Sunday, July 17, 2016

RWW News: Theodore Shoebat Says Jesus Is 'Going To Kill All These Sodomi...

This is pretty stunning - that someone actually thinks the Prince of Peace is going to come back and blow people away. 

I kept waiting for it to be a SNL skit but alas it is not.  This dude is serious.

I bet he is hella fun at a party.  But, he probably has no friends so seeing him at a party is probably not going to happen.

Baton Rouge Reaction

I am a middle aged white guy who grew up solidly in what was once considered the middle class.  Can I truly understand what it is like to be black in this country?  Probably not.

But, I grew up in a small multi-cultural community. Easton in the 60's was like a little Brooklyn.  Everybody did not always get along but we tried.

I have spent more than 32 years of my life with a black man and I have seen how he is treated by white people.

I have had co-workers/people say to me "Well... I don't really think if him as black"  When I asked what they meant they said things like "You know he just doesn't act black"  I of course asked what does that mean and "Well you know he...."  They really don't know how to explain it and then of course they to a person got angry that I was suspected them of being racist. They were and they are.

He is black and he knows he is black every time he looks in the mirror.  He is more likely to get pulled over by the police and, he is more likely to get followed by store security than I am.

When we were younger I remember white women clutching their handbags a little closer to their bodies or crossing the street when the saw him.  On more than one occasion I noticed white women clutching their bags and then seeing me at his side lightening up their attitude because clearly if he was with a twinky white boy he was not going to steal their handbag or worse.

I have been there when people tell racist jokes but because "he doesn't act like a black guy"  they thought it was OK.  What does that even mean "he doesn't act like a black guy"

I am trying to understand why police pull over black people at a higher rate than white people.

I am trying to understand why black people get longer sentences than white people.

I am trying to understand why black students are sent to detention more times than white students.

Racism is alive and thriving in this country.  You can't deny it.  In fact, I challenge you to deny it.

But, before you do.

Answer this question.

If you are a white person in this country; Would you want to live your life or raise your son as a black person in this country? 

If so, tell me why. 

This was inspired by todays news out of Baton Rouge.  I am in no way trying to justify the slaughter of police. 

And, sadly I have no answers and that is extremely frustrating.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Do All Lives Matter?


Of course All Lives Matter! What kind of idiot does not think that?

In our current political climate only white people seem to be saying it. And, why do they say it?

Because they are trying to prove that "Black Lives Matter" is racist?  They are afraid people of color are going to get special protections?  I don't know anymore.  White people are so frustrating.

Black lives matter is not racist.

It is becoming very apparent that our black citizens do not think their lives matter as much as the lives of someone who looks like me.  Which is why the expression Black Lives Matter exists.

Ask yourself;

Would you want to be Black or Hispanic in this country?  If so, tell me why.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sheriff Star My Ass

Only someone really stupid and or a Trump supporter would believe Donald Trump when he said the star on his Hillary tweet was a sheriff's badge.

Here are some other examples of people walking around with a sheriff's badge.

Image result for nazi use of star of david

Image result for nazi use of star of david

Image result for nazi use of star of david

I am not saying Trump is a Nazi I would never say that.  In fact I have been very critical of people who throw Nazi around too freely in American politics.

The fact that the Hillary picture was retweeted from a right wing, extremist, racist, anti-Semitic site does make one wonder.

Trump is either clueless, really stupid or a racist anti-Semite.

Please don't say he can't be anti-Semitic because his daughter is married to a Jew. 

"I have a lot of Jewish friends"  "Some of my best friends are black" "My cousin is gay"

Sound familiar? 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Endorsement Vs Integrity

Bernie Sanders has yet to endorse Hillary Clinton or drop out of the race but he has said he will vote for her. 

What is he waiting for? 

His integrity won't let him?  Not likely

If he had any integrity as an independent he would have run for President as an independent and not as a Democrat.

If he had any integrity as an independent he would not have accepted the $10,000 Hillary Clinton gave him during his Senate race.  He would have returned it to her people. But, he took it and he spent it.  If she is so bad and such a 'corporate whore' (as his supporters have called her) why would he have taken her contribution?

Why is he still running?  Could it be the contributions he is still racking in?  Could it be ego?  Could it be he is delusional? 

My bet is on the money.

There is a very good chance that the Democrats will take back control of the US Senate after this election and if that happens Bernie Sanders is in line to become a very important committee chairman.

But, that will not happen if he does not endorse and actively campaign for the Presidential nominee.

What do you think the Senator from Vermont will do?

1. Maintain his "integrity" and not support Hillary Clinton.
2. Endorse and campaign for/with Hillary Clinton and assure his senior ranking in the US Senate.

I know that you Sanders true believers will say # 1.  But, you have proven how naïve you are time and time again. And, many of you are the same people who turned on Barack Obama pretty quickly.  You don't live in the real world, are very fragile and easily fooled.

Having said all this I think his name should be placed in nomination because his 3 million less voters then Hillary Clinton deserve that honor and respect.

Politics is not pretty kids and it involves compromise and sacrifice if you can't handle get out and let the adults handle things