Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Clinton's and The Times

Can we survive without them?  The latest about Bill and Hillary and The New York Times

The Times  has ousted it's Executive Editor.  Perhaps the official article is not telling the entire story

President Clinton responds  Karl Rove - and just destroys him


Ann = Desperate for Attention

She is so desperate for attention

Why does Ann hate humanity?
Why does Ann hate love?
Why does Ann hate hope?
Why does Ann only offer snark?
Why does Ann offer no suggestions for making this world a better place?

Clearly it is easy to be a critic and you can make money at it.

Had Ann not embraced the dark side would she be poor?

Do the Tea Baggers really read her books or do they just buy them out of obligation?


Just Saying!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

I advise Glenn Beck

The man too awful for Fox News said something outrageous and the MSM has decided to share it with all of us.

He says shit because he knows it will get him headlines.

He craves attention and when it begins to wane he says outrageous crap.

Why does he get the MSM attention and why do they take him seriously?  He has no background in history, government or policy development. In fact he has no background in anything but self promotion.

But, somehow he has made a lovely living at just saying stupid crap that makes no sense to anyone but the most deranged Tea Bagger.

I am waiting.... no I am hoping he gets so starved for attention that he sets himself on fire just to get attention.

Do it Glenn!  Imagine your legacy. 

But, you won't because all loud mouth bullies are really just cowards.

If Glenn was a real man and a real patriot the only answer to this nations problems would be immolation. 

Imagine the headlines, imagine the conversations on Sunday morning chat shows, they would all be about Glenn Beck and the fact that he loved his country so much he set himself on fire.  

There is no way other than this way Glenn!  Your only way to eternal fame is a match and a can of gasoline!

Think about 

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Pat Robertson Explains Rich Jews

It is time for Reverend Grifter to end his TV program and fade into the dark recesses of our minds.

The reason every single Jewish person on the planet is rich is because they are too busy Polishing Diamonds .

I don't think it needs further comment from me...You know what I am going to say.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Republicans Wrong Again - Abu Ghaith is Convicted.

The Republicans said we can't hold trials for big time terrorists in American Federal criminal courts. They clearly do not believe in our system of justice.

The Republicans said we can't hold trials for  big time terrorists in New York City. Republican's hate big cities and really hate New York.

They said we can't trust American juries to convict these terrorists. Republican's do not trust the American people.

They said a trial will cause to much pain and anguish for New Yorkers and cause them to relive the horror of 9-11 all again.  The people of New York and all Americans relive 9-11 every day.

They said a trial would be a media circus. How many of you followed the trial or even knew it was going on?  I forgot about it.

They said a trial in lower Manhattan will cause traffic jams and general chaos. Did not happen.

He was convicted

Rudy Giuliani was wrong
John McCain was wrong
Lindsey Graham was wrong
Peter King was wrong
Dick Cheney was wrong (but then he always is)

The Republican Party has proven time and time again they are on the wrong side of history.

They are on the wrong because they lack faith in American justice.

They are wrong because they lack faith in the American people.

Let's face it folks the Republican Party is just wrong.


Monday, March 24, 2014

This & That

  • The President of the United States brings the G7 leaders together to coordinate a western response to a Putin Gone Wild.

  • The city of Longview, Texas is paying Ted Nugent to not bring his vile self to their annual Independence Day Festival wang dang sweet poontang

Just a few of the things that captured my Adderall hazed brain


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bill Donohue Is a Failure

The head of The Catholic League Bill Donohue tried to be very clever this week.
Main Entry Image

He failed.

Mr. Donahue who makes a living by claiming Catholics are victims was mad as bees this week because of all the fuss about about the gays not being allowed to be gay in the annual NYC St. Patrick's day parade.

He was bound and determined to make the gays look bad and to prove that the gays are hypocrites.

He applied to walk in the annual gay pride march and carry a banner reading "STRAIGHT IS GREAT".

Mr. Donohue was so smug when he announced his very clever ploy, he was going to prove once and for all that the gays were just as narrow minded as he is, because there was no way they were going to allow him to join the march.

The gays responded quickly with a warm and welcoming approval.  Mr. Donohue can join the march on June 29th.

Will Mr. Donohue actually have the guts to show up? or will he make some lame excuse and pretend to be victimized by the day?  He is a bully and we all know that bullies are cowards so.......

This little failed ploy just proves that Bill Donohue is really not very bright  .

I wonder when the people who pay Bill Donohue's bills will grow weary of his lame antics?

In Happy News: He is dead!

I feel no guilt about being happy about this.  And, please no one try to tell me that all lives are precious - because his was not.

Will anyone mourn his passing?  
Will anyone shed a tear?
Will anyone grieve?

The vile children who began to run the "church" he founded even excommunicated him a few years back.

He was mean, he was cruel, he is was bigot, he was hateful and he was a truly awful person.

His protesting and taunting of the mourners at funerals was/is so disgusting that I can even find the right words to describe my true thoughts.

I am glad Fred Phelps is dead I only wish he could have taken the family members who have taken up his causes with him.

I wished I believed in hell.  

But, then even a place like that is too good for him. His corpse just rotting away and becoming nothing is much more appropriate end for a man of no value to society.

Fred Phelps is dead - let all the people rise together and say AMEN! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

White Man March

I know it has been a few weeks, I think I have so overwhelmed by so much that is going on around me and around the world that my brain has had a hard time keeping up.

It could have also been my annual post holiday, I effing hate winter depression.

But, this one brought me out of my doldrums.

A call was put out by "The Power Rangers"  for a White Man March . The march took place in Florence, KY.

They hung signs that said "Diversity = White Genocide"

This was supposed to be the Caucasian Million Man March.

10 men showed up.

Oh and according to their web-site The Jews are behind the plot to destroy white people.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Penn State: A Fresh Start

The Penn State Board of Trustees invites an old friend  back home to take of the Presidency of the great University.

At first glance Eric Barron seems like a perfect fit. He is coming from Florida State where when he was just taking office there was in the middle of a football inspired melt down.  He calmed the waters and united the University.  He also enhanced Florida States reputation as a research institution, something he does not have to do at PSU.

According to new reports he appreciates the role big time sports plays in the life of a place like Penn State but is also not willing to sacrifice academics for football.

With a new football coach who stresses the importance of academics and a president who understands that varsity sports is an integral part of a big land grant university like Penn State.

Here's hoping these two new hires usher in a new and improved era for my beloved Alma Mater!


Monday, February 10, 2014

About Me: 30 Years

Just after a pretty sad Christmas I decided to make a change. 

I needed leave... I was going to finish college and then move to DC and never look back except for holidays.

I gave my employers 7 months notice and I turned down the Mondale campaign which offered me a job to go to New Hampshire to organize for them.  

I was sticking to my plans - work for 7 months and save so I could take out smaller loans and pay off credit cards.  I was going to get my BA/BS and move away.

During a dinner break I was walking through the mall with the reasons for my sad Christmas - We were trying to stay friends and as we walked past the quirky card and gift shop I noticed someone. I said I am going in and look around and I would catch up with them (yes, not only did one break my heart with the other but we were once pals and we all worked together) in a few minutes.

He was fine, built like a G-d and a butt (in leather pants).  I never had a "Type" I had dated (slept with) pretty much every type of guy but I had yet to check a black guy off my must do list.  

So I went in and was determined to find out right away if he was playing for my team.  I asked about a brand of greeting cards that if he knew about them would let me know.  He knew.  I walked around a bit trying to give him a good look at my assets. I think I bought some birthday cards and moved on.  Caught up to the heart breakers.  On the way back to work I looked in to the card shop and he saw me and smiled.

Now what do I do?

Two day later I went to the local gay dance club as I often did on a Thursday night and after walking around for awhile I saw him...and it looked like he was with somebody or was he - it was hard to tell.  He saw me and smiled so I walked over to him and asked him if he was with that guy and he said no.

So I asked him to dance and we did for quite awhile.  I asked again if he and his little pal were together because they were clearly intimate but he assured me that they were not together anymore.

I stood there - looked at him - looked at the guy - looked back at him and said "Good cuz you are taking me home with you tonight".  

I am a firm believer in having sex as soon as possible.  Why continue a relationship if you do not click in bed or on the couch or on the kitchen floor or in the back of the car or well you get it.  

If the sex is bad then why bother .

He asked me out on a date.  Then the next day he called to postpone the date.  

Of course he would.  

He really was still with that guy.  

But, his voice his voice was golden. 

 He said he did not feel well so instead of going to dinner and movie on Friday could we go on Saturday.

I met him at his apartment and we went out to dinner and saw a showing of Vertigo.  At the end of the movie he asked if I wanted to go dancing.  So we did.  As we walked around the place all of the sudden I grabbed his hand and we walked around holding hands. And, except when we were dancing we held hands all night.

He drove back to his place and he did not even ask if I was coming in it was just assumed I would.  

I did.

And,  I never left.

That Saturday night was 2/11/84 - These 30 years have really just flown by - sometimes it feels like just a few years ago.

It took a little bit of time (though not a lot)  before one of us said "I love you."  I said it first but telling that story will have to come with a NSFW warning

I did go back to school and got my degree- he came and rescued me every other weekend.

But, instead of going to DC - I came home to be with him. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gay Headlines

*Jonathan Vilma a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints is afraid that gay team mates are gonna check out his junk in the shower.  So, does Mr. Vilma think his penis and or butt is so irresistible that a gay guy is just gonna stand there and stare at his glory?  Or, is he hoping he does?

He is pretty handsome.

*A pastor in my state revokes the membership of young gay man because because he wants to save him from his homosexuality. "We placed Bobbie under church discipline out of love for Bobbie and regard for his soul"   This is a very painful story 
*The government of Uganda has passed legislation that outlaws homosexuality and punishes people "accused" of  it by a prison term.  Google has produced numbers that shows that gay porn is the third most popular searched item in the country.
*There was a story on-line that a Nigerian couple was pulled out of their home and force to have sex in the street while being filmed.  I now suddenly can't find anything about.  Hopefully it is was just a nasty rumor.
*New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will not march in the St. Patrick's Day Parade  breaking a very long tradition. The organizers of the parade now allow The Gays to march but they can't express that they are gay during the march.  In the past NY Mayor's have marched with the gay groups willing to follow the guidelines.  This Mayor has decided to put his actions behind his words and support one New York and not march in a parade that does not support the American ideal and dream.

There is more so maybe later.....


Clay Aiken for Congress - "Open Door"

Clay Aiken announces for Congress.

Hopefully you know who Clay Aiken is.

This is very well done and shows he has a grasp on what is important to the District he will be running in.  A lot of thought and planning went into this announcement, I'm impressed.

It should be fun to watch what happens in this district, because it looks like there won't be much to watch around here.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Remembering Joan of Arts

Joan Adams Mondale the wife of former Vice President Walter Mondale has died.  She was often referred to as Joan of Arts because of her commitment to the creative arts.

She and Mr. Mondale were the first residents of the official Vice Presidents residence and she immediately transformed the home into a gallery and showcase for American artists.  During her husband's tenure as Jimmy Carter's Vice President she served as the President's unofficial adviser for the arts and humanities.

Please read the link to the Times obit about this remarkable woman.  She was not the best known political spouse but she was one of the most interesting.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Homophobic Mom

While surfing today I came across this Tumblr page Texts from my Homophobic Mother.

I really don't have any comment to make except that I would have ended this relationship a long time ago.
Please feel free to share your reactions.


Tuesday, January 28, 2014

People of NYC Respond to Hannity (sort of)

Recently I posted about the tedious Sean Hannity threatening to leave New York because the Governor said something he didn't like.

The Daily Show found some famous and not so famous New Yorkers and asked them what they thought about this serious issue.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Cartoon About Race

Saw this and had to share it.  I think it sums up the attitude of the extreme right wing radicals when the subject of race comes up in this country.

Embedded image permalink


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Eminem, Rihanna and Me

I am not sure who figured out that Rihanna and Eminem  are hit music gold?

I am glad he or she did.

The divine Rihanna is in great form here and she summarizes his struggles very nicely with her vocal hook.

Eminem has always been different than other rappers.... it is not all about his dick.

Granted, sometimes it is about killing his ex wife.

I am not condoning that nor his use of faggot so please do not go there with me.

This single is about his emotional struggles and about him sometimes questioning his sanity.

And, you can dance to it.


I have reached a "pax monstera" with the monsters under my bed and I have embraced the voices in my head.....I just wish they would not try to speak all at once.


Sean Hannity threatens and nobody cares

Not really sure how Sean Hannity became a star (sort of) he has no background in policy, government, education or really anything other than talking.

But, so be it.

He is a radical right wing darling! Probably because he just spouts out what they want to hear and for that he has become famous and really quite wealthy.

Recently New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said this  “extreme conservatives who are right-to-life, pro-assault—weapon, anti-gay…have no place in the State of New York"

On his next show Sean Hannity said this.

The citizens of New York had this reaction to Sean Hannity's promise to leave their state

The people of New York could care less whether a tedious hack like Sean Hannity leaves their state, Florida or Texas can have him.  I'm just glad he's not coming to Pennsylvania.

I wonder if Roger Ailes has noticed Hannity's fail?  

I suspect Hannity will be wondering how long Ailes will put up with this huge mistake while he is packing up his house. 

Coming Out - Still not easy

In this youtube video a young man comes out to his mother and he was very awkward and very nervous , in fact his mother did most of the talking.

When a friend of my father was struggling with his own son's coming out my dad said to him "Either you love your son or you don't - I know you do and you know you do - so get over it - bottom line still your son - nothing has changed"

I have blogged that story and my own coming out story awhile ago and I am certainly not going to bore you with that old chestnut. Not every coming out is as easy as mine was almost 35 years ago and I have allowed myself to believe that because times have changed coming out has gotten easier.

This video proves me wrong.  It is still not an easy conversation to have with your parents.  Young people are still afraid of rejection, still afraid of losing his/her parents love and still worried that what they feel so deeply in their souls that something may not be right or normal about them.  This young man's mom was nearly perfect and he is indeed a very lucky guy.

If you know of any young people, or older people who are struggling with coming out to themselves and then their family and if they come to you just listen to them and if you are supportive show it, tell them you are their friend, let them know they can come to you at any time.  Offer them a safe place in case things do not go well.

And, if you can't be supportive, for whatever reason please reach down and find some humanity and cause them no harm or bring anymore grief or pain to them.

Below are three places where people can go for help and advice.

It gets better

The Trevor Project

United Church of Christ - LGBT


Monday, January 20, 2014

Chris Christie: Drip Drip Drip

The bridge story begins to break out into the open

The NY Times offers a damning accounting of Christie as bully

MSNBC host Steve Kornacki breaks the story about Sandy Money being used as a weapon

The Lt. Governor in a very strange statement denies threatening the Mayor of Hoboken

Olympic icon Carl Lewis says that Christie threatened him.

Christie lashes out at MSNBC & his buddy Joe Scarborough hits back

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's problems is not show any signs of letting up in fact the story seems to be getting murkier and picking up steam.

Very soon the question "Will Christie be able to put this behind him in time to run for President in 2016?" may become "Will Christie leave office on his own terms or will he be impeached?"

I can often find empathy for politicians in trouble but not this time.  He brought this on himself and he deserves what ever happens.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nothing Compares To Slavery

Just a quick note about people comparing modern events and issues to slavery.

Some examples;

Abortion can be compared to Slavery by more than one person

Sarah Palin Compares the debt to slavery

Sarah Palin believes Obama is returning the nation to slavery days

The Affordable Care Act is compared to Slavery

George Will compares the passage of The Affordable Care Act to The Runaway Slave Act

The Affordable Care Act is compared to The Fugitive Slave Law

Merriam Websters defines slavery as The Condition of one person being owned by another.

Does The Affordable Care Act meet this criteria?  No
Does the national debt meet this criteria? No
Does abortion meet this criteria? No

This just shows how little these great minds understand something as horrible as slavery.  It shows their lack of understanding on the impact slavery has had on this country.  And, it weakens their argument. But then maybe their argument is so weak that out of desperation they try to invoke the horror that is slavery in order to dramatize their point.

There is nothing like slavery
Only slavery is like slavery 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tea Baggers

Responding to Tea Bagger comments is so much fun!

I know...... I know I should be more respectful of them and call them Tea Party Activists


When they stop all this birther nonsense..... I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers.

When they stop calling the President a Nazi, a Communist, a Socialist or a Facist.... I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers.

When they stop comparing the First Lady to a Gorilla...I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers.

When they learn how to spell on their offensive protest signs....I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers.

When they actually understand the Constitution...I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers.

When they realize that Medicare is Government run health care.....I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers

When they realize young black men in hoodies may just be walking home ...I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers

When they are not homophobic...I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers

When they stop thinking the UN Charter is going to circumvent the Constitution of The United States....I may consider calling them Tea Baggers

When they stop making vile and racist comments about The President of The United States daughters....I may consider not calling them Tea Baggers

So here is the bottom line Tea Party folks believe in this great republic and I may consider not insulting you.

But, continue to act out ....


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Why do Republicans Hate Sex So Much?

For Virginia Republicans.

It's not about jobs.
It's not about education.
It's not about about infrastructure.
It's not about farmers.
It not about public safety.

You may remember last year when the Attorney General and GOP nominee for Virginia Governor tried to ban oral sex between adults in the Virginia.  It was laughed out of court.

Republican State Senator Thomas Garrett of Virginia is trying to ban various sexual acts up to and including well.......just about everything.

I wonder how this will impact economic development?

Why do these Tea Bagger Republicans claim they want smaller government and they want less government regulation except when it comes to sex.

Why do Republicans hate sex so much?  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Some Predictions

Predictions for 2014

*The GOP will maintain control of the US House though their numbers will be smaller.
*My Congressman Charlie Dent will win re-election if he has an opponent.
      He made quite an name for himself during the Republican led government shut down.  You may           remember he was one of the few Republicans to speak out against it. Of course, he supported every vote that led to it but once it actually occurred he opposed it.  I had hoped that he would take that fame and become a leader but it appears he has settled once again into back bench status.  But, he is such a nice guy.

*The Democrats will maintain control of the US Senate at about the same level they have now.
*Kentucky senior Senator and Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell will lose.
       He will survive the right wing attack during the primary but he will be bruised and bloodied.  His Democratic opponent has run and won state wide, she is from a respected political family and she is raising big bucks.  He is going to throw everything at her but he is trailing in the polls and for someone with his power trailing in polls even early polls is not a good sign (for him).

*People will bitch and moan about Artsquest, Musikfest and Jeff Parks.

*Sarah Palin will continue to make pronouncements that have no substance and show no clear understanding of the issues.

*Oprah Winfrey will try to keep in the headlines by pretending to be a victim of some perceived slight.

*Northampton County will implode under the pressure of Tea Bagger madness.  The County Council will get bogged down in such important issues as Sharia Law, Alien Invasions from Planet Claire, Border Security and getting the United States out from under the burdens of UN Regulations.

*The Governors of Florida, Maine and Pennsylvania will lose their re-election bids. Even the ever loyal Republicans can only put up with so much embarrassing incompetence.

*Donald Trump will continue to make a fool of himself on Twitter.

*A prominent and popular professional male athlete will come out as gay thus opening up the floodgates with more famous people announcing their true selves to the public.  The love that once dared not speak it's name will become the love that will not shut up.  And, that is a good thing.

*The sounds of Cher singing "If I could turn back time" will be heard almost daily in Bethlehem City Hall. Thus requiring City council to step up and become the incubator of new ideas, economic development and sensible growth.

*A convention of the Snob Voter Party will be held at the Bethlehem Brew Works, it's Elite Central Committee will caucus at Tapas on Main and it's homo influenced think tank will salon at The Hotel Bethlehem Tap Room.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ignoring Ann Coulter

"Ann Coulter Calls Melissa Harris-Perry....."

This was the beginning of a headline on Huffington Post today; apparently Ann Coulter said something on FOX about MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry, apparently it was "shocking"

I was pretty proud of myself for not clicking on the headline to read the "Shocking" thing Miss Coulter had said.

Why would I want to read anything this by this woman?  She offers nothing to the discourse but insults, snark and over the top headline grabbing one liners. Her only intent is to offer shock and the results always fall short of awe.

It's time for the MSM to ignore her and just leave her to FOX.