think about it and think about the young woman who made the statement.

It would have been amazing if our 24 hour news networks had covered the speech.  I know I would have found a way to witness this moment. But, our 24 hour cable news networks are clearly only really interested in covering sensational criminal trials. I know that big trials bring ratings and it takes money to run a network but is it too much to ask for a news network cover a wide range of news and not just the trial of the moment.

I am not saying the George Zimmerman trial is not significant - The guy murdered an unarmed young man because he was black.  So, yes I am engaged in what is happening.

But, other things have been happening during the course of the trial and they have gotten so little coverage because of the current trial of the century.

Is That A Tampon? Not in this capitol

You can carry your gun into the Texas State Capitol Building.

Women could not bring their Tampons or Maxi Pads into the Texas State Capitol Building today.

Tell me again that the Republican Party has not declared war on women.  Why are Republicans so afraid of women?  Why are Republican women so afraid of women?

This really is one of the most ridiculous stories I have read in a very long time.

Jim McGreevey Making Possibly Triumphant Return to Public Life

Jim McGreevey is coming back to public life.

His new role is not quite as exciting or headline grabbing as other recent political comeback attempts.  But, the former New Jersey Governor is about to return to public service not by running for office but to an appointed position.

He has been tasked with the responsibility for finding and creating jobs and finding qualified people to hold those jobs.  And, he has been asked to do this in Jersey City - one of the most economically depressed cities in the country.

From all I know about Mr. McGreevey he seems like a logical choice.  I wish him well.

Jim McGreevey Making Possibly Triumphant Return to Public Life | The Philly Post

Toshi Seeger Has Died

Folk music icon, fighter for social justice and believer in people & peace: Pete Seeger announced today that his wife Toshi Seeger, to whom he was married for almost 70 years has died.

In the amazing the story that is Pete Seeger it is widely accepted that none it would have happened and continued for so long without Toshi.

Below are are the Times and NPR profiles.

I could not find the Fox profile.

It's up to the Governor to Defend Discrimination

About the ACLU's lawsuit challenging Pennsylvania's ban on marriage equality;

"I cannot ethically defend the constitutionality of Pennsylvania's version of DOMA as I believe it to be wholly unconstitutional,"

Pennsylvania's Attorney General Kathleen Kane - Thursday at a press conference today held at the National Constitutional Center, in Philadelphia.   

Attorney General Kane's decision now leaves it up to the Governor of the Commonwealth to decide how and why this discriminatory law will be defended and why it should be defended.  
Traditional the AG's job is to defend the laws of the Commonwealth, luckily for us a provision was written into the law that created the position of Attorney General that gives the office holder and out when she does not think the law should be upheld or if she thinks it is more appropriate for the Governor himself to defend the law.

There is no doubt in my mind that the disappointing, inept, ineffective and generally just awful Tom Corbett will make every attempt to defend discrimination, he can't afford a primary from the right next year.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

AG Kathleen Kane Will Not Defend Discrimination

This is big news!

The Attorney General of Pennsylvania will not defend the Commonwealth in a court case about the Pennsylvania law that denies me of my full rights, responsibility and privileges.

Attorney General Kathleen Kane will not defend Pennsylvania against a lawsuit brought by the ACLU on behalf of marriage equality.

It is reported that she will make the announcement at the National Constitution Center.  The AG knows the importance of drama, backdrop and setting.  Is it too early to mention her for VP in 2016.

Kathleen Kane is the first woman and first Democrat to hold the office of elected PA Attorney General.

Frank Deford on Football

Frank Deford is one of the smartest people on the planet.  He is so much more than sports but when he drills in and focuses on what is great or not so great about sports he is often brilliant.

This morning his weekly commentary on Morning Edition was particularly powerful.  I am a huge football fan.  I will watch a high school game on ESPN if nothing else is on.  I prefer college over professional but in the end it is still football.

Football has become America's game - it is far more popular than baseball.  Mr. Deford argues that professional football needs new leadership - he fears it is sliding down a slippery slope to gladiator status.  

And, of course Frank Deford makes a compelling argument.

Joan Walsh - Run Sarah run!

The always spot on Joan Walsh wants Sarah Palin to run for the Senate and for very good reasons.

Run Sarah run!

Sarah Palin Might Want to be a Senator

Sarah Palin, the gift that keeps on giving is making rumblings or are they mumblings about running for the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Mark Begich.

Some quick thoughts

  • She was just re-hired by Fox so she wanted to make a splashy return
  • Hannity was masturbating under the desk and she wanted to help him out
  • She needs to have people on all parts of the political spectrum talking about her - Will she or won't she?
  • She is a fame / publicity whore
  • She has a new book / reality show coming out
  • Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are attracting to much of the crazy tea bagger lime light and she will have NONE of that.
  • There is no way in hell she is going to let that born with a silver spoon in her mouth, daddy's girl little bitch Liz Cheney take all the headlines that she should be getting
  • She is delusional 
I mean really can you imagine Sarah Palin in the United States Senate.  It is too small for her ego and too thoughtful for her capacity to think. 

If she does run she will become the face of the Republican Party through out the 2014 campaign and she and  the Despicable Liz will suck up so much money there will not be as much to share with GOP candidates in states where a Democrat can win.

I doubt Sarah Big & Tall Palin will run for the Senate because she is a bully, she is full of bluster and drama but in the end she does not have the courage to face the voters again.

But, then what do I know?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Congress - There is an app for it

I am like a pig in shit over this app "Congress" by the Sunlight Foundation.

With just a touch you will be able call his/her office, research the voting record, learn about committees he/she serves on, get instant access to his or her website, see what bills or lack of bills your member sponsored and view a map of the district.  You will also be able to look up other members.

I predict hours and hours of nerd fun in my future.

NYT Editorial Board Spitting Mad About Spitzer

As we all know now a disgraced former New York Governor is attempting a comeback.  He announced a last minute entry into the Democratic primary for New York City Comptroller.  On it's face his announcement is a little hard to understand.  Elliot Spitzer could spend the rest of his life writing books, giving lectures, commenting on TV, writing Op Eds, sitting on corporate boards, fundraising for charities and candidates and being a rain maker for a law firm.

So why run for an office that is clearly a step down from his previous offices and something he does not have to do in order to pay the bills? He believes in public service?  He has some good ideas?  He needs it in order to feel forgiven and or whole?  I don't know.  What I do know is that if I were a New Yorker I would seriously consider voting for him.

There have been three up and coming politicians who I looked forward to supporting for President some day who have broken my heart - Jim McGreevey, Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Wiener.  Maybe not Wiener for President but he was/is someone who I thought could really make a difference.  They held such promise, they are some of the smartest people around, they had great ideas, they stood for the things that mattered to me, they were passionate and they wanted to make a difference.  Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Wiener were brought down by their own hubris. I wonder if it ever occurred to them that what they were doing could destroy their careers.

McGreevey on the other hand was blinded by his ambition and shame and the combination destroyed his career.  He believed that he could not achieve political high office if he was true to himself and he is right.

President Clinton more than survived his sex scandal but it is a part of his legacy.

Mark Sandford's comeback leads me to believe that sex scandals are so last century.  If a conservative, holier than thou hypocrite like Mark Sanford can get elected to Congress by very conservative, holier than thou voters then some guy who showed his "member of Congress" to a woman on Twitter and a guy who hired a hooker to do whatever can surely get elected to office in New York City.

I am the king of second chances so far be it for me to not wish Mr. Wiener and Mr. Spitzer well.  If nothing else the months leading up the their respective primaries will certainly not be dull.  In fact, how bad would it be if they won?  New York could do a lot worse.  They are smart guys.

This editorial by the New York Times objecting to Mr. Spitzer's return to politics is so over the top with it's outrage that I had to double check to make sure I was not reading The Onion

 This is what the comptroller does
The comptroller is responsible for auditing the performance and finances of city agencies, making recommendations regarding proposed contracts, issuing reports on the state of the city economy, marketing and selling municipal bonds, managing city debt, and serving as managing trustee of the public employees pensions funds. As managing trustee, the comptroller presides over the boards of the funds, along with managing assets. Overall fund governance is with boards of the individual funds.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Robbie Rogers Writes A Letter to His 14 Year Old Self

ESPN magazine recently asked a group of top athletes to write a letter to their 14 year old selves.

Below is  a link to the letter American soccer / football star Robbie Rogers wrote to himself.  Rogers played soccer in England for most if his career, he was injured last season and retired. Upon retiring he announced that he was gay.  He recovered from his injuries and was offered an opportunity to return home and play for the Los Angeles Galaxy.

I stayed up late that night to watch the moment when Mr. Rogers would take the field.  The camera panned to the sidelines, his replacing another player was announced and the crowd went wild.  He was greeted with a thunderous standing ovation and play was delayed for a few minutes.  I sat here alone on the futon crying.  It was another moment that I thought I would never live to see.

When he took the field last month he became the first openly gay American professional athlete to play in a game.  Another glass ceiling was broken,

Robbie Rogers first steps onto the pitch were further steps towards a more perfect union and a better nation.

Macklemore - Same Love (Lyrics + Official Music Video)

I have heard this a few hundred times but had yet to see the video before this morning.  The video just adds to the power of the message.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are the hottest thing in popular music.  They are both straight but clearly not narrow.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Maureen Dowd on the French & Joan Walsh on the Team Obama Email Strategy

Maureen Dowd takes on French malaise

Are you as weary of Team Obama's emails as Joan Walsh is?  I am but I appreciate the dedication and effort they show.

Update on Despicable Liz

Others are thinking about the potential Sen. Liz from Virginia errr I mean Wyoming and are just as horrified as I am.

I can believe how happy I would be to see her lose just the thought of it make me giggle with glee.

Everything You Need To Know About A Possible Liz Cheney Senate Run

Easton Heritage Day - I'll Be Signing Autographs

I am very passionate about my fair city and my desire to keep things moving forward is boundless but I am part of another fair city as well.

I am at heart still and Easton, PA boy, you can tell by the specially made shirts I have to wear to accommodate the chip on my shoulder.

Like the city itself Easton's Heritage Day has had it's share of ups and downs and like the City it is experiencing an up.

The reason the City of Easton Celebrates on the Sunday after the fourth is because in 1776 the third public reading of the Declaration of Independence was held in Easton on Sunday, July 7 and that is a big deal.  Today's festival begins with a recreation of that historic event.

Go to the web site below to find all the details.

I will be there all day signing autographs. But, I'm not going to tell you have to find me.

See you in Easton

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Despicable Liz

Liz Cheney is pondering a run for the US Senate in Wyoming.  It does not matter that she actually lives in the DC area and only claims Wyoming residency.  But, then when have the facts or the law matter to a Cheney.

She is on Fox and other talk shows because she is Dick's daughter, she was given high level jobs at the State Department because she is Dick's daughter. Many of those jobs had some serious titles. Was she worthy of them?  The Bush foreign policy had almost no successes but foreign policy is difficult and easy to get wrong. Would she have received those appointments if her last name was Flad?  I doubt it very much.

Listen to what she says as a talking head or what she writes in her amusing op-ed pieces and you will quickly realize that Liz Cheney is about as deep as baby pool, as interesting as Paris Hilton and as substantial as a Johnny Depp movie.

And, the women who owes her resume and Republican gravitas to her parents is poised to challenge Republican incumbent Mike Enzi.  Senator Enzi is a quiet and unassuming Senator.  He is a reliable conservative vote.  He works hard, tries to bring home the bacon for his state and by all accounts is effective, well respected and very competent and intelligent.  All of which are reasons for Dick & Lynne's eldest daughter is going to run for the Senate.  Dick & Lynne raised their daughter to be like them.

Liz Cheney is a light weight, grand standing child of privilege and apparently expects the voters of Wyoming to elect her to the US Senate because she is Liz Cheney and she is entitled to it.

In any other time I would never even consider contributing to Mike Enzi but I may just have to.

This great republic, our democracy is too important to allow someone like Liz Cheney to be elected to the United Sates Senate.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Cardinal is......

I am old enough to remember when the Catholic Conference of Bishops;

  • Spoke out about poverty & hunger in this country and this nation turned it's attention (though not enough) to dealing with the issues and the government at the behest of the people created programs that had good intentions but were never properly funded.

  • Spoke out in favor of civil rights and thus gave members of Congress the courage and cover to pass the Voting Rights act and other civil rights legislation.

  • Spoke out and called for the end of US involvement in Vietnam and our leaders found a way out.

There was a time when the Catholic Conference of Bishops mattered, they made a difference for justice and peace.  When the Bishop's spoke the nation listened.

And, then we learned the awful secret they were hiding.

And, now when the Bishop's speak many of us just think that they have no moral authority, they are hypocrites and who are they to tell anyone how to lead his or her life let alone how this nation's government should function when they are so guilty of such egregious immorality.

We learned this week that New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, arguably the most important Cardinal in the US, with the support of the Vatican hid $57 Million so the children his Priests damaged could not access the money in their court settlements.

Cardinal Dolan chose to love money more than his flock.

What would Jesus think of what Cardinal Dolan has done?

Will Cardinal Dolan get into heaven?

For the record

I was raised in the United Church of Christ and still very much ascribe to it's Statement of Faith.  I consider myself a Christian with Humanist influences.  I do not believe in Hell - I find it hard to believe that a G-d who would create us in "his" image would then relegate his creation to such an awful place.

 Is there a heaven?  I can not say.   But, Bishop Dolan is going to be pretty shocked when he sees Muslims, Buddhists, Quakers, Troy Perry (founder of the MCC) and just really good people there.

My mother was raised sort of Catholic and my father raised Baptist - When they started to have children they wanted raise them in a church that did not say no to everything so of course they chose the United Church of Christ.

Why are Conservatives So Obsessed With Gay Sex

Why are conservatives so obsessed with gay sex?

Why do they spend so much time thinking about the carnal relations between two men and or two women?

Why do the elected ones spend so much of the public's time and money talking about, thinking about and trying to do something about the homosexual agenda?

When someone mentions gay people why do they immediately go to really dark, dirty and sick places?  Man on Dog, pedophile activity, polygamy, rape and any thing else disgusting they can think of.

Why is it that Little Ricky Santorum always talks like a pervert when homosexuality comes up?

10 years ago Justice Scalia all but predicted the end of the world if sodomy laws were outlawed.  And, now his reaction  was the same when the question was "Can the federal government discriminate against people who are in a relationship with someone of the same gender?"  He decided that the federal government can discriminate.  He went to the same dark and dirty place that Little Ricky, the creepy Tony Perkins and the just weird Pat Robertson always go - butt sex.

What would Freud make of all this?

The latest entry in this awfulness is none other than the son of Justice Scalia - who takes his vow of poverty, charity and love and works to cause great harm to people who are just trying to come to terms with themselves.

Tea Bagger's say: Mitch McConnell You have to go

A leading teabagger group (led by Jim DeMint) has told the slimy and creepy Senate Republican Leader to not run for re-election because the Democrats are running a proven vote getter and state wide office holder (and a woman) so his  chances are not that good. Plus, he is not perfect and nobody, not a single soul likes him.

This is good news for those of us who believe in the future of this great republic and bad news for those who want this nation to fail,

Senator McConnell hates when America succeeds when a Democrat is in the White House.

This is what Senator Mitch McConnell is all about.

Speech after speech he discusses how bad things are, he discusses how this nation is failing and how these are the worst of times.  To acknowledge any success by our President is unthinkable to him because he hates the fact that our President is not a Republican.  Party means more than nation to Mitch McConnell.

Mitch McConnell has embraced the worst of American political culture, he has no vision, he expresses no hope and he believes that our worst days are before us.  Sen. Mitch McConnell seems hopeful that this nation is about to fail.

Remember Hugh Scott? He was once the Senate GOP leader. One of his most important moments was when he had to tell the the President of his own party that he had to resign.

Can you imagine Mitch McConnell putting the nation before his own political interests?


Thursday, July 4, 2013

Liberal's Are a Pain in The Ass

There are times when liberal's really piss me off.

But, Donald you are a self professed liberal, how can this be?

Because many are such astronomical pains in the ass.

Reuters is reporting that some liberal Supreme Court watchers are urging Justice Ginsburg to resign because they are afraid she will die sometime after 2017 and there may be a Republican President.

Is it ageism? I think it might be.

Justice Ginsburg was clearly at the top of her intellect and stamina this past term with her stunning and precise dissents.  Her opinions were devastating to the majority and provided us with the words we needed to fight back.

Perhaps these liberals should spend their energy, money and access to reporters working to elect more progressives to the Senate in 2014 to ensure a greater Democratic majority just in case a Republican wins the White House in 2016.  Perhaps these liberals should spend their energy, money and access to reporters working to actually elect another Democrat President in 2016.

But no no no no no...They are going to waste their energy and my time by pressuring Justice Ginsburg to leave a job where she is a leader and making an historical impact.

Liberal please....get real, get a life and leave academia just long enough to see what we are doing and fighting for outside your ivy covered walls.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rev. William H. Gray

Former Philadelphia Congressman and Pennsylvania political heavy weight Bill Gray died yesterday in London, he was attending Wimbledon with one of his sons.

He succeeded his father as pastor of a church and remained in the pulpit of Bright Hope Baptist Church  while he served as a Congressman, President of The United Negro College Fund, special adviser to President Clinton & the Secretary of State for Haitian affairs and founding an international consulting company on weekends he would come home to preach.

While in Congress he was the first black member to serve as Chairman of the powerful Budget committee and also the first to serve as Majority Whip, he was on track to eventually becoming Majority Leader or Speaker. He authored the legislation that began the process of sanctions against apartheid South Africa. Then in 1991he answered another calling, he resigned from Congress and all that power to become the leader of The United Negro College Fund

Nothing got done in Philadelphia unless Rev. Gray was briefed on it first.  His position in the pulpit, in Congress, as head of UNCF and the fact that he could pick up the phone and call Presidents and Kings made him almost an indispensable leader for not only his city but his state and nation as well.

I had been in Mr. Gray's company a few times during his time in Congress and he owned the room each and every time.  Things would almost come to a complete stop when he entered a room because everyone needed to know what he was doing, whom he was speaking to and what he was saying.  And, let me tell you the man could preach.  I attended a service in which he was the guest preacher and it was a tour de force performance.  I have heard many a good preacher in my day and a few that were great but hearing Rev. Gray preach was an experience like no other.

Bill Gray's life made a difference and today I mourn his passing and honor the legacy he has left us with.

Fab Five Festival - This Saturday

If you're looking for something to do on Saturday why not head to Nazareth Park for Fab Five Festival.

There will be food, craft and service vendors and some really terrific local talent paying tribute to The Beatles and Bob Dylan.

Things kick off at Noon and continue into the evening wrapping up around 8:15.  There is plenty of parking (especially since the pool is closed), there is a lot of seating or bring a blanket or lawn chair.

It is a free event  and I'll be there signing autographs for my many fans and supporters.

Monday, July 1, 2013

19 of Our Bravest Killed

19 firefighters were killed yesterday fighting a wild fire in Arizona.  When I first read it I thought it was a mistake. But, sadly it is not.

A nation in mourning once again.

4th of July Kazoo Parade in Nazareth, Pa

For the 9th straight year a crowd of people will march through Nazareth, starting at the High School they will  head into downtown, walk around the very charming Nazareth circle and head down Main Street and end up in Borough Council Chambers.  All the while playing or trying to play a kazoo.

 For the past few years I have had every good intention to wake up a little early and head to Nazareth to be part of this charming event and every year I wake up early and go "I think I just want to stay home and rest.  I am not sure what this year will bring but if you are not lazy and want to join in the fun head to Nazareth, PA...Kazoos will be provided by the sponsors.  The Nazareth-Bath Area Chamber of Commerce and Lafayette Ambassador Bank.

The Official Announcement

From Lehigh Valley Live / The Express Times