Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Supreme Decision for The President

Today's news has given me the perfect opportunity to re-enter the arena.

First let me express my sympathies to Mr. Justice Scalia's family - he was an important figure during his time on earth.  I disagreed with him on everything but he was a Supreme Court Justice and the nation owes him it's respect and thanks.

It should come to no ones surprise that the GOP leaders are calling on the President to not fulfill his constitutional duties and not nominate a new Supreme Court Justice.

Of course if he does not make an appointment they will criticize him for not doing so.

The President should find the most reasonable and acceptable person he can find.  Someone beloved by the legal community and the media, someone so mainstream that only any idiot would oppose him or her.

And, the Washington GOP will oppose this person because the colored usurper to the oval office nominated this person.

The Washington GOP does not want this nomination because they fear that their opposition to the nominee could destroy their chances for the White House and control of the Senate this November.  They do not want the fight they are compelled by their base to have.

Tom Ridge or Lindsey Graham would be interesting choices that would create havoc for the the GOP.

The President will nominate someone to the Supreme Court as he is required to do by the Constitution of this great republic.

The next move is up to the Washington GOP.  Do they put the nation first or do they succumb to the will of the Teabaggers who hold their leashes?

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Clinton's and The Times

Can we survive without them?  The latest about Bill and Hillary and The New York Times

The Times  has ousted it's Executive Editor.  Perhaps the official article is not telling the entire story

President Clinton responds  Karl Rove - and just destroys him


Ann = Desperate for Attention

She is so desperate for attention

Why does Ann hate humanity?
Why does Ann hate love?
Why does Ann hate hope?
Why does Ann only offer snark?
Why does Ann offer no suggestions for making this world a better place?

Clearly it is easy to be a critic and you can make money at it.

Had Ann not embraced the dark side would she be poor?

Do the Tea Baggers really read her books or do they just buy them out of obligation?


Just Saying!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I advise Glenn Beck

The man too awful for Fox News said something outrageous and the MSM has decided to share it with all of us.

He says shit because he knows it will get him headlines.

He craves attention and when it begins to wane he says outrageous crap.

Why does he get the MSM attention and why do they take him seriously?  He has no background in history, government or policy development. In fact he has no background in anything but self promotion.

But, somehow he has made a lovely living at just saying stupid crap that makes no sense to anyone but the most deranged Tea Bagger.

I am waiting.... no I am hoping he gets so starved for attention that he sets himself on fire just to get attention.

Do it Glenn!  Imagine your legacy. 

But, you won't because all loud mouth bullies are really just cowards.

If Glenn was a real man and a real patriot the only answer to this nations problems would be immolation. 

Imagine the headlines, imagine the conversations on Sunday morning chat shows, they would all be about Glenn Beck and the fact that he loved his country so much he set himself on fire.  

There is no way other than this way Glenn!  Your only way to eternal fame is a match and a can of gasoline!

Think about 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pat Robertson Explains Rich Jews

It is time for Reverend Grifter to end his TV program and fade into the dark recesses of our minds.

The reason every single Jewish person on the planet is rich is because they are too busy Polishing Diamonds .

I don't think it needs further comment from me...You know what I am going to say.