Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Sex Isn't About Fun" according to Tea Bagger Icon

Tea Bagger hero Jerome Corsi is another example that reactionary conservatives are obsessed  with gay sex.
This guy wants to tell you about sex. Yes, this guy.

I think they are so obsessed because they are are not having the kind of sex they want to have.

The Week in Hating Gays & Brendon Ayanbadejo Makes it All Better

First I am a whore and then I am a thing according to New Mexico State Senator Bill Sharer.  He is really really opposed to whore things getting married.  You know there is some crazy shit in this man's background and when it hits the headlines it will be just awesome.

A man obsessed with gay sex  comes out against the new Treasury Departments tax rules that favor equality. I have to wonder where the hate comes from.  What is the cause of it?  What made these people so angry and so hateful?  What is Brian Brown afraid of?
Brian Brown

A man who wears a fabulous gown and a great hat and allowed children to be molested says that gay marriage is irrational . To make is point the Cardinal says this piece of Sarah Palin worthy brilliance

“We didn’t invent marriage. The church didn’t invent marriage. The state didn’t invent marriage. Nature gives us marriage. The Chinese are not Americans, and they’re not Catholic. They know what marriage is. Where did that come from?” George asked rhetorically.
Cardinal Francis George talks with columnist Sun-Times Mark Brown Monday afternoon.  |  Rich Hein~Sun-Times

But to end on a positive note: Brendon Ayanbadejo - a great gay ally and supporter of equality and justice adds his image to the powerful No H8 campaign.  This guy is one cool cat.

brendon ayanbadejo noh8


Is Sarah Palin Capable of a Clear & Coherent Thought?

Is America's quitter in chief capable of a coherent thought?  I had to read this a few times to figure out what Sarah Palin's actual opinion is.

Something is wrong with sister Sarah her thoughts are all jumbled up and speaking in a cogent and clear sentences seems to be beyond her capabilities.  Whenever I hear her speak I think "What the hell did she just say?"  She just talks for the sake of talking.

Why does the MSM still pay attention to her?

She is never going to be President, she is never going to be a Senator, she is never going to say anything that makes sense.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Tom Corbett- Polls agree..nobody likes you

New poll numbers are out or PA. Governor Tom Corbett and they are horrible (for him).

Pennsylvania is a cranky state and we are really hard on our Governors.  The first two years are just a horror and then we tend to soften and get used to them during the second two years. Since we started allowing our Governors to run for re-election in the 1970's every Governor has been re-elected. We put them through tough re-election races but the always win.  After that test we continue to support them for another two years and the we turn on them faster than Sean Hannity has turned on reason.

An interesting side note - no Lt. Governor has ever succeeded the Governor into office.  The Commonwealth has flipped parties for the Governor every 8 years.

In this poll only 38% of Republicans think the Governor deserves re-election which is stunning.  But, most PA Republicans are not tea baggers,  but some are so the very moderate Corbett has had to play to that wing of the party and no one really trusts him because we all know that is not him.

Many of us believe that when Corbett was Attorney General he refused to prosecute Jerry Sandusky because he thought it would hurt his chances for election to the Governorship because it would have pissed off Penn State fans. The when the shit hit the fan he jumps in and tries to control the situation and forces the firing of Joe Paterno.  The Governor is an automatic trustee of Penn State and he attended his first meeting during the crisis and in fact he is the first Governor to attend a trustee meeting ever.  He attended the meeting because he wanted to prove he was in control. His poll numbers were already bad but L'Affair Nittany Lion showed Corbett as a craven opportunist.

I had lunch with the Governor a few months ago........................................

Actually I attended Chamber of Commerce day at the capitol a few months ago and he was the luncheon speaker.

I think I was the only Democrat in the room and all the folks I was eating with dared me to ask a really tough question with a liberal bias during question and answer time.  Then we found out all questions needed to be submitted in advance and the host would pick which questions to ask.

It is tradition when a Governor enters a room to speak everyone stands up and applauds. And, because I am  who I am I was one of the first people standing up.

He is the Governor and he deserves the respect.

Then, came his speech.

He whined, bitched and complained about everything and took no responsibility for anything.  His failures were blamed on Barack Obama, the teachers, Ed Rendell, the teachers, the legislature, the teachers, me, the state store system, the courts, the teachers...

 Everyone and everything was to blame for his failed administration but him. I looked around at my Republican friends and they were in pain about how bad this speech was.  Here was a Republican Governor talking to an audience of Chamber of Commerce members, the perfect audience and half way through his whine they were tuned out and turned off.

The Governor answered a few questions, selected by the head of the PA Chamber, and I can assure you they were tough and provocative questions.  "Why do you think the teachers hate our children so much?"  "What can we do about ending all taxation for anyone who works hard for a living?"  OK those were not real questions but they were close.  The Governor's answers were as uninspiring as his speech.

Mercifully it ended,  When the Governor is done speaking and he leaves the room it is tradition to stand and applause.  I started to stand up (because I am that guy) and NO ONE else did.  His speech was so bad and his answers to the soft ball questions were so weak that a crowd of Chamber members could not even see fit to honor him with standing applause.

This should have been his crowd.

Well Done You! Justice Ginsburg

How great is this?

Madame Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to officiate at the wedding of Michael M. Kaiser an economist and John Roberts the President of the Kennedy Center.

Post image for Ruth Bader Ginsburg To Become First SCOTUS Justice To Officiate At Same-Sex Wedding

Well Done You!  Justice Ginsburg.


Liz Cheney; Loathsome or Despicable on Marriage?

"I am strongly pro life and I am not pro gay marriage"

In an interview to clarify her views on the issue of gay marriage carpet bagging Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney  announced that she was not for it.  Even though her sister was married to her long time female partner last year.  Despicable Liz or in this case Loathsome Liz was in attendance as were her parents, who are in favor of full citizenship for their lesbian daughter.
liz cheney gay marriage

We should not be surprised by this pronouncement.  The ultimate Washington insider is trying to enhance her tea bagger credentials by turning her back on her own sister by throwing her sister under the bus.

The depth of Ms. Liz opportunism knows no bottom.

The first part of her statement confuses me every time I hear a right wing extremist say they are pro life and opposed to gay marriage in the same breath.  The PA Right to Life committee did a "pray in" at the office of pro marriage equality Montgomery Register of Wills a few weeks ago.

What does abortion have to do with marriage?

What does loving unborn fetuses have to do with two men getting married?

So, you are anti choice on a woman's right to terminate or her unwanted or unhealthy or forced by rape pregnancy you also have to be a homophobic bigot?

Good to know.

Oh Lizzie Cheney you have sold your soul and thrown your lot with a loathsome and despicable crowd.

Good luck with that!

If I had F. U. money I would send a donation to Sen. Mike Enzi and he is one of the most conservative members of the Senate.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boycott Putin not The Games

The eminent sports journalist, author, commentator and all around smartest man on the planet Frank Deford  has the perfect solution for the Sochi Games "Problem".

It is tradition that heads of state from around the world attend the opening and closing ceremony and a few of the events to show support for their nation's athletes.

Boycotting the games is not an option but humiliating Putin is an option.  Mr. Deford proposes that none of the heads of state attend the games.  Vladimir would left alone.  The box set aside for Barack Obama-empty, the box for President Hollande-empty, the box for Prince Charles-empty.  Putin will have been snubbed by the world's great powers.

The message to Putin and to the Russian people will be loud and clear.  The world rejects you.

If you agree (and you should) spread the word.


Nidal Hasan Has a Long Wait for Martyrdom

The jury of his peers sentenced the Army psychiatrist  turned mass murderer to death today.  Nidal Hasan who chose the dark side of his religion over his country by going on a killing rampage at Fort Hood, killing or wounding 40 people.

The jury granted him his wish and depending on the outcome of a very lengthy automatic appeal process he will be put to death.  The upside is the appeal process can take up to 15 years so he will have to wait quite awhile for martyrdom.

Nidal Hasan is no martyr for his religion he is a coward and he is a selfish bastard.

The President must sign the death warrant for any soldier to actually be put to death and the last President to do so was Eisenhower.  The appeal must go through both a military and judicial review before it gets to the President's desk.

Enjoy your wait for the 72 virgins Nidal.


New Jersey's Lonegan Feeding Off the Bottom

Continuing his race to the bottom NJ GOP Senate candidate  Steve Lonegan says he "likes being a guy".  He was commenting on Newark Mayor & Democratic Senate nominee decision not to discuss his dating life being OK if people want to think he is gay.

steve lonegan cory booker

According to Mr. Lonegan only fully disclosed straight men are guys.  Gay men are not guys? Anyone who knows me pretty would consider me a guy.  Men who don't want to talk about their private dating life are not guys?

Aren't all me guys?

I guess the Mayor of TeaBagger, New Jersey is raising so little money that he is desperate for free media and will say anything to get a headline.  No matter how stupid it makes him sound.


I Reserve The Right...........

I reserve the right to humiliate any person who says "I have a dream" about anything other than what Dr. King meant when he spoke the words.

And, if he or she tries to use the black preacher voice I am not sure what I will do but it will not be pretty.


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Campaigning Against Cory Booker

What does it say about your Senate campaign  when your post primary campaign tour is called "Expose Cory Booker" tour.

It says you are desperate and it says you are not going to tell the voters your true positions.  Mr. Lonegan knows he can not win so he figures he might as well attempt to tarnish the reputation of Mr. Booker. It will not work.  Cory Booker is a superstar and a media darling and he has the substance to back it up.  

Is a man who claims;

"His models in the Senate are all Tea Party freshmen: Ted Cruz of Texas (“brilliant,” he called him), Mike Lee of Utah (“very principled”) and Rand Paul of Kentucky (“sharp, aggressive”).

really a good fit for the Senate from New Jersey.


If Only Hell Existed I Would Wish Pat Robertson There

“You know what they do in San Francisco? Some in the gay community there, they want to get people. So if they got the stuff they’ll have a ring, you shake hands and the ring’s got a little thing where you cut your finger,” he said. “Really. It’s that kind of vicious stuff, which would be the equivalent of murder.”

I was going to ignore this pronouncement  from "Leading" "Christian" "Intellectual" Rev. Pat Robertson but it is too disgusting, too stupid, too idiotic not to share.  

This web site  reports that the people who run Robertson's web site did not post the entire segment but rather a heavily edited version.

Sometimes I wished I believed in Hell just so I can wish Pat Robertson and his co-host Miss America 1973 Terry Meeuwsen would end up there.


Monday, August 26, 2013

Show Me The Facts Liz can't

Despicable Liz Cheney  has announced that:

“I do think that we know that recruitment goes on through mosques,”  

Liz was pandering to Teabaggers about where terrorists come from.  

She of course is supported in her opinion by no facts.

Do you think Liz is able to show me actual data to support her statement?

Of course not she is a Cheney.

But wait, she is a Cheney so she could find a way to prove it - even if it's a lie. 

And, we all know that they are above the law and beneath the truth.



Obama's Real Crime - A View from Maureen Dowd

In yesterday's NYT Maureen Dowd goes there , she tells the truth about the race card being played by the right wing with all this crazy talk about impeaching the President of The United States.

"It isn’t the president who should leave. It’s the misguided lawmakers trying to drive him out."
"For some of the rodeo clowns clamoring for impeachment around the country, Barack Obama’s real crime is presiding while black."

I have been saying this for a very long time.  I get accused of playing the race card and I get accused of seeing race as a problem in everything.  Are all of the President's opponents racist?  Of course not.  But, opposing this President is made easier because he is African American.  

Linda Ronstadt is Silenced

One of the great voices of the last 50 years Linda Ronstadt has announced that Parkinson's Disease has destroyed her ability to sing.  Ms. Ronstadt's voice often woke me up in the morning and helped me fall asleep during my teenage years.

Linda Ronstadt in a Boy Scout Uniform

She could sing anything & everything. And, she did. And, she did it well.  She had a great country voice, she should rock with the best of them, her Spanish albums are brilliant and her take on the American Songbook was classic and above and beyond any other pop stars attempt to sing Gershwin and his peers.

This is sad news.


Good News Bad News About Lindsey Graham

There is good news and bad news in the race to oust Sen. Lindsey Graham .

The good news the very annoying, grandstanding, whiny, easy to criticize but offers no real suggestions Senior Senator from South Carolina could be out of the Senate.

The bad news is a Democrat has no chance in the race so the real election is in the primary and Sen. Graham is being challenged by people to his right and somewhat extremely to his right so the nation could be worse off as a result.

Sen. Graham has on occasion been a reasonable voice in the Republican party and has on occasion reached out to the other side in the name of compromise. None of the people running to his right appears to be so inclined.

Of his three opponents the most interesting is Nancy Mace, she owns a PR firm and has never run for office but is well known though out the state because she was the first to gender integrate and the first woman to graduate from The Citadel.  Which of course she turned into a book deal .

The race is already very nasty and should be great fun to watch.


Sunday, August 25, 2013

NY Times Endorses Christine Quinn Mayor.

"But don’t worry, New York. Mr. Bloomberg’s is hardly the only way to run a city, and the excellent news is that there is a candidate who is ready to carry on at least as well as he did".

The New York Times has strong praise for Christine Quinn as it endorses her for Mayor.

"Ms. Quinn has been an impressive leader since her days as a neighborhood advocate and her early years on the City Council. We endorsed her for the Council in 1999 as someone “who can both work within the system and criticize it when necessary” — a judgment she has validated many times since. She has shepherded through important laws protecting New Yorkers’ health, safety and civil rights, including measures banning public smoking, protecting tenants and small businesses, and battling slumlords. She sponsored the sweeping 2007 legislation that made the city’s exemplary campaign-finance laws even stronger. She pushed successfully for a state law making kindergarten mandatory for 5-year-olds — giving thousands of poor and minority children a better start on their educations."

I am excited about the nations largest city and arguable the most important city on the planet having and out, loud and proud Lesbian as it's chief executive.

Quinn For Mayor


Birther King Sued for Being a Fraud

The Attorney General of New York has filed a $40 Million lawsuit against the disgusting, vile, putrid Birtherism High Pig Priest Donald Trump because - get ready for this shocking piece of news - Trump University is a scam.

Why do you think Trump has never run for President?  Because we would then all find out the truth about him.  My question is why is NBC and Macy's still willing to link their reputations to him?

It is time for Trump's way too long 15 minutes to be over.  No one will miss him.


Governor Humiliates McConnell and Paul

I wish I could have witnessed this.

The Democratic Governor of Kentucky  smacks down his states two Republican Senators.

Kentucky is represented in the Senate by "the worst person on the planet" AKA Mitch McConnell and a man so dumb he thinks he's smart (and what is up with his hair) Rand Paul.

The chattering class is still bad mouthing The Affordable Care Act and still pretending the Republicans have a chance to overturn it. The Republicans are still pandering to the Tea Baggers that they are actually going to repeal a law the Supreme Court has ruled valid and constitutional.  It is not going to happen and Governor Beshear tells us why.

Well Done You! Governor Steve Beshear.


Saturday, August 24, 2013

On The Bus Headed to Bethlehem

The New York Times ran a photo essay about the Chinese and Korean folks who ride the bus to Bethlehem's Sands casino .  The casino and the city have had to make major adjustments because the shear volume of day trip visitors from New York's Chinese and Korean communities.

It has been interesting to watch.


Joe Miller - Still Handsome Still Crazy

Alaskan GOP Senate loser Joe Miller is back in the news.

Remember when he lost to a write in candidate even though the very powerful Sarah Palin supported him with are her heart and soul.

Oh now wait Sarah has no soul so no wonder he lost.

Anyway, he is back in it for another shot at the US Senate (remember when the Senate was a majority of dignified, thoughtful leaders) and he has not tempered his hate or his crazy. He is linking our President to...............THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!

The thoughtful Mr. Miller has joined the other brilliant Republican statesmen Allen West and the Crown Prince of the crazy haters Louie Gohmert of Texas in pushing this story line.

I just wish I did not think Joe Miller was so handsome because then I could ignore him.


Tossed Out By A Chattanooga Congregation

The "Pastor" of Ridgedale Church of Christ in Chattanooga has ordered an entire family; mom, dad, aunt, uncle and cousins from the congregation unless the publicly renounce their own daughter, niece and cousin because she is a LESBIAN.  They all committed the horrible sin of attending their family member's wedding to her female partner.

This "Pastor" is not a Christian and the people who support him are not Christians.

They are a mockery of the teaching of Jesus Christ and they are bad people.  They are in for a super big surprise when they get to heaven and they see people who neither think link them nor look like them.

What if they don't make it to heaven because they are so hateful?

Where will they go? Where will they spend all of eternity?

If I believed there was a hell it would be my first suggestion but since I do not maybe they will just be stuck behind the velvet rope watching while the rest of us go through the VIP entrance to Roxy. (I may be slightly dating myself with that but so be it)


Thursday, August 22, 2013

Brooke Astor, Gay Dads Save a Life & More

After being placed in 29 other foster homes and about to be sent to an institution a gay couple step up and save the life Jed.  There are states and organization in the country that would not allow this to happen, they believe that it would have been better to just throw Jed away rather than give two men a chance to save him.
It is amazing how the interwebs blow up over stories like this

I hope you caught the Anderson Cooper  interview is Antoinette Tuff and Kendra McCray

 I have never discussed my obsession with the extraordinary Brooke Astor - I could go on for hours and hours about her and I still miss seeing her visage grace the pages of the NY Times.  Anyway her loathsome son has been paroled
New York City Council  overrides Mayor Bloomberg's veto over stricter police oversight.


Glad I don't live in Virginia and more interesting things in the news

Whistle blowing icon Daniel Ellsberg believes that Bradley Manning's conviction is the beginning of a police state.

Is he wrong?  I am troubled by the lengths the government went to charge and convict Mr. Manning.
Easton's very popular Movies at the Mill  festival will be moving to Hugh Moore Park this year because of construction at the mill. An award winning documentary film maker will be attending this years festival
What does is say about the state of politics in Virginia if Terry McAuliffe is at almost 50% in the latest polls and he is running against the Attorney General.  I'm  sure Mr. McAuliffe is a decent man but nothing in his history as a businessman & Clinton fundraiser leads me to be believe he is qualified to be Governor of a state but then his opponent wants to ban oral sex and has received some questionable gifts. He is also linked to the current Governor who looks like he is on his way to jail and of course he ticket mate believes a child born with a disability was because their parents committed a sin.

On second thought Bill Clinton's "consigliere" is looking pretty good.

Let's all have a moment of silence for the people of The Commonwealth of Virginia.  Hopefully they will do the same for us here in Pennsylvania as we are forced to deal with Tom Corbett's re-election
The New York Daily News endorses Christine Quinn  for Mayor of New York City "because she combines the clearest understanding of the difficulties facing the city with the most extensive record of getting things done as a councilwoman and accomplished City Council speaker."

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Obama Blamed for Katrina, Nixon was a.............

In a recent poll a third of Louisiana Republicans blame President Obama for the lousy Bush recovery efforts after Katrina.  Republicans really really really hate the black guy in the White House.
Wow! How did my usual flawless gaydar miss this?  Super cute model/actor Wentworth Miller  refuses an invitation to the St. Petersburg Film Festival because he is gay.

Former Senator Scott Brown  has decided to not run for Governor. Being a Senator is fun - you get a lot of prestige, you go to a few meetings, you get 5 weeks off in the summer, you get a week or two off for almost every holiday this nation celebrates but as a Governor you are never off the clock - the job is 24 - 7.  I am so not shocked that this light weight decided to not pursue a tough job.
Maybe I am just that nerd  but the new Nixon tapes offer nothing new.  I was under the impression we all knew he was a racist anti semite.  He did some good things but for really bad reasons.

Charitable Gay Porn, Oprah's Oscar, Maureen Dowd & More

Remember a few months ago when Little Ricky Santorum announced he was going to head a movie studio?  This week I read a story that a new gay porn studio will use some of it's profits to support LGBT charities.  I got all excited I thought maybe Ricky has moved on from his hot Man on Dog fetish to a more main stream boring old hot guy on guy action.  But, alas my hopes were dashed.
Maryland Delegate Don Dwyer must really hate  marriage equality because he is busted again for a DUI - You may remember the first time he was busted he blamed The Gays getting married.  He is a drunk he needs help and hopefully he has hit bottom.  If not, put the drunk bigot away for awhile.
A case is made for Oprah Winfrey winning an Oscar .  Just imagine how superior and sanctimonious her acceptance speech will be!  It's not that I disagree with Oprah's point of view it is the fact that she has made millions and billions of dollars exploiting peoples weaknesses that I find objectionable.
Maureen Dowd sits down for a conversation with the NYC Mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio & his more interesting wife but spends much of the column discuss the other leading candidate Christine Quinn.  It's an interesting column (of course).

I'll be escorting my friend and Mayor (& Candidate for County Executive)  John Callahan  around a huge Clambake sponsored by Nazareth-Bath Chamber of Commerce  Slate Belt Chamber of Commerce  and Lehigh Valley Elite Networking Group.  I've been attending this event for a few years and this year a record breaking 235 people will be attending.  I wonder if it's because Mayor Callahan said he was attending.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Google Glass  launch date has been pushed back to 2014
Jazz legend & NPR host  Marian McPartland has died
Is it me or is this kinda weird and almost creepy?  The Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs hold a contest and the winner gets their funeral paid for.  I guess you have to try everything you can to get bodies in the seats but a Win A Funeral Contest just seems a tad odd to me.  I could be wrong.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Good On You Ke$ha!

I like Ke$ha!

I know I know I know.

Say what you want but right now the child is wildly popular and she cranks out very catching tunes.  Let us not forget that I am a tall, fairly thin, white, gay man of a certain age.  I love dance music.

And, Ke$ha is all about the dancing and the party. Her songs are fun and the are very girl powered.  Not at the deeper empowering feminist level of  the amazing P!nk or the sublime Kelly Clarkson but her girls are not victims nor are they push overs.

Because Ke$ha likes and supports The Gays her tour is being picketed by members of the Westboro Baptist Church.  Who are not really a church in a traditional sense but family members bonded by a sick hate.

Apparently Ke$ha and her people had grown weary of the protests and wanted to show support for a large segment of her fans (The Gays) so 3 of her back up boys decide to dance in front of the protesters before her show in Lincoln, Nebraska.  The "church" members were playing their disgusting version of her song "We R who we R".

Well done you! Ke$sha (and your hot dancers).  Bring on the glitter bring on the love! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

A Great Blog that Depresses Me

When I first learned about this blog I thought it would be fun.

So, I decided to spend a few minutes and scroll through it's many pages.

It is well written, it is clever and  I agree with it's point of view.

It is not fun.

It is not funny.

It makes me angry.

It is completely frustrating.

It is a great resource but it is totally depressing

I will read it every day

This is the link to the blog

Boy Culture, Greenwald, A Coup & Mona Lisa

Matthew Rettenmund the genius behind one of my favorite blogs Boy Culture  always finds interesting stuff.  This time he finds a clip of a still amazing Raquel Welch  talking about the time she met Mae West.

I have been reading this blog since the beginning of time (or maybe it just seems that way).  He constantly updates the blog so there is always something to find.  Check out the link under Links/Must Reads.


The partner of Reporter/Activist Glenn Greenwald was detained by British security forces for close to nine hours. Greenwald has been instrumental in assisting Edward Snowden get his story out.  Greenwald's partner a Brazilian national has been unable to live with Greenwald here in the U.S. because of the restrictions and limits placed on gay relationships by the recently overturned DOMA.


I know this will come as a shock to most of you The CIA admits it's role in the overthrow of the Iranian Government in August of 1953. Haven't we've known this since September of 1953?


The search for the real  Mona Lisa continues.


Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Week in Hate

According to a FOX news superstar The President & Oprah  are trying to start a race war.  I'm not sure I have the energy to comment on this.  As you know I have no love for Oprah Winfrey (I once said there was no difference between her and Jerry Springer) but really...Oprah Winfrey is not about to start a race war and Barack Obama has shown no evidence that he wants to start one either.  This is so silly I can hardly believe I am writing this much about it.

Facts and reality never really mattered to the people on Fox News

 Is this the airbrushed face of a race warrior?

It is really bad to like The Gays  if you are a Republican in Alabama - The President of the College Republicans about to get booted because she "liked" the Supreme Court decision overturning DOMA.  Alabama is the past, present and future of the Republican party and that my friends is a good thing if you are Democrat running for President.

A gay marine who lost his leg  in service to his nation in the Iraq war is booed at a public forum. When will people who claim to be Christians actually act Christ like?

Arizona (the other Texas) Congressman Bob Thorpe posts Racist  tweets but of course he is not a racist and apologizes to anyone who may have been offended and then he neatly folds his white hood and puts in a special place for another day.


Hot Male on Male Bug Sex, Ryan Gosling & More!

Sick of your facebook friends  Ryan Gosling  will make it all better

Shop Madonna  and make the world a better place

Is this the best Bar Mitzvah  entrance of all times?

Come out Come out wherever you are are Darren Young  WWE Superstar just did it.

I wish this was a parody piece but it is not The New York Post takes the  Moral High Ground  - I mean really moral outrage from The Post.  Puhlease

Don't tell Little Ricky Santorum but a recent insect Sex Study  exposes the dark underworld of hot male on male bug sex
insect sex


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Not Hopeful About Sochi

I have tried to write and re-write a blog post about the Olympics and each time it seems too over the top.

But, I do fear for the future of the Olympics if the IOC does not get control of this situation and assure the world that their gay sons and daughters are going to be safe if they participate in the games.

What if the rich people of the world choose to not buy tickets to the games because they do not want a backlash back home?  Or, they really care about LBGT issues.

What will that impact of a failed games be on the health and welfare of gay people in Russia?  Will gay folks be blamed for the failed Olympics or will the Putin Posse realize the error of their ways and try to reform Russian culture?

My glass is so half empty on this I can't even imagine a good outcome.

This link will take you to what inspired this post.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wing Nut News From.......Texas and Jesse Jackson Jr.

Extremist Congressman Steve Stockman offers a job to the Obama mask wearing rodeo clown.  He saw nothing disrespectful about what happened in Missouri and people need to have a sense of humor.

Steve Stockman is unfit to sit in the United States Congress because he is in this order a;

  1. Tea Party Patriot
  2. Texan
  3. Conservative
  4. Republican 
  5. American

But, even Stockman's awful behavior does not compare to the shear lunacy of the former Texas GOP Chair she predicts immigration reform will lead to the end times she also claims that the government will begin to brand us with ID numbers.

Of course, she has never really shown us the words in the Senate's immigration reform bill that say this....because she can't. She just made this bullshit up on the spot because she knows she can't win the argument with the facts so she has to stir up the people who pay attention to the things she says.

She is clearly a clever fool because she knows there are thousands of people out there who will believe her.  But who are the people who believe in what she says and why do they fall for such nonsense? I know that she is talking bullshit and I think that she knows she is talking bullshit but she does it because it makes her famous and raises money to line her pockets.

And in other politicians who have made fools of themselves news:

Jesse Jackson Jr  is sentenced to 2.5 years in prison followed by 3 years probation.  What a shame he could have gone very far in politics.  It's a shame what greed and a sense of privilege will do to a person.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Man on Dog Lover Thinks We Have A No Memory & The Old Bigot Returns

Frothy hot man on dog proponent  Little Ricky Santorum now claims that the "Middle Class" is a "Marxist term".

The pro puppy humper has used this term through out his many many campaigns.  Does it mean that the sweater vest loving pervert is a Marxist as well?

What really amazes me about this is that Santorum didn't think people would go back and find the thousands of time he used the term "Middle Class".


It should shock no one that Pat Buchanan  comes down on the side of hate & bigotry. The Anti-Semite, homophobia proponent and former Nixon speech writer is now pro-Putin.

What planet do these guys come from......Uranus maybe?


NJ Results, Weiner Knows Nothing, Town Halls, Polling, Voter Suppression & A Moron

Tracking  results in real time for the NJ Senate primary


According to Team Hillary disgraced former Congressman, penis shower and current NYC mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner knows nothing  about Hillary Clinton's plans for the future.


It appears town hall meetings aren't what they used to be. Many members of congress are skipping them altogether and liberal groups are ensuring they have a voice at them.  But there have been some wild ones.


Lloyd Grove takes on the disgusting and not very clever or bright Donald Trump.  When is NBC going to say enough?  When is Macy's going say enough?  He has no clue about real world politics.  He just talks for the sake of talking and the MSM just eats it up.


Bill De Blasio takes the lead in the New York mayors race  Quinninpiac poll.  If you never read an entire polling report now is your time.  This is the stuff political nerds like your humble blogger can spend hours of enjoyment with.


This didn't take long - The NC vote suppression law  is being challenged in court.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Is Steve King The Biggest Idiot in Congress?

Iowa GOP Congressman Steve King gets more and more bizarre  by the hour.  Now, he defends dog fighting - but claims he was misquoted and his brilliant logic was taken out of context.

He really is the gift that keeps on giving.

He makes Sarah Palin seem sane...............................................

Well not really


Congressman Farenthold is a Silly & He's From Texas

Not very bright birther  Congressman Blake Farenthold of Texas (of course) claims there are enough GOP votes to impeach President Obama.

Bring it on you stupid man....

The American people take the impeachment of their elected President very seriously!

Bring the charges and see how the American people react - the last time the GOP impeached a President they lost seats in the next election and Newt Gringrich lost his job.

So, go ahead impeach him - try it!

What a horses ass, I mean really on what issue would they impeach this President?

And yet, the thought of impeaching Dick Cheney never crossed their mind?

What's even worse is that this moron will no doubt be re-elected.

Why do I still have hope for this great nation?


NCAA profits, Whitey, $$ Raised & Stop & Frisk

The NCAA announced that it will not longer profit from the exploitation of it's student athletes names.  It will no longer sell shirts with the kid's names on it.  They were making big buck off the names of the athletes but the students themselves could not profit from their own talent or own name.  It's about time.


Whitey Bulger is convicted of 31 or 32 counts - public enemy #1 is going to jail for what will assuredly be the rest of his life


NY City Council Speaker and Mayoral candidate Christine Quinn front runner is also leading the race for the money.  Most of my liberal friends are supporting the more liberal Bill De Blasio but think I am pulling for Ms.Quinn because it would be amazing and powerful to have the mayor of the most important city on the planet to be a lesbian.  She may not be the perfect liberal but she surely is progressive but I can accept that to send the message of her election to the world.


New York Police Stop and Frisk  has been found to violate the civil rights or thousands of New York citizens.  This procedure needs a second look and the court did the right thing to force the city's hand.


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Entertainment News Oprah, Palin, Brown, Tiger & Nick

Perhaps Oprah should stay out of Europe  she has another bad shopping experience

Sarah Palin is for Paul  The Tennessee Senator gets the coveted Sister Sarah blessing.

Maybe someone should have a Telethon for Anger Management issues and Chris Brown can be the poster boy.  He has a seizure and it all our fault Is karma hitting Chris Brown

Sinking Tiger  Wood's mansion - a joke about his career almost writes itself

I feel no shame in posting this Nick Jonas


Friday, August 9, 2013

Bethlehem No Longer has a Race For Mayor

And, then there was one.

Bethlehem now has a one person race for Mayor.  Independent Bob Sigmon has withdrawn from the race citing health concerns.  It is now too late for someone to get ballot access as an independent.  I can't imagine a scenario where Councilman Donchez is not elected Mayor.

Hopefully Mayor Callahan will work extra hard over the next few months to set things in motion that will keep the city moving forward for the next 4 years.

Jim Gregory is apparently still planning to launch a write in campaign.  I am not going to comment on Jim's attempt out of respect for almost 30 years of friendship.

Carla Bruni on Studio 360

This was a lovely segment.  Studio 360 is can't miss radio.

The former super model and French First Lady releases her 4th CD.

I love her voice and this interview on Studio 360 is just really great.

I love this show and Kurt Andersen who can be found

This is the interview and performance from Ms. Bruni.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Apparently Gore Vidal Had Sex

I adored Gore Vidal!..........

I know I know it may be an over the top kind of statement but I did.

I think I read every novel (I could be wrong) his essays about the world in which he lived were at times out there but I rarely disagreed with his premise and his television appearances were legendary.

I grew up on Gore Vidal.

I read "The City and the Pillar" during my coming out process and even though it was written in 1947 it was startling in is frankness and oddly I found it comforting.  I knew it was not going to be easy but I had to be me.

Do yourself a favor and watch "The Best Man" he wrote the screen play based on his play.

I could write for days about the impact Gore Vidal had on our culture, our art, our movies, our theater and my life, and I may at another time.

In November "In Bed With Gore Vidal - Hustlers, Hollywood and the Private Life of an American Master" will be published. Apparently the book details Mr. Vidal's sex life; something he refused to discuss.

Do we really need to know?

Will I buy the book?

I may.


With or Without Hillary

One of the things I cared most about during the Bethlehem's mayoral Democratic primary was that we needed to elect a Mayor who would take the forward momentum nurtured by John Callahan and continue to run with it.  The results of the primary left me with little hope and the addition of an independent candidate has left me with even less hope (I spent time on his web-site).

Throughout my political life I have always embraced change and challenged the powers that be.  I often supported the upstart challenger (though not always) but I usually draw the line at challenging a competent incumbent.

A few months ago I blogged about Hillary Clinton telling us to piss off and deciding not to run for President. Then, who would I support?  I have been giving this a lot of thought and I have evolved to a point in my thinking that even if Hillary does run I may not support her in the primary.  Is Hillary Clinton the right person to move us forward?  Is she the candidate of change?  Can she be the candidate of change?

Don't get me wrong I believe in Hillary Clinton and my support and affection for her is as strong now as it was in 2008.  But, can she be the candidate of moving us forward?

If not Hillary than whom?

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley has captured my imagination and I am doing what I can to learn about him.  From time to time I will share what I learn.  In the mean time here is a link to his website,


Sptizer's Redemption & I Approve

Could the redemption of Eliot Spitzer actually be happening?

Today a group of influential black pastors endorsed him because he is talking about the issues that matter to New Yorkers and his opponent is talking about Spitzer's past. Former Congressman and current pastor at a 23,000 member congregation has switched from supporting Stinger to neutral.  All of this is very good news for Eliot Spitzer.

I am  a huge fan of Eliot Spitzer and was bitterly disappointed when he was brought down by his association with a prostitute.  But, then what politician doesn't spend time with prostitutes they just call themselves lobbyists.  But, in this country sexual prostitution is illegal and political prostitution is never going away. Spitzer was wrong and as a Governor he did the right thing and resigned his high public office. He paid a heavy price for his actions but he never gave up his desire for public service.

Spitzer made his name for the way he aggressively watched and prosecuted the illegal behavior and corruption on Wall Street and in government.  He was overwhelmingly swept in to the Governor's mansion with the hopes that he would drive the corruption and dysfunction out New York's state capital.  The mess in Albany proved difficult and then he was caught with a high priced call girl, in a Washington DC hotel.

He is hoping enough New York voters remember the good he has done in service to the public and are willing to turn the other cheek over his bad personal behavior.

The office of City Comptroller seems like a good for Sptizer and most recent polls show the voters may actually agree.

Spitzer's detractors are trying to link him to Anthony Weiner but that does not really seem to be sticking, Weiner's problems and personal issues are so much more creepy and awful than Sptitzer's.  Deep down inside people believe in forgiveness & redemption and unless something unusual happens it appears Eliot Spitzer's seems to be progressing along nicely.

Black pastors endorse Spitzer

Populist approach may just work

Some Recent ads that I think are quite effective

+ This is brilliant - First the music got my attention and then the message.

+ A similar ad and equally effective

+ Another ad without words but packs a huge & very clever punch at the end


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Santorum & Cuccinelli - Joined at the Hip (or somewhere)

Like his butt buddy.... I mean political compatriot Rick Santorum, Virginia Attorney General and GOP Governor nominee  Ken Cuccinelli is obsessed with sex.  But, not just any sex he is obsessed with oral and anal sex.

He is so obsessed that he is encouraging judicial activism in order to control giving head and booty banging.

One has to wonder why Santorum and Cuccinelli are so obsessed with this.  What happened in their lives?   Why are they so concerned?

What trauma could have caused this drama?

And, why isn't the National Inquirer doing an investigation into this?


Our President Says F*** Off to Putin

The President has decided to not honor or respect Russian President Vladimir Putin by attending a long planned summit.  The two Presidents were to meet in a high level summit in Moscow just prior to the G8-G20 meeting in St. Petersburg.

Summits are usually scheduled at the end of a long process of negotiations and are usually meant to show progress in the two participating nations relationship. This planned summit was meant to show all the hard work over the last 4 years trying to rebuild the relationship which was almost destroyed by the Bush administration.

Then Putin and his allies went crazy.

They hide then offer asylum to Edward Snowden (I am still not sure what I think about him) but we asked Putin not to offer him asylum and he did.  And, he expects The President of The United States to honor him with a summit? I think not.

The Russian's have become so bat shit anti-gay crazy that some elected officials are threatening the safety of gay Olympians and fans. Note here that the fans will be spending tens of thousands of dollars benefiting the Russian economy but the gay ones are in danger of being jailed or worse.  Now, do I think that anything bad will really happen?  No, but the fact that they are so unwelcoming in the lead up to the games it could seriously hurt attendance.

Some people have called for a boycott of vodka but, those people are clearly idiots since most of the most popular brands of vodka are not distilled in Russia.  Of course, the gay bar owners are smarter than the average lush and are boycotting Stoli which is a product of Russia,  Stoli is fighting back but they do not seem to be making much headway.  There are others such as prissy Senator Lindsey Graham of SC who think we should consider boycotting the Sochi Games.  Olympic boycotts succeed at nothing expect hurting the athletes involved and anyone who thinks they accomplish anything of value live in a world that is not based in reality.  Did I just hear delusion paging Sen. Graham?

Boycotts work but you have to pick the target carefully and the reason has to be compelling.

As a very young person I convinced my family church to join the Gallo boycott and change our communion wine to to a company that treated it's farm workers more humanly.  We switched to Manischewitz.  The reason the Gallo boycott worked was because churches left, right and center all decided to change and wine drinkers across the country decided Gallo was not the wine of choice anymore but it took awhile and it took a concerted effort but it worked.

A few years later I joined the boycott of all Nestle owned products and businesses.  The details are bit foggy at this point but it had something to do with baby formula, lack of refrigeration, bribes and dying babies in developing countries (mostly in Africa).  Anyway, the boycott eventually worked because it was wide spread and for a reason bigger than ourselves it was for the health and well being of mother's and children.

Fast forward to more recent boycotts - Right wing Christians boycotting Disney and Ford because they did not hate gay people.  Those boycotts failed because what parent is going to tell their 10 year old daughter that no birthday Disney World trip because faggots are not discriminated against at Disney or daddy had to buy a foreign mad car causing Uncle Mike to lose his job because Jesus teaches us to hate dykes.  These boycotts did not work and neither will Prissy Graham's proposed boycott of the Olympics.  There have been plenty of silly boycotts on the left as well.

Before the announcement that the President would not be attending the summit with Putin the New York Times ran and editorial supporting the cancelling of such a summit.  They were right and the President has done the right thing.

Let me note that Republicans have pointed out the summit's cancellation shows a failure in the Obama foreign policy but then if he had continued with the summit they would have called him weak.  There is no winning with this Republican Party for the first African American President.


Wing Nuts being Wing Nuts

Little Ricky Santorum just can't stop thinking about naked men in a locker room - have you ever noticed how often Mr. Hot Man on Dog Action goes to the dark side and or gay sex references.  He has a sick and depraved mind.

Nope not us!... Republican Tea Party types are not racist

Chuck Grassley joins the wing nuts full time with this gem of an attack

Homosexuality causes the high murder rate in Chicago, it's wrong that people can marry because they love each other.  Gays are to blame for Ariel Castro and the ever popular pedophilia

These people are just insane and yet the MSM covers them as if they were serious thinkers.


Reading Joan Walsh

Can I tell you how much I enjoy reading Joan Walsh's postings on Salon and watching her on MSNBC?

I enjoy it a lot!

She provides me with important background information and she helps clarify my thinking on issues.  Her thoughts are clear and her opinions are precise and spot on. She has a biting wit that helps her to get to the heart of matter and she is not afraid to take on the big boys and girls and call them on their bullshit.

Below is her most recent column "Revenge of the Abortion Barbies." Where she wonders if Republicans are right to be scared of mobilized women voters.  She makes a convincing case that they should  be.

Now, if I can just remember where I left my copy of "What's the Matter With White People: Finding our way in the next America"


Pennsylvania Taking Center Stage in The Battle For Marriage Equality

It is nice to see the state that James Carville once described as Philadelphia on one side. Pittsburgh on the other and Alabama in between (or something similar) is active in the fight for marriage equality.

First the ACLU and others have filed lawsuits to overturn my states "Donald Flad is not allowed to be a full citizen law".

Then the Register of Wills of suburban Montgomery County, with the full support of county government began to issue marriage licenses to all couples.  The Commonwealth's Health Department has taken him to court to stop him because the Attorney General will not defend a law that discriminates against me. (I am so influential).  Please note; The Governor of Pennsylvania is forcing the Health Department to use funds to deny me my full citizenship.  The Health Department of Pennsylvania is spending money to discriminate against me.

The Health Department - the ones who are supposed to spend their time, effort and my tax dollars to ensure we are all a little healthier seems like an odd choice to defend discrimination but what do I know.

Now, we learn that John Fetterman, the Mayor of Braddock is about the business of marriage equality. Braddock is a borough 10 miles north of Pittsburgh. Through most of the 20th century it was a center for steel making.  Since steel's collapse it has fallen on pretty hard times and even though it was a union town it is/was politically pretty conservative.  Mayor Fetterman is a huge, burly, tattooed man with a Masters degree from Harvard and he has decided that he could not discriminate against the citizens of his Borough even though the Governor of The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania thinks that he should.

I have been pretty pessimistic about Pennsylvania ever granting me full citizenship - I once said that I would not live long enough to see marriage equality in Pennsylvania but, after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling - I actually have some hope.  I don't think either the State Legislature nor the worst Governor in the nation..... You know, Tom Corbett, (the guy who refused to prosecute Jerry Sandusky because he was afraid it would cost him votes) are going to allow me full citizenship so I am hoping the courts will act.

Because I am now cautiously optimistic I've asked Bethlehem's Mayor John Callahan (my Mayor) if he would officiate at our wedding ceremony and much to my delight he said he would be honored to do so.  The only problem is come the first of January he will no longer be Mayor.

Does anyone know if County Executives can officiate at marriages?,_Pennsylvania