Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Different Campaign Same Glenn Reibman

Those of you old enough to remember the last time Glenn Reibman was Northampton County Executive - you may remember his Svengali & brains.  (He went to jail)  He was pretty much disliked by Democrats and Republicans alike.

The new Glenn Reibman campaign has the same disgusting and distasteful feel of his previous campaigns and the way he ran county government.

Different campaign manager (though he does have a similar reputation) but clearly the same Glenn Reibman.

Democrats remember you threw this guy out of the office for which he is again running.  Remember why you were disgusted with him.  Remember why you said enough is enough.

Do you really want to return the same Glenn Reibman back into an office you once found him no longer fit to serve?

There is a better choice.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Liz Cheney - Your America Is Not America

This was tweeted tonight

 NBC reporting Obama admin will treat terrorist as a "criminal" and not enemy combatant. Will Obama allow him to lawyer up?

Liz Cheney is famous because her father is Dick.

Has Ms. Cheney not read the constitution? or if she has does she not understand it?

Did she not pay attention in school when American History / Social Studies was taught?

Her father was a White House Chief of Staff, a Congressman from Wyoming, a Secretary of Defense, the chairman of the committee that suggested who George W. Bush chose as his Vice President, he was Vice President of The United States of America.

So, I would think that Liz Cheney would understand the Constitution of The United States of America.

Clearly my assumption is wrong.

Dear Ms. Cheney

I am stunned and amazed by your Tweet.

I assumed that someone with your background would understand the constitution of this great republic better. But, apparently you do not.

Or, maybe you don't believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.  

Is that it?

You are upset because an accused criminal - yes a criminal of horrendous proportions, will be allowed access to a lawyer.

The constitution of our country - The law, yes, Ms. Cheney the law of this land requires that everyone in this country (and he is a citizen) is entitled to legal representation.

But, you don't think he should have legal representation. Did you think Timothy McVeigh deserved representation?

Let me explain to you why "White Hat Guy" deserves legal representation.

This is the United States of America!

We are the greatest republic this planet has ever seen.

We are the indispensable nation.

We are the shiny city upon a hill.

We are the nation that saved this planet from tyranny.

We are the United States - We are America, we are better than you and we are better than your father.

We are a nation that people still risk their life to come to. We are the nation that people try to sneak into. We are the nation that people across the planet look to for guidance and rescue.

We are the nation that ensures freedom, we are the nation that protects liberty, we are the nation that believes in justice.

What you are suggesting is not The United States Of America.

So, Liz Cheney I beg to differ.

You and your radical conservative friends talk patriotism and talk about your love for this country but none of you walk the talk, none of you live the dream of this nation. You pollute it with your vile views.  

Your America is not free, your America is not democratic, your America is not a republic, your America is not America.


Donald C. Flad Jr

Saturday, April 13, 2013

You Are Not Jeanette Reibman

A debate was taped the other night for the 3 Democrats running for Northampton County Executive, the debate will air on WFMZ 69 on Monday night.

According to the report in yesterdays newspaper Glenn Reibman is taking credit for all the good things that have happened to Bethlehem.  Our Mayor John Callahan (also a candidate for County Executive) had nothing to to with it, he was just lucky to be in office when these good things happened.  Glenn Reibman as Northampton County Executive made these things happen.


John Callahan was elected Mayor of Bethlehem 10 years ago.

Glenn Reibman was thrown out of office in the primary 8 years ago.  The voters in his own party were so disgusted by his time in office that they said enough! 

But, according to Glenn Reibman he is responsible for Bethlehem's successes.  I guess it all happened in the two yeas he was County Executive & John Callahan was Mayor. Callahan had nothing to do with this - it is all Glenn Reibman.

Let me note here that John Callahan has always acknowledged that the support of the county and the hard work done by the Mayors before him.  He has never taken credit for the city successes alone but you cannot deny that his leadership enabled them.

But, according to Glenn Reibman the two years he was in office during the beginning of the Callahan era in Bethlehem are the reason Bethlehem is successful.

On another issue Glenn Reibman during a forum broadcast on local NPR this week inferred that he was the political heir to his aunt the late State Senator Jeanette Reibman.  Sen. Reibman is one of the best people I will ever know. She is a woman who transformed this Commonwealth.  She was a public servant  untouched by scandal and admired by even her opponents.  Senator Reibman was my friend, she is my hero and she is someone whose memory I am determined to keep and share.  Glenn Reibman benefited from the last name his aunt made great, but once in office himself....The voters of the Democratic Party, her party said enough.

Why would we want to return Glenn Reibman to the office we threw him out of 8 years ago.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

I Am Still A Person Of Faith

On Twitter I send out a lot of news articles - just to pass on information that I think may interest people.

When I came across a headline that Pastor Rick Warren's son committed suicide it took me a really long  time to figure out how to share the news and not be mean or snarky or cruel.

For those of you who do not know Pastor Rick Warren he is a disgusting homophobe &  active participant on the Conservative war on women. But, he masks his gospel of hate in the new age, corporate, PC speak that sometimes confuses people.

As he talks about how much loves gay people.....but his organization does everything it can to make our lives miserable.  Rick Warren has figured out a way to preach hate but make it sound like Willie Wonka offering control of the factory to a Charlie.

But...his youngest child found life so difficult, so painful that he decided death was easier than life.

I tweeted that I will keep Pastor Warren and his family in my thoughts...and I will.  I do not wish this type of pain on anyone.  My United Church of Christ upbringing taught me better.

A friend responded that "he does not keep us in his heart he does not show love to us".  And, my friend is right Rick Warren has time and time again expressed his hatred for me and your brothers, sisters, cousins and co-workers.

But, I am a humanist with a Christian under pinning and the Jesus I learned about as a child at First UCC in Easton taught me to love and to forgive and to pray for those suffering.

So, I will keep Pastor Warren and his family close to my heart as they go through this awful time.  I will even pray that they find the peace that Jesus gives us.

I will live my faith and I will follow what Jesus preached.

What If Hillary Clinton......

Just putting this out here to stir things up.....

If Hillary Clinton does not run for President - What are ya'll going to do? 

So many have already started to move our current President out of the White House in breathless anticipation of moving Sec. Clinton back into the White House.

What if she says

"Ya know what kids...I kinda like giving speeches, writing books and being admired & respected and I am just not willing to lie down with dogs anymore - The fleas itch"  

"I'm gonna pass on this opportunity and instead use my status as an elder statesperson to influence the discussion in a more frank and honest way than I could if I spent 18 months getting attacked and vilified by many of the same people who say they love me now"  

"I have devoted my entire post college life to you ungrateful bastards and I'm tired"

"I served as First Lady of fucking Arkansas ferchristsake and you people vilified me"

"I served as First Lady of the nation and you people accused me of murdering our closest friend"

"I served as a United States Senator and it took getting drunk with that old creep McCain before I got any bloody respect"

"I strode the world stage like a rock star as your Secretary of State, world leaders trembled in my presence and you accused me of faking a serious motherfucking illness that almost killed me"

"I think I've done enough - You people don't appreciate shit"

"Thanks but no thanks"

She drops the microphone, flips us the bird and walks off stage like the diva superstar she is.

It could happen.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I Define Political Correctness

From Twitter today 

Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred ~ Jacques Barzun
I responded by asking how Prof. Barzun defined Political Correctness?
Political correctness is such a buzzword often used with disdain to diminish the views of those on the political left.
"Ugh! you are so PC"
"Oh please, it's just a joke my gay/black/Jewish/Italian/Polish/women friends all thought it was funny. You have no sense of humor" " You are so PC"
This is how I define Political Correctness
  • Trying to do what is right
  • At some point in life you are going to offend someone but it was not on purpose - so apologize and move on
  • Trying not hurt peoples feelings
  • Caring about other peoples needs
  • Being sensitive to the journey people have taken in life
  • The ability to laugh with people and not laugh at them
  • Embracing the differences we all have
  • Accepting people for who they are
  • Knowing that no one needs your approval to lead his or her life
  • "Who am I to judge?"
  • Perhaps you should know your audience before you decide to tell a joke that may hurt someone
  • Being sensitive to who is around you and where they came from and what may or may not have happened in her of his life
  • Your opinion matters as much to me as much as my opinion matters to you or not at all...But that's OK
  • Believing in Equality and Justice

Call me PC - I'll wear it as a badge of honor
This is who Jacques Barzun is

Monday, April 1, 2013

Sen. Casey Steps Up To The Plate And Has A Big Hit

The Mighty Casey has stepped up to the plate and he has hit a home run.

U.S. Sen. Bob Casey, who has been under a lot of pressure as of late announced today that he favors the repeal of DOMA and favors marriage equality

My states Senior Senator is a thoughtful and cautious man and he took his time to come to this decision but in the end he did come to the right decision and now stands with a growing number of his fellow citizens for equality and a more perfect union.

Welcome to the bright sunshine of justice Sen. Casey.

Do you think you can help us drag your colleague Sen. Toomey out of the dark place in which he seems so comfortable?