Thursday, December 19, 2013

Senator Baucus Going To China

It appears the President will announce that longtime Montana Senator Max Baucus will be his choice to serve as Ambassador to China.  Mr. Baucus who has served in the senate for over 35 years will be resigning his Senate seat.

Senator Baucus is not beloved by the media nor is he beloved by the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party but he is respected, admired and generally liked by the Washington establishment. Which is important when assuming a position as important as Ambassador to a country like China.

Mr. Baucus was a crucial ally to the President and was very important in passing The Affordable Care Act. So, the message sent to the Chinese is that the President is sending someone he is very close to and has confidence in to be his representative.

The appointment of Senator Baucus also gets him out of the way and the country for the 2014 Senate race in Montana. Polling suggests that Mr. Baucus has out lasted his welcome and the voters are ready for a new face.  The Democratic Governor is likely to appoint his Lt. Governor to the position with the hope that it will give the Democrats an advantage in the 2014 election.

Friday, December 13, 2013


Posts About Palin.......

Why is it that every time I post something about Sarah Palin I get really rude and inappropriate comments from cowards who hide behind the fact that I allow anonymous comments?

Perhaps it is just a reflection of the quality, integrity and intelligence of the people who support Mrs. Palin.

I suppose bottom feeding low life's need a role model and they certainly have one in Sarah.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Palin Announces New TV Gig

Sarah's got a brand new gig!

The Sportsman Channel announced that  quitter former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin will be hosting a travel show that highlights what she finds fascinating about America.

Since her previous show about her life in Alaska was an astounding failure it will be interesting to see if people embrace a show about other people.

Who am I kidding this show is going to be all Sarah all the time.  Sarah fishing in Wyoming, Sarah hunting in Montana, Sarah here Sarah there Sarah Sarah every where.

It will be interesting to see if the woman who can't even speak in complete sentences will be able to narrate a travelogue about this country.

Let's start a drinking game.  Every time Sister Sarah says "Real Americans or Real America" we all do a shot.  We'll be drunk by the second commercial and checking into Betty Ford by the end of episode 3.


Cruz Off To South Africa

Right wing extremist, government shut down advocate, Tea Bagger extraordinaire and US Senator from Texas Ted Cruz will attend  the funeral of Nelson Mandela as an official representative of the U.S. Congress.

What is the over under that he will embarrass himself and this nation?


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Explaining The War on Christmas to Idiots

A rant and I apologize in advance for the harsh language but....

Every year we put up with the Fox news and Conservative lie. The War on Christmas!




Oh and grow the fuck up and concern yourself with something important.

And, does Sarah Palin's poorly written book count as part of the war on Christmas since she is using Christmas to personally prosper - which does not seem like something Mary and Joseph would do.

So let me repeat myself

If you are so inclined say
Merry Christmas!

Last time I looked this was this The United States and we have freedom of speech and some of us prefer to say
Happy Holidays!
and you are un-American and do not believe in the freedom of speech if you criticize your fellow citizens who choose to say this instead.

In summation

And, anyone who claims there is a WAR ON CHRISTMAS is an intellectual peer to Paris Hilton and moral peer to Liz Cheney!

Thank you


I was online looking up some dirt on someone else and of course I could not fight the urge to look my last name.
But, really what I think this means is that I am going to bite the bullet and research my past via Ancestry or Archive dot com.

This is some of what I found

I like these two listings 
  1. Urban Dictionary: flad
    Flad. This term relates to a person who is a fit lad. Wow, you are such a Flad 
  2. ... Flad. Acronym for Fucked, Lame And Disastrous. This day is simply FLAD.
  3. This was interesting 
  4. flad Web definitions
  1. Flads and gloe lakes are different stages in the process where a bay in the sea turns into a freshwater lake due to post-glacial rebound.

This makes sense 
has the following 4 definition(s) + add your definition
flat is used in Danish
Danish meaning
even is used in Danish
Danish meaning
level is used in Danish
Danish meaning
smooth is used in Danish
Danish meaning
The word flad is used in Danish meaning flat,even,level,smooth

I am a lousy baker but perhaps we were great bakers in the old country 

Last name origins & meanings:
  1. German: from Middle High German vlade ‘thin (sheet) cake’; probably a metonymic occupational name for a baker.
  2. German: in southern Germany, a topographic name from Flad(e) ‘reed’, ‘sedge’.
  3. German: variant of Flath 2.

This was really upsetting

Famous People named Flad

No has submitted any famous Flads yet. Click here to add your own.

.......Then how do I explain why I am such a snob?

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The World Reacts - Nelson Mandela Dies

The world reacts to the death of Nelson Mandela

From the President of The United States

From Bill Keller for The New York Times

From the BBC

From USA Today

From the New York Times Editorial Board

From Muhammed Ali

From The Washington Post

From The Times of London

From Al Jazeera

From The New Zealand Herald

The cover of the New Yorker

There are thousands more.


New Crime Prevention Efforts in NYC

Outgoing New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is forced to spend his last month in office defending his Stop and Kiss policy.

In an effort to combat the rising New York City crime rate the Bloomberg administration is encouraging it's police to stop young men they suspect may cause trouble some day and ask them about their current and future actions and to kiss them during the questioning.

The Mayor says this is preventing crime but critics are questioning why only young black men are being kissed.

I'll update you as more information is made public.

De Blasio Reaches Back in Picking Bratton

Everything old is new again!

New York City Mayor-elect de Blasio will pick former Giuliani Police Commissioner Bill Bratton to be his administration's Police Commissioner.

Bratton has served as Chief of Police is Boston and Los Angeles and as a consultant to police forces around the world and a commentator on MSNBC.  He is held in high regard for his tenure as NY Commissioner.

We will find out shortly why Mr. de Blasio has decided to go back in time rather than find someone new for one of the most important appointments he will make.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

GOP Tweet Fail on Racism

First the someone at the Republican National Committee Tweeted this

Today we remember Rosa Parks’ bold stand and her role in ending racism.

Then after a lot of comments on Twitter and else where that were either mocking or outraged someone at the Republican National Committee Tweeted this

Previous tweet should have read "Today we remember Rosa Parks' bold stand and her role in fighting to end racism."

And, now some 7 hours later it is still an issue on Twitter, Facebook and on blogs across the interwebs.

I don't know why people were mad that said racism was over. Things have been great for white people. Thats who I assume they meant.

It is true; once something is posted on the internet it never really disappears.

Was the original Tweet a mistake or are the Republican's still trying to convince the American people that because we have a black President this nations problems with race are over?

Are the Republican's trying to convince their base and others that their drive for voter suppression is not based on race?

Or was it a legitimate misstatement by someone either too stupid or with too much hubris to be bothered to check his or her work before hitting the publish button?

And lest we forget some other resent GOP comments on race there are these insightful and thoughtful comments from the party's leading light Sarah Palin - which Washington Post Writer Jonathan Capehart re-caps quite nicely.