Wednesday, May 31, 2017

OMG - Obama's Buy Home in DC

Former President Barack Obama and his wife have decided to buy the sprawling Tudor style home  built in 1928 they have been renting since they left office in January.  They originally rented it so they would not have to uproot their youngest daughter from high school.  Or that is what they said.  Now that they have decided to stay in DC, what could they be up to?
  • They just like DC because it is a majority African American population (you know they hate white people)
  • It's a big house that sits up on a hill so they can sit on their porch and look down their noses on the neighbors
  • It is around the corner from Ivanka & Comrade Jerod and they want to spy on them.
  • They figure when Michelle runs for President in 2020 the move won't be that difficult back into the White House (which they will rename the Black House)
  • They are planning a coup with all those liberal generals and it will just be easier if they stay in town
Why else would they buy a home in DC?

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Pro Violence Anti Democracy = Trump

Trump's hatred of the First Amendment and violent rhetoric about the press brought about this development.

The very Pro-Trump GOP Candidate for the lone House seat in Montana attacked a reporter.  He of course claims it was the other way around but witnesses and tape proves other wise.

This will be just a small part of the Trump legacy.  Violence against anyone who dares to challenge Trump's authority over us.  Violence against people who question their actions.  Violence against anyone who is not like them or with them 100%.

He shares national security secrets the despotic and dictatorial leaders of Russia and the Philippines.  He rejoiced in the victory the soon to be dictator of Turkey. 

The health care reform bill he supports will leave another 23 million Americans without health care within the next 10 years

He is vulgar, he is crude, he is undemocratic, he is a shake down artist as it benefits his extended family.

He did not know that Israel is in the Middle East and anyone who reads his almost psychotic tweets knows he can't spell.

He is shallow, he thoughtless, is unfocused and he is unconcerned about the well being of the people of this country.

He is the single most unqualified man to ever live in the White House.

And, now we have learned that his third wife can't stand his touch or so it would seem sense she seems to recoil in disgust (or is it fear) every time he tries to hold her hand. 

"But, her emails!"

Trump Has a Secret To Tell You.

Trump tells the Philippine President strategic secrets about where 2 of our nuclear subs are positioned.  What is wrong with this man?  Does he think letting world leaders we can not trust our secrets makes him a strong leader?  Or, is he so immature and just can't control or help himself?

Either way he is clearly unfit to lead this nation.

And, in other Trump news

Trump hiring a private lawyer to handle his side of the Russian investigation is probably a good idea .

Is anyone else exhausted by this man and the people around him?

Friday, May 19, 2017

Good Bye

Anthony Weiner to Plead Guilty to Resolve ‘Sexting’ Inquiry

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Trump Disaster Continues

Former  FBI Director Mueller puts nation first.  Leaves his cushy private practice to ensure the truth is found about Trump, Russia and other things that will or have been turned up by the investigation

The GOP leadership suspected Trump of being a Russian paid prostitute for quite awhile.  When the House Majority Leader denied making this statement he was told that The Washington Post heard the tape of his statement.  And, then silence from him and his office. 

The Republicans know Trump is a crook, they know he is a liar, they know is not qualified, they know he is not mentally fit for the job, they know he and his extended family are benefiting from his being in this office, they know he acts like a child, they know is delusional, they know he is shallow, they know he is not engaged, they are embarrassed him.

And, they think that the 38% of the voters who still believe in him may be enough to get them re-elected since Democratic turnout in mid-terms is very low.

Each week there is a new scandal caused by the Trump himself and yet the leadership of the Republican party stands by their little handed, orange man child.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

I Knew President Nixon......

I was teenager when President Nixon was President and Trump is no President Richard M Nixon.

President Richard Nixon claimed that the Watergate was made up and his enemies were just out to get him and that he was not involved and he said "I am not a crook".

Trump has claimed all along that the Russia connection is made up and his enemies are just out to get him and he is not involved.  "Comey told me 3 times I was not a target of the investigation".  That is something every person familiar with FBI procedures says would be unlikely that Comey would use those words.

I am not ready to compare Trump to President Nixon. 

President Nixon was smart

And, a dedicated public servant.  President Nixon believed that government could be used to solve our nations problems - he created the EPA and The School Lunch Program, open the diplomatic door to China and attempted to dial back the tensions of the Cold War.

Trump is vulgar, incapable of thinking of anything our anyone but himself, emotionally immature and delusional. 

And, probably stupid.

President Nixon was brought down by his self doubts, his desire to loved by the people and his need to prove that he was as good as a Kennedy.  For Nixon winning was about how he could serve and be a great President. His fear of losing one more time lead to Watergate.  Don't get me wrong President Nixon was not a good man but he was multiple heads and shoulders better than Trump.  Nixon believed in America - Trump believes in Trump

Trump has no interest in the best interest of the country.  His campaign was about his ego and nothing else.  He said what he needed to say but he does not believe in this country he has no desire to help it to a better future he just wanted to be elected President.

That's it.

Trump's ego is so fragile that is does this

President Nixon's crimes were severely damaging to this country and they came after losing Korea,  the cultural change brought about by Civil Rights movement, the murders of John, Martin and Bobby and Vietnam. The American people were already doubting it's institutions and his abuse of the government powers convinced people that our government was not there for us and the results of President Nixon's actions were deeply damaging to the national unity and we have never recovered.

Trump on the other hand does not care about national unity, the meaning of our institutions.  He is not a democrat (note the small d), he admires dictators and as he is sitting alone in his bedroom (since the First Lady refuses to live with him) channel changing between Fox, CNN & MSNBC to see what they are saying about him he thinks about how great it would be if he did not have to deal with Congress and defer to the authority of the Judiciary.  He clearly has a man crush on Putin, is effusive in support of the soon to be dictator of Turkey and invited the murderous President of the Philippines to the White House. 

There is growing evidence that he, his children and in in-laws are using his position to line their pockets.  Maybe by the time he is no longer living at taxpayer expense he actually will be a millionaire. 

President Nixon was despicable Trump is a grifter.  President Nixon served this country Trump serves himself and his extended family. 

Clearly President Nixon had his demons but Congress and the courts stepped up to defend the nation from them.  Trump's demons seem to be much darker, the courts have stepped up to defend the nation, the GOP controlled Congress thus far does not seem ready to defend the nation from this man.  I hope they do but I have my doubts that men like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan have what it takes to do so.

I miss Everett Dirkson and Barry Goldwater

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Trump Swooning Over Putin

This proves Trump is a weak President

His boss, the real President Steve Bannon (an internet troll and the guy who controls Trump's every move) is doing everything he can to encourage Putin.

And, Donald Trump is just an old dog who wants to please his master.

President Bannon hates this country and loves Putin's Russia.

Of course Putin would flex his muscles.

Did Trump swoon? 

He is all alone in that big old White House (his wife won't live with him) - I am sure as he was sitting there in his pajamas and bathrobe and he was impressed with his mentor's (Putin) audacity and strength.

Trump Pleases His Masters & His President

Either Donald Trump is in bed with the Russians or he and his advisors are clueless or just flat out stupid. 

The day after Trump fired the FBI Director he has leaders of the Russian diplomatic team in for a private Oval Office meeting.  Granted it was already scheduled but the optics of it in light of the Comey firing it was a little cringe worthy.

Since this was a high level meeting of course it was private.  Or was it?

It was indeed private but only to the U.S. media but it was open to the Russian media. 

You know the tool that Putin uses to spread all that fake news the Trump supporters, Fox News and unenlightened nitwits who are Tea Baggers actually believe, they were given exclusive rights to coverage something at our White House.  American news outlets were barred.  And, there was not one complaint from Tea Baggers and their puppets (GOP controlled Congress).

Why do Tea Baggers and Republicans love Putin so much?  Do they hate democracy?  Do they love dictators?

Yes, yes they do.

If Donald Trump was not in bed with the Russians than why was their state controlled media allowed inside the Oval Office and our national media outlets were not?

He needed to appease his masters. I am sure President Bannon is well pleased with his old dog.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

This And That

 Another example of Trump as a bad businessman but it is good news for the economy of Atlantic City.

It's stories like this that I love NPR and it is now my primary news source but it is these culture stories that are the most interesting.

In vulgar, privileged wealthy white people news.

Of course the big news of the day James Comey & James Comey &James Comey

Clearly the Old Boys Club is just that, there are no women on the Senate's GOP health care committee

Thursday, May 4, 2017

"Trump Has A Dangerous Disability"

George Will's recent Washington Post had that as a headline.

I used to like him even though I disagreed with him I thought he had an honest view of conservatism and how he could serve this country.  He always seemed to be fair. 

And, the Obama was elected and something happened to George Will.  He became a little odd - almost unhinged.  He went to Fox News and then he became irrelevant.

And then Donald Trump happened and he became interesting again.

At least this column was interesting.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Trump on North Korea

He wants a war - it will prove
  1. That his penis is not small
  2. He is a real man
  3. His hands are not small
What will happen when North Korea uses a nuclear bomb?
How will Trump respond?
How will Spicer mangle up the spinning of it?
Will Kellyanne ConArtist wear her inauguration Gucci uniform?

I am making fun but this is serious - Trump is gunning for a war.  Why? 


Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Liberals Hate Obama Making Money

I call bullshit -  liberals are bemoaning the fact that President Obama is going to get a big paycheck for speaking in front of the "Wall Street Crowd".

Making money is bad?
Speaking to people who disagree with you and getting a bad ass paycheck for it wrong?

It is these people who helped deliver the White House to Trump.
How many of them voted for Putin loving Jill Stein

I say you go Mr. President!  Speak the truth to the people who need it most. 

Friday, April 21, 2017

A few things this week

She is a racist, she is anti-Semitic, she is the islamophobias poster child and she is Donald Trump's candidate of choice for President of France.  Marine Le Pen

Will Trump allow the Treasury Secretary to continue to block Exxon from circumventing the U.S. sanctions?

In Putin's Russia this is happening and only Nikki Haley seems to care.  Imagine that? Doesn't Mr. Trump admire Putin? 

In happy news
Bette Midler is getting rave reviews for Hello Dolly


Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Justin Chaffetz To Not Run Again

I suppose when you no substance and can only play the attack role. It's not as much fun as it was before so he is walking away.  Few people will miss him.

Jason Chaffetz, Powerful House Republican, Won’t Run in 2018

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Kylie Minogue - Get Outta My Way

This is the video in case Ivanka killed the last link

I Let Them Win

This is a Kylie Minogue video from a few years ago. It is the gayest video I have ever watched and it is fabulous.

Why am I posting this?

Fuck You

I stopped blogging because the only comments I received were from Tea Baggers, Closet Cases and people who hate Bernie O'Hare Jr and all are cowards because not one ever used his/her real name - my favorite is "Earl Grey"  I mean really.  It's not even a good drag queen name.


I am back and just as effete, just as snobby, just as pretentious and just as sure that I am right about everything!

And, if this video link did not work - Blame Ivanka.  (The great enabler)


Tuesday, January 24, 2017

My President........

In 1980 there was no one who campaigned harder for the re-election of President Jimmy Carter.  I went to DC for the summer and then to the convention on my own dime to support him.  His re-election was the only thing that mattered to me and I thought if he was not re-elected the nation would fail.  President Carter was our President, the President and he was my President.

President Carter lost

I opposed everything President Ronald Reagan stood for and opposed every one of his proposals but he was elected President and therefore he was our President and I always referred to him as The President and always called him President Reagan.

I campaigned my ass off for Walter Mondale in 1984 - He lost - President Ronald Reagan remained our President and Nancy remained our First Lady.

1988 - I supported Dukakis and Poppy Bush won - During his presidency I referred to George Herbert Walker Bush as our President, the President and President Bush.

1992 - A candidate I voted for becomes President so of course I referred to William Jefferson Clinton as our President, the President, President Clinton and My President.

Eight years later a man wins the presidency but not the popular vote.   He won because he won the Electoral College

None the less I referred to George W. Bush as President Bush, our President and the President.

Our, My, The President Barack Obama was elected in 2008.

So, given this history it would seem to be logical that I will refer to Donald Trump as our President, the President and President Trump.

I can't

And, I am bothered by this

But, I just can't

It is not because he lost the popular vote by 3 million votes (GWB lost it by less then 300, 000)
It is not because he is shallow
It is not because he is thin skinned
It is not because he is petty
It is not because he has small hands
It is not because I am opposed to everything he stands for
It is not because he is vulgar
It is not because he is violating the Constitution by gaining wealth from foreign governments

It is because he mocked a man with a physical disability, his clear history of disrespect for women
and because he led the birther movement. 

The birther movement sought to discredit and nullify the first non-white President. A black man was elected President and Donald Trump spent eight (8) years leading a movement to call this man a foreigner and an illegal President.  It was the darkest and most vile movement in American politics since the Joe McCarthy era.

My not supporting Donald Trump does not mean I want this nation to fail and it does not mean I do not love this great republic. 

I have clearly been respectful of President I thought were wrong on every issues. But, they were not racists who attempted to deny a citizen his right to the Presidency

Trump is the legally elected President of the United States so he is this country's President

I will never refer to him as the President
I will never refer to him as President Trump
I will never refer to him as our President

And, he will never ever be my President.......... A vulgar racist will never be my President

++++ NOTE:
Barack Obama won with far more popular votes and electoral votes then Donald Trump and attendance at his inaugural was bigger - much much bigger as are his hands

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Anne & Howie

I was going to blog about Trump - but that can wait.

Two people I was honored to call my friends died this week. 

Anne Andes and Howie Gelbert.

When ever I saw Anne or Howie I always smiled.  Anne because she was just so nice and Howie because he was just so goddamn funny.

They were both kind, smart, generous, supportive, compassionate and really just amazing people. 

They loved and were loved by their families and friends - I can't imagine anyone who could find anything bad to say about them.

I learned from them and admired them for their capacity to care and to give back. 

They were both the very best of people.

I really can't find the right words to describe my sadness and I really can't find the words to describe how wonderful each was.

I am honored they considered me a friend and I will miss them both terribly.