Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump - Faith - Oh Please!

Donald Trump questions Hillary Clinton's faith.

This is a guy who is accused of not paying thousands of workers.
This is a guy who is on his third wife
This is a guy who managed to send four companies into bankruptcy and still make money
This is a guy who cheated on his wives
This is a guy who has made really creepy sexual innuendos about his daughter
This is a guy who has been accused of rape by an ex wife and a 13 year old child

When you think of Donald J Trump is the first thing you think "He is such an awesome Christian"?
When you think of Donald J Trump is the first thing you think "He is a man of great faith"?

I think of a vulgar TV Reality Star.

Donald J Trump has probably been to church as often as Ronald Reagan........ Almost never (only when it is politically expedient).

His chief evangelical advisor once said Ted Cruz was G-d's choice for this country.  So what does that make Trump?

Hillary Clinton is a faithful Methodist.

Donald J Trump is a faithful...... Well really he is not faithful to anyone but Donald J Trump.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Bars

Gay bars are where we go to be in the majority.
Gay bars are where we go to be ourselves.
Gay bars are where we go to be someone else.
Gay bars are where we go to feel comfortable.
Gay bars are we we go to be with people who understand us fully.
Gay bars are where we go to hook up.
Gay bars are where we go to feel free.
Gay bars are where we go for empathy and support.
Gay bars are where we go to feel safe.
Until last night.
There are those who are critical of the bar culture in the LGBT community but the first time I walked into a gay bar I felt accepted, I no longer felt alone and I knew I had a home and a safe place and people would support me and they would understand me.
Until last night.
The people who went to Pulse last night were children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, co-workers, Democrats, Republicans and people who don't give a shit about politics. 
The people who went to Pulse last night went to have fun, went to celebrate, went to let loose, to dance, to sing and to look for Mr or Ms Right.
They did not go there to die.
But, 50 of them did.
I am gutted I am heartbroken and I am angry.  But, I don't know what I can do about it. 


I am sick and tired of politicians saying this after each mass murder.  Your thoughts and prayers are not working. 
Do I think any changes will come of this?
Sadly no.


I just can't understand this level of hate and I hope I never do.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Apology

The former half term governor of Alaska who has been in news reports involving violent drunken behavior and Meghan McCain a widely noted scholar recently criticized President Obama for going to Hiroshima and apologizing.

Words matter.

Please show me the words of apology.

They will not because they can not.

But, the national media reports on their statements without asking them for proof.

This President has never been on an apology tour because he has nothing to apologize for. 

He is an example of American exceptionalism.

Could George W Bush claim he had nothing to apologize for?

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Mini Rant About Trump

A really smart friend of mine has said on more than one occasion that he thinks Trump's campaign is really just a front to elect Hillary Clinton. He is not a Hillary supporter.

I have heard this on numerous occasions from a lot of different people.

But, stop and think about it would Donald J. Trump really do anything for anyone else?  Donald J Trump only cares about Donald J Trump (unless you count the sexual comments he has made about his daughter).

Would Donald Trump ruin his reputation to help Hillary Clinton?

 Macy's, NBC and others have dropped him and his products like a hot potato.  He has taken a financial hit as a result of his presidential campaign.

How will he benefit from a Hillary Clinton victory?

I know all the conspiracy theory people out there think that the huge Clinton secret society will take care of Trump's bills and The Cooking Channel will give him a travel show and The Bonton will start selling his ugly ties and his wife will get paid to pose nude again and his Son-in-law's family will pick up the dinner tab once a week.

Trump may have gotten into the race to boost his brand and that did not work for folks like me but it did work for the teabagger set.  They think a privileged rich guy whose companies file for bankruptcy at an alarming pace is a great business leader. They think the guy NBC paid to insult people and pretend that he is giving his money away is ready to lead this great republic.

Monday, May 2, 2016

What did they do in the Bible Belt?

You know how when something bad happens like Super storm Sandy, 9/11 or Katrina the "Christian" right wing nut jobs always say "It is G-D's judgement on the people".

We all know that Pat Robertson is a horses ass. Pat he became a billionaire preaching his demented version of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus would actually throw the first stone when it comes to Pat Robertson.

There have been really horrific storms as as of late in Texas, Oklahoma and throughout the "Bible Belt".

What did these people do to earn G-d's vengeance?

If Super Storm Sandy was because G-d was pissed at the fag loving New Yorkers.

Just Sayin