Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trump & Fox VS Harriet Tubman

I have always enjoyed reading everything John Meacham has written and think his insights on American History are brilliant and thus wasted on the Joe & Mika vanity fest on MSNBC.  I of course could not wait to read his biography of Andrew Jackson.

I could not finish the book.

Not because Mr. Meacham had lost his skill as a writer but because Andrew Jackson was/is so distasteful, so revolting and such an awful human being that I could not read any more.  He was embittered by the death of his wife, he was easily insulted, instead of rising above the petty gossip that ruled after hours Washington DC of his day he played it and took to level never seen before.

His "people's" inauguration trashed the White House. The great general was so afraid of his followers he hid during the celebrations. He was a brutal little man who authorized The Trail of Tears which lead to the further destruction of  the native communities in this nation. One could argue that he perfected the Indian Reservation system that we still see today.  He was racist and pro-slavery.

He was the first man to actually campaign for the Presidency and transformed the process of how Presidential nominees were chosen.  Perhaps this was not a great idea.  Maybe it is, but some elections I think we were better when the elites chose our candidates and not the masses.

Maybe, I am just a snob voter.

For decades local Democratic Parties around the country held Jefferson-Jackson day dinners to honor the "founders" of our party.  Recently there has been some push back because Jefferson was a slave holder and Jackson was such an awful person.  I know Jefferson's flaws and I do not forgive them but I think his role in the founding of this great republic is worth honoring.

 Jackson is almost impossible to defend.

So, I thought it was quite interesting that he was going to either be replaced or moved to the back of the $20 bill and I think he should be removed from our money.

But, a lot of folks disagree.

Some stupid people think the dead white people portrayed on our money have been there since the beginning of our country.  When they are told Andrew Jackson was not on the original money this country used because we did not have a $20 bill in 1789 and he was not President until 1829 - but that just confuses them - Facts are hard to understand for the stupid.

Why do the hosts on Fox News and  Donald Trump oppose Harriet Tubman being honored by being placed on our $20 bill?
A - They are racist
B - They think the underground railway was a socialist idea
C- Someone gay may have found freedom via the underground railway
D - Women do not deserve to be honored in such a way because they played no part in building this nation
E - All the above

They are all about the E

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Throwing Money at Hillary

The Sanders supporters thought they were oh so clever throwing dollar bills at the Hillary Clinton motorcade as it drove up to George Clooney's house for a multi-million dollar fundraiser.  They did it because they assumed the fundraiser was for her campaign.

The amount people paid for that event would have been illegal under current fundraising limits for a Presidential campaign.

So, what was Hillary Clinton doing at George Clooney's house?

She was raising money for the Democratic Party general election efforts.  I am sure her campaign picked up more that a few shekels for her own campaign but the big money went to the fall campaign.

If the non-Democrat Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic Party nomination he will  benefit from the fundraiser held at George Clooney's home.

Will he ask that the money Hillary Clinton has raised for the Democratic Party not be spent to benefit his efforts?

If you say yes you are beyond stupid.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat but you know as well as I do he will be more than happy to let the money Hillary Clinton has raised for the party benefit his November efforts. Is he really that independent? Nothing in his political history tells me he is.

If Bernie Sanders really had any integrity he would have run for President as an Independent as a Democratic Socialist.  But, apparently Bernie Sanders really is just like any other opportunist politician.

So, throw your dollar bills at a limousine "True Liberals"  but really you should question why you are supporting just another expedient politician.

I like Bernie Sanders and I have for 30 years but let us just be honest about him.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Maybe I am

A snob or an elitist

Another local blogger once said that I was the leader of the Snob voters of Bethlehem.  I don't fully remember the context of what he why he thought calling me that was an insult but I think it was because I had high expectations for candidates and office holders.  Or, I only support people who want to do what is best or it's just because I just want my candidates to run campaigns that don't rely on the low road or dumbing down things to attract votes.  Or, it was because I supported candidates he did not.

Tonight a person commented that I should rename this blog "The Neo Petite Bourgeoisie" she did not explain why so I have no idea what she was thinking when she posted it.

Perhaps I am a snob. I guess it depends on ones definition of what a snob is.  So, really whatever.

If someone wants to call me a snob but does not have the guts  to tell me why or even tell me who she really is I can't worry about it.

Not that I would anyway.

More snob opinions to come


The Tale of Two Receipts

I don't know if these are real receipts but the do pretty much sum up the campaigns and supporters of both these two candidates.

Both candidates are appealing to the mirror image of the same people. Middle class white people who are feeling disenfranchised and the idealistic, somewhat naive and a little spoiled young people.  Both candidates represent the extreme of their party's ideology.

I know that Sanders believes in what he is saying even if he can't describe the details of how he is going to get to where he wants to go.

I am certain that Trump only believes in Trump and has not a clue as to what he is talking about.

An actual tip would have been about $9 maybe if this person was really sincere they would have left a 20% tip and then add the $15 on top of it.

This person is either a disgusting asshat or the service was terrible and they just wrote this in a moment of snark.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dear Sec.Clinton & Sen. Sanders

Good Afternoon;

One of you was a First Lady, US. Senator & Secretary of State, the other was a distinguished & innovative Mayor and a widely respected member of the House and now the Senate.

You are both smart, forward thinking and compassionate.  You both care about lifting all portions of the economy, you both support our troops, you are both pro-choice, pro health care and pro including the LGBT community in the full communion of the American dream.

One of you is going to face either Donald Trump or Raphael Cruz in the fall. It is going to take both of you to bring your supporters along in that battle.

So, do me a favor.

Knock it the fuck off.  Stop the bullshit.  Stop the name calling. Stop the "outrage".  Stop asking for "apologies" from each other.  Stop sending your surrogates onto TV to trash talk the other side and then sending someone else out to walk it back with back handed compliments.

Just stop it now!

Go back to battling about ideas and visions and issues.

You are both more qualified the any of the GOP contenders.  You both have better ideas.

Just stop, at long last I am begging you just stop.

You are pissing me off and you DO NOT WANT TO PISS OF Donald C. Flad Jr. It is not pretty and no one ever recovers from it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Your once and future supporter.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Have A Question For Sen. Toomey

Can you name one city in this country that was destroyed by riots since you have been a Senator from Pennsylvania?

In your most recent TV ad you claim you stood up for the police as U.S. Cities were being destroyed by riots.

The standard definition of destroy is "put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it

I am pretty attentive to the news and I can't recall any city in this country that was destroyed by riots.

Please tell us all Senator what cities were destroyed?

And, please tell us Senator Toomey who destroyed these cities because I want to organize a retaliation against them.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I feel bad for Sanders/Trump supporters (sort of)

The Sanders/Trump supporters are true true believers in their candidate.

The best I can say about them is that they are naive.

But, they are ignorant, uniformed and have no idea about how the real America works.

They believe that their man is going to change this country.  They believe that if Bernie or Donald is going to do what they say they are going to do.  They think that if you are elected President will be able to rule this country and accomplish everything you promise the voters.

Do the Bernie/Trump supporters (who look a lot alike) really believe:

  • There will be free college education
  • A wall will be built along the border with Mexico and the Mexican government will pay for it
  • Health care will morph into a Universal plan 
  • We will force manufacturing to return from Asia 
  • Rich people will willingly pay for everything Sanders is proposing
  • We will get tired of Donald Trump leading us to winning
You get my point.

Do the Trump and Sanders supporters really believe that if their guy wins the election that he will be able to accomplish everything he promised? I think they do.  

Note:  The true believing Obama 2008 supporters believed that he would change the world, they believed that he would just say "I want this" and it would be done.  They will deny this but they really wanted to elect a dictator not a President.  And, like Rosario Dawson they turned on him within 60 days.

Politics, government and life is not a perfect experience and we should not expect our candidates to be perfect nor can we expect them to be able to deliver on everything they promise.  Life is about compromise as is politics.  Campaigns are supposed to be about hopes - I have come to understand that it is also about the possible. 

If either Trump or Sanders is elected President there are going to be millions of disappointed people in this country.  They want a dictator and what they are going to get is a President who has to deal with a Congress and a Judicial system that are equally important.

I just wish they would grow up or at least live in the real United States of America.

This may have been a little harsh and I think we need true believers - we need people who dream of a better country.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Please Don't Forget This About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is not now and has never been a Democrat.

And, yet he has chosen to run for the Presidency as one.  If he truly believed in his "independent message" he would have run as an independent.

But, he did not did he?

He chose the politically expedient way to run and in the process fooled his often naive and politically immature supporters that he is a Democrat.  He is not.

So many of Sanders' supporters seem to be the same wide eyed true believers who supported candidate Obama in 2008 and turned on him within months after taking office.  We 2008 Clinton supporters are far more supportive of President Obama than many of the original Obama supporters are.

Susan Sarandon says she will vote for Trump in the fall unless the Democrats do not nominate someone who is not a Democrat as our party's nominee.

Rosario Dawson claims the Obama administration is a failure and has been a disappointment since month two.

Hillary Clinton since the beginning of this campaign has also taken the time and effort to raise millions of dollars for the state and local Democratic parties through out the country.  If Sanders is the nominee he will expect all that money be used to support him.

How much has Bernie Sanders raised for the Democratic Party? Nothing, zero, zilch, not one penny.

And, why hasn't Bernie Sanders raised any money for the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat

Bernie Sanders will not be our nominee but if he is I will vote for him because he is closer to my views than any of the GOP guys.

I challenge my Sanders supporting friends to vote of Hillary if she is the nominee.

Would you really rather be correct and perfect and thus allow Trump or Cruz become President?  Because those two guys would be so much better moving your issues forward than Hillary Clinton.

Think people think!