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Sunday, September 18, 2016

NYC Bombing Update

Someone posted on Tumblr his manifesto and reasons for the bombing in Manhattan last night. Read below

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Send in the Clown! Donald J. Trump

Recently at an event raising funds for the Democrats and their Presidential candidate superstar Barbra Streisand took the very vulgar and clearly not all that informed Donald J. Trump apart in a very clever way.

Enjoy at this link

The lyrics, via the Washington Post:

I can't wait to read the TeaBagger Comments

Monday, August 1, 2016

Thinking About Trump

Some thoughts about Donald J. Trump
  1. His campaign is a disorganized mess - being run by a guy who worked on campaigns of some of the worst despots around the world and his children (who know nothing about political campaigns)
  2. Clearly the truth does not matter to Donald J. Trump because he says shit and then when caught in a lie his reaction is deny deny deny and expect the story to go away - The lies are getting harder to deny and their story arcs are lasting longer
  3. That was probably the worst party convention of all time and his speech was so dark and negative - something most voters are not used to
  4. Donald J Trump is so thinned skinned he is almost transparent - he views any criticisms as a "vicious" attack.  You see in Trump's world he is never questioned, never challenged and never doubted.  If Donald J. Trump says it - it is the truth and you do it
  5. He says he is raising a lot money - We will see at the end of the next reporting period
  6. Why won't he release his tax returns - He is not nearly as wealthy as he says he is - he does not want voters to know how little he has paid in taxes
  7. My guess is both
  8. His campaign is tanking - I wonder when the party leaders are going to pull the plug, ignore him and just focus on the Senate and House.  They will be subtle but by October they will no longer be commenting on him or his campaign - They will be in PA to campaign for Toomey and Trump will not be mentioned.  It will be like he does not even exist.
  9. He did not know that Russia invaded the Ukraine
  10. He asked for Putin to interfere in the election
  11. He denied knowing Putin after telling everyone who would listen that he and Putin were buds
  12. His admiration of dictators leads me to believe the he would try to become one himself
More later

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Sunday, July 17, 2016

RWW News: Theodore Shoebat Says Jesus Is 'Going To Kill All These Sodomi...

This is pretty stunning - that someone actually thinks the Prince of Peace is going to come back and blow people away. 

I kept waiting for it to be a SNL skit but alas it is not.  This dude is serious.

I bet he is hella fun at a party.  But, he probably has no friends so seeing him at a party is probably not going to happen.

Baton Rouge Reaction

I am a middle aged white guy who grew up solidly in what was once considered the middle class.  Can I truly understand what it is like to be black in this country?  Probably not.

But, I grew up in a small multi-cultural community. Easton in the 60's was like a little Brooklyn.  Everybody did not always get along but we tried.

I have spent more than 32 years of my life with a black man and I have seen how he is treated by white people.

I have had co-workers/people say to me "Well... I don't really think if him as black"  When I asked what they meant they said things like "You know he just doesn't act black"  I of course asked what does that mean and "Well you know he...."  They really don't know how to explain it and then of course they to a person got angry that I was suspected them of being racist. They were and they are.

He is black and he knows he is black every time he looks in the mirror.  He is more likely to get pulled over by the police and, he is more likely to get followed by store security than I am.

When we were younger I remember white women clutching their handbags a little closer to their bodies or crossing the street when the saw him.  On more than one occasion I noticed white women clutching their bags and then seeing me at his side lightening up their attitude because clearly if he was with a twinky white boy he was not going to steal their handbag or worse.

I have been there when people tell racist jokes but because "he doesn't act like a black guy"  they thought it was OK.  What does that even mean "he doesn't act like a black guy"

I am trying to understand why police pull over black people at a higher rate than white people.

I am trying to understand why black people get longer sentences than white people.

I am trying to understand why black students are sent to detention more times than white students.

Racism is alive and thriving in this country.  You can't deny it.  In fact, I challenge you to deny it.

But, before you do.

Answer this question.

If you are a white person in this country; Would you want to live your life or raise your son as a black person in this country? 

If so, tell me why. 

This was inspired by todays news out of Baton Rouge.  I am in no way trying to justify the slaughter of police. 

And, sadly I have no answers and that is extremely frustrating.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Do All Lives Matter?


Of course All Lives Matter! What kind of idiot does not think that?

In our current political climate only white people seem to be saying it. And, why do they say it?

Because they are trying to prove that "Black Lives Matter" is racist?  They are afraid people of color are going to get special protections?  I don't know anymore.  White people are so frustrating.

Black lives matter is not racist.

It is becoming very apparent that our black citizens do not think their lives matter as much as the lives of someone who looks like me.  Which is why the expression Black Lives Matter exists.

Ask yourself;

Would you want to be Black or Hispanic in this country?  If so, tell me why.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Sheriff Star My Ass

Only someone really stupid and or a Trump supporter would believe Donald Trump when he said the star on his Hillary tweet was a sheriff's badge.

Here are some other examples of people walking around with a sheriff's badge.

Image result for nazi use of star of david

Image result for nazi use of star of david

Image result for nazi use of star of david

I am not saying Trump is a Nazi I would never say that.  In fact I have been very critical of people who throw Nazi around too freely in American politics.

The fact that the Hillary picture was retweeted from a right wing, extremist, racist, anti-Semitic site does make one wonder.

Trump is either clueless, really stupid or a racist anti-Semite.

Please don't say he can't be anti-Semitic because his daughter is married to a Jew. 

"I have a lot of Jewish friends"  "Some of my best friends are black" "My cousin is gay"

Sound familiar? 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Endorsement Vs Integrity

Bernie Sanders has yet to endorse Hillary Clinton or drop out of the race but he has said he will vote for her. 

What is he waiting for? 

His integrity won't let him?  Not likely

If he had any integrity as an independent he would have run for President as an independent and not as a Democrat.

If he had any integrity as an independent he would not have accepted the $10,000 Hillary Clinton gave him during his Senate race.  He would have returned it to her people. But, he took it and he spent it.  If she is so bad and such a 'corporate whore' (as his supporters have called her) why would he have taken her contribution?

Why is he still running?  Could it be the contributions he is still racking in?  Could it be ego?  Could it be he is delusional? 

My bet is on the money.

There is a very good chance that the Democrats will take back control of the US Senate after this election and if that happens Bernie Sanders is in line to become a very important committee chairman.

But, that will not happen if he does not endorse and actively campaign for the Presidential nominee.

What do you think the Senator from Vermont will do?

1. Maintain his "integrity" and not support Hillary Clinton.
2. Endorse and campaign for/with Hillary Clinton and assure his senior ranking in the US Senate.

I know that you Sanders true believers will say # 1.  But, you have proven how na├»ve you are time and time again. And, many of you are the same people who turned on Barack Obama pretty quickly.  You don't live in the real world, are very fragile and easily fooled.

Having said all this I think his name should be placed in nomination because his 3 million less voters then Hillary Clinton deserve that honor and respect.

Politics is not pretty kids and it involves compromise and sacrifice if you can't handle get out and let the adults handle things

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Trump - Faith - Oh Please!

Donald Trump questions Hillary Clinton's faith.

This is a guy who is accused of not paying thousands of workers.
This is a guy who is on his third wife
This is a guy who managed to send four companies into bankruptcy and still make money
This is a guy who cheated on his wives
This is a guy who has made really creepy sexual innuendos about his daughter
This is a guy who has been accused of rape by an ex wife and a 13 year old child

When you think of Donald J Trump is the first thing you think "He is such an awesome Christian"?
When you think of Donald J Trump is the first thing you think "He is a man of great faith"?

I think of a vulgar TV Reality Star.

Donald J Trump has probably been to church as often as Ronald Reagan........ Almost never (only when it is politically expedient).

His chief evangelical advisor once said Ted Cruz was G-d's choice for this country.  So what does that make Trump?

Hillary Clinton is a faithful Methodist.

Donald J Trump is a faithful...... Well really he is not faithful to anyone but Donald J Trump.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Gay Bars

Gay bars are where we go to be in the majority.
Gay bars are where we go to be ourselves.
Gay bars are where we go to be someone else.
Gay bars are where we go to feel comfortable.
Gay bars are we we go to be with people who understand us fully.
Gay bars are where we go to hook up.
Gay bars are where we go to feel free.
Gay bars are where we go for empathy and support.
Gay bars are where we go to feel safe.
Until last night.
There are those who are critical of the bar culture in the LGBT community but the first time I walked into a gay bar I felt accepted, I no longer felt alone and I knew I had a home and a safe place and people would support me and they would understand me.
Until last night.
The people who went to Pulse last night were children, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, fathers, mothers, co-workers, Democrats, Republicans and people who don't give a shit about politics. 
The people who went to Pulse last night went to have fun, went to celebrate, went to let loose, to dance, to sing and to look for Mr or Ms Right.
They did not go there to die.
But, 50 of them did.
I am gutted I am heartbroken and I am angry.  But, I don't know what I can do about it. 


I am sick and tired of politicians saying this after each mass murder.  Your thoughts and prayers are not working. 
Do I think any changes will come of this?
Sadly no.


I just can't understand this level of hate and I hope I never do.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

No Apology

The former half term governor of Alaska who has been in news reports involving violent drunken behavior and Meghan McCain a widely noted scholar recently criticized President Obama for going to Hiroshima and apologizing.

Words matter.

Please show me the words of apology.

They will not because they can not.

But, the national media reports on their statements without asking them for proof.

This President has never been on an apology tour because he has nothing to apologize for. 

He is an example of American exceptionalism.

Could George W Bush claim he had nothing to apologize for?

Friday, May 6, 2016

A Mini Rant About Trump

A really smart friend of mine has said on more than one occasion that he thinks Trump's campaign is really just a front to elect Hillary Clinton. He is not a Hillary supporter.

I have heard this on numerous occasions from a lot of different people.

But, stop and think about it would Donald J. Trump really do anything for anyone else?  Donald J Trump only cares about Donald J Trump (unless you count the sexual comments he has made about his daughter).

Would Donald Trump ruin his reputation to help Hillary Clinton?

 Macy's, NBC and others have dropped him and his products like a hot potato.  He has taken a financial hit as a result of his presidential campaign.

How will he benefit from a Hillary Clinton victory?

I know all the conspiracy theory people out there think that the huge Clinton secret society will take care of Trump's bills and The Cooking Channel will give him a travel show and The Bonton will start selling his ugly ties and his wife will get paid to pose nude again and his Son-in-law's family will pick up the dinner tab once a week.

Trump may have gotten into the race to boost his brand and that did not work for folks like me but it did work for the teabagger set.  They think a privileged rich guy whose companies file for bankruptcy at an alarming pace is a great business leader. They think the guy NBC paid to insult people and pretend that he is giving his money away is ready to lead this great republic.

Monday, May 2, 2016

What did they do in the Bible Belt?

You know how when something bad happens like Super storm Sandy, 9/11 or Katrina the "Christian" right wing nut jobs always say "It is G-D's judgement on the people".

We all know that Pat Robertson is a horses ass. Pat he became a billionaire preaching his demented version of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus would actually throw the first stone when it comes to Pat Robertson.

There have been really horrific storms as as of late in Texas, Oklahoma and throughout the "Bible Belt".

What did these people do to earn G-d's vengeance?

If Super Storm Sandy was because G-d was pissed at the fag loving New Yorkers.

Just Sayin

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Trump & Fox VS Harriet Tubman

I have always enjoyed reading everything John Meacham has written and think his insights on American History are brilliant and thus wasted on the Joe & Mika vanity fest on MSNBC.  I of course could not wait to read his biography of Andrew Jackson.

I could not finish the book.

Not because Mr. Meacham had lost his skill as a writer but because Andrew Jackson was/is so distasteful, so revolting and such an awful human being that I could not read any more.  He was embittered by the death of his wife, he was easily insulted, instead of rising above the petty gossip that ruled after hours Washington DC of his day he played it and took to level never seen before.

His "people's" inauguration trashed the White House. The great general was so afraid of his followers he hid during the celebrations. He was a brutal little man who authorized The Trail of Tears which lead to the further destruction of  the native communities in this nation. One could argue that he perfected the Indian Reservation system that we still see today.  He was racist and pro-slavery.

He was the first man to actually campaign for the Presidency and transformed the process of how Presidential nominees were chosen.  Perhaps this was not a great idea.  Maybe it is, but some elections I think we were better when the elites chose our candidates and not the masses.

Maybe, I am just a snob voter.

For decades local Democratic Parties around the country held Jefferson-Jackson day dinners to honor the "founders" of our party.  Recently there has been some push back because Jefferson was a slave holder and Jackson was such an awful person.  I know Jefferson's flaws and I do not forgive them but I think his role in the founding of this great republic is worth honoring.

 Jackson is almost impossible to defend.

So, I thought it was quite interesting that he was going to either be replaced or moved to the back of the $20 bill and I think he should be removed from our money.

But, a lot of folks disagree.

Some stupid people think the dead white people portrayed on our money have been there since the beginning of our country.  When they are told Andrew Jackson was not on the original money this country used because we did not have a $20 bill in 1789 and he was not President until 1829 - but that just confuses them - Facts are hard to understand for the stupid.

Why do the hosts on Fox News and  Donald Trump oppose Harriet Tubman being honored by being placed on our $20 bill?
A - They are racist
B - They think the underground railway was a socialist idea
C- Someone gay may have found freedom via the underground railway
D - Women do not deserve to be honored in such a way because they played no part in building this nation
E - All the above

They are all about the E

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Throwing Money at Hillary

The Sanders supporters thought they were oh so clever throwing dollar bills at the Hillary Clinton motorcade as it drove up to George Clooney's house for a multi-million dollar fundraiser.  They did it because they assumed the fundraiser was for her campaign.

The amount people paid for that event would have been illegal under current fundraising limits for a Presidential campaign.

So, what was Hillary Clinton doing at George Clooney's house?

She was raising money for the Democratic Party general election efforts.  I am sure her campaign picked up more that a few shekels for her own campaign but the big money went to the fall campaign.

If the non-Democrat Bernie Sanders wins the Democratic Party nomination he will  benefit from the fundraiser held at George Clooney's home.

Will he ask that the money Hillary Clinton has raised for the Democratic Party not be spent to benefit his efforts?

If you say yes you are beyond stupid.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat but you know as well as I do he will be more than happy to let the money Hillary Clinton has raised for the party benefit his November efforts. Is he really that independent? Nothing in his political history tells me he is.

If Bernie Sanders really had any integrity he would have run for President as an Independent as a Democratic Socialist.  But, apparently Bernie Sanders really is just like any other opportunist politician.

So, throw your dollar bills at a limousine "True Liberals"  but really you should question why you are supporting just another expedient politician.

I like Bernie Sanders and I have for 30 years but let us just be honest about him.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Maybe I am

A snob or an elitist

Another local blogger once said that I was the leader of the Snob voters of Bethlehem.  I don't fully remember the context of what he why he thought calling me that was an insult but I think it was because I had high expectations for candidates and office holders.  Or, I only support people who want to do what is best or it's just because I just want my candidates to run campaigns that don't rely on the low road or dumbing down things to attract votes.  Or, it was because I supported candidates he did not.

Tonight a person commented that I should rename this blog "The Neo Petite Bourgeoisie" she did not explain why so I have no idea what she was thinking when she posted it.

Perhaps I am a snob. I guess it depends on ones definition of what a snob is.  So, really whatever.

If someone wants to call me a snob but does not have the guts  to tell me why or even tell me who she really is I can't worry about it.

Not that I would anyway.

More snob opinions to come


The Tale of Two Receipts

I don't know if these are real receipts but the do pretty much sum up the campaigns and supporters of both these two candidates.

Both candidates are appealing to the mirror image of the same people. Middle class white people who are feeling disenfranchised and the idealistic, somewhat naive and a little spoiled young people.  Both candidates represent the extreme of their party's ideology.

I know that Sanders believes in what he is saying even if he can't describe the details of how he is going to get to where he wants to go.

I am certain that Trump only believes in Trump and has not a clue as to what he is talking about.

An actual tip would have been about $9 maybe if this person was really sincere they would have left a 20% tip and then add the $15 on top of it.

This person is either a disgusting asshat or the service was terrible and they just wrote this in a moment of snark.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dear Sec.Clinton & Sen. Sanders

Good Afternoon;

One of you was a First Lady, US. Senator & Secretary of State, the other was a distinguished & innovative Mayor and a widely respected member of the House and now the Senate.

You are both smart, forward thinking and compassionate.  You both care about lifting all portions of the economy, you both support our troops, you are both pro-choice, pro health care and pro including the LGBT community in the full communion of the American dream.

One of you is going to face either Donald Trump or Raphael Cruz in the fall. It is going to take both of you to bring your supporters along in that battle.

So, do me a favor.

Knock it the fuck off.  Stop the bullshit.  Stop the name calling. Stop the "outrage".  Stop asking for "apologies" from each other.  Stop sending your surrogates onto TV to trash talk the other side and then sending someone else out to walk it back with back handed compliments.

Just stop it now!

Go back to battling about ideas and visions and issues.

You are both more qualified the any of the GOP contenders.  You both have better ideas.

Just stop, at long last I am begging you just stop.

You are pissing me off and you DO NOT WANT TO PISS OF Donald C. Flad Jr. It is not pretty and no one ever recovers from it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Your once and future supporter.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Have A Question For Sen. Toomey

Can you name one city in this country that was destroyed by riots since you have been a Senator from Pennsylvania?

In your most recent TV ad you claim you stood up for the police as U.S. Cities were being destroyed by riots.

The standard definition of destroy is "put an end to the existence of (something) by damaging or attacking it

I am pretty attentive to the news and I can't recall any city in this country that was destroyed by riots.

Please tell us all Senator what cities were destroyed?

And, please tell us Senator Toomey who destroyed these cities because I want to organize a retaliation against them.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

I feel bad for Sanders/Trump supporters (sort of)

The Sanders/Trump supporters are true true believers in their candidate.

The best I can say about them is that they are naive.

But, they are ignorant, uniformed and have no idea about how the real America works.

They believe that their man is going to change this country.  They believe that if Bernie or Donald is going to do what they say they are going to do.  They think that if you are elected President will be able to rule this country and accomplish everything you promise the voters.

Do the Bernie/Trump supporters (who look a lot alike) really believe:

  • There will be free college education
  • A wall will be built along the border with Mexico and the Mexican government will pay for it
  • Health care will morph into a Universal plan 
  • We will force manufacturing to return from Asia 
  • Rich people will willingly pay for everything Sanders is proposing
  • We will get tired of Donald Trump leading us to winning
You get my point.

Do the Trump and Sanders supporters really believe that if their guy wins the election that he will be able to accomplish everything he promised? I think they do.  

Note:  The true believing Obama 2008 supporters believed that he would change the world, they believed that he would just say "I want this" and it would be done.  They will deny this but they really wanted to elect a dictator not a President.  And, like Rosario Dawson they turned on him within 60 days.

Politics, government and life is not a perfect experience and we should not expect our candidates to be perfect nor can we expect them to be able to deliver on everything they promise.  Life is about compromise as is politics.  Campaigns are supposed to be about hopes - I have come to understand that it is also about the possible. 

If either Trump or Sanders is elected President there are going to be millions of disappointed people in this country.  They want a dictator and what they are going to get is a President who has to deal with a Congress and a Judicial system that are equally important.

I just wish they would grow up or at least live in the real United States of America.

This may have been a little harsh and I think we need true believers - we need people who dream of a better country.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Please Don't Forget This About Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders is not now and has never been a Democrat.

And, yet he has chosen to run for the Presidency as one.  If he truly believed in his "independent message" he would have run as an independent.

But, he did not did he?

He chose the politically expedient way to run and in the process fooled his often naive and politically immature supporters that he is a Democrat.  He is not.

So many of Sanders' supporters seem to be the same wide eyed true believers who supported candidate Obama in 2008 and turned on him within months after taking office.  We 2008 Clinton supporters are far more supportive of President Obama than many of the original Obama supporters are.

Susan Sarandon says she will vote for Trump in the fall unless the Democrats do not nominate someone who is not a Democrat as our party's nominee.

Rosario Dawson claims the Obama administration is a failure and has been a disappointment since month two.

Hillary Clinton since the beginning of this campaign has also taken the time and effort to raise millions of dollars for the state and local Democratic parties through out the country.  If Sanders is the nominee he will expect all that money be used to support him.

How much has Bernie Sanders raised for the Democratic Party? Nothing, zero, zilch, not one penny.

And, why hasn't Bernie Sanders raised any money for the Democratic Party?

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat

Bernie Sanders will not be our nominee but if he is I will vote for him because he is closer to my views than any of the GOP guys.

I challenge my Sanders supporting friends to vote of Hillary if she is the nominee.

Would you really rather be correct and perfect and thus allow Trump or Cruz become President?  Because those two guys would be so much better moving your issues forward than Hillary Clinton.

Think people think!

Thursday, March 31, 2016


Donald Trump thinks women who have an abortion need to be punished in some way.  Even the anti-choice people critiqued him for this.  Though I think they really agreed with him.  There is video of him from the 90's saying he is pro-choice.

Donald Trump thinks the Geneva Accords are bad. They keep soldiers from really fighting.

Donald Trump says he is going to build a wall across our border with Mexico and he is going to make the people of Mexico pay for it.  Does any serious thoughtful person really think that is going to happen? Apparently Trump voters do but then again have you listened to them?

Donald Trump is upset because nearly naked pictures of his third wife are appearing in anti-Trump ads.  She posed for them, she got paid for posing for them and he married her after she posed for them. I do not understand why he is angry?

Donald Trump denies what he has said even after video is shown of him saying what he has just denied saying and yet he denies it and his supporters believe him even after they see the video or him saying it.

This week I was Twitter trolled by people mocking me for a tweet about Trump saying I did not think he would run.  They attacked me for not being up to date on my facts. - They did not notice that the Tweet was 15 months old.  And, when I informed them of this fact they said they knew it was 15 months old which made mocking me for not being current funny. I asked for further explanation but none of them responded.

There is video of a top Trump aide using physical violence against someone and the person is charged by the state.  Trump denies it happened.  Trump is shown the video and Trump denies what he has been shown.

Trump wants to make it easier to sue journalists for saying negative things about him.

Trump claims his military boarding school was better military training the joining the Army.

Trump whines and complains about the press, the Republican party, Hillary Clinton and so many others are so mean to him. Boo Hoo -  such a pussy Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump is going to be the GOP Nominee for President?

The good news is that between 50% - 60% of all GOP folks are voting against him.

This has been a rough week for Donald Trump  - Who is he going to attack to change the subject and will  the national media allow him to do it?

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hillary Goofed - Move on

A few days ago Hillary Clinton really stepped in when she praised Nancy Reagan for her AIDS efforts.  She was so wrong and so off the mark it was painful.

She apologized effectively; twice.

But that is not good enough for the perfect people out there.

She attempted to say something nice about a peer who had died.  She was trying be kind to one of the few people on the planet who understood what it was like to be First Lady.

She fucked up, she admitted her error and she corrected it.

Isn't that what leaders do?

Move on Hillary haters.  Your outrage is so transparent and so expected it is not interesting nor should it be taken seriously.

Donald Trump would have denied even saying it and when given video evidence that he said it he would still deny he said it.  And, his followers would believe him.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Presidential Campaign Review (And Trump)

This presidential campaign has been painful to watch.  Let's review the candidates.

Ben Carson was/is weird
Carly Fiorina was in over her head and a pathological liar
Lindsey Graham was Lindsey Graham
Little Ricky Santorum reminded everyone why they hated him
Mike Huckabee just seemed too desperate - I actually thought he was going to resort to self immolation to get attention
Jeb Bush seemed like he really didn't want to be there
Marco Rubio bless his heart has no idea about anything and thinks that if he is just a blank slate he can win
John Kasich pretends to be from the sensible center, he really is not but he will govern from the extremes
Ted Cruz believes that G-D has chosen him to lead this country and he actually believes in his talking points
Martin O'Malley (who was my first choice) just could not get any oxygen in the Sanders/Clinton world. He tried to run from the right of Sanders and from the left of Hillary - a place that does not exist
Bernie Sanders is a great guy - I don't think he is running on issues that can be achieved - I wish they could be but he is not in the real world
Hillary Clinton who has the best resume of all the candidates but people just can't warm to her

And, then there is Donald J Trump - the MSM darling (they continue to give him a free pass)
I initially thought with Trump in the race it would be hilarious, I thought he was going to be a few months of bluster and drama and he would announce his latest reality show.
But no; it is Trump who has made this race painful.
In his speeches he says nothing, he rambles from topic to odd topic and insult to insult.
He is thin skinned
He is self absorbed
He really believes in nothing other than Donald J Trump
His opinions on the great issues of the day are not based on research or taking the time to think about them He is all impulse and says what he thinks is going to get the best reaction.
He is for traditional marriage and yet he has been married three times
He is all about using the military at every instance but when this country called him to serve, which it did 5 times he applied for and received 5 deferments (rich kid)
He said he learned more about the military from attending a military styled boarding high school than men who actually served in the military.  Remember the 5 deferments
He claims to be self made but  his father was a millionaire and he took over the company
He says he is a great and successful businessman but the companies that are called Trump have filed for bankruptcy 4 times.
He talks about the working class in very racist terms
At what point in is climb to celebrity status has he ever tried to relate to working people?
How is going to make Mexico pay for that wall?  Go to war? (see 5 deferments)
He is fomenting violence by Islamic extremists
I am convinced that he won't release his tax information because we will find out he is not as rich as he tells us he is. Think about - he earned a large pay check from NBC and convinced them to pay his children as well.
He and his children needed that those paychecks
And, then there are his events.
They started out as raucous and he encouraged it and now they have become violent and he has clearly encouraged it.
Very soon a supporter will shoot off her gun at one of his events but that won't stop him.
A week later a white man will shoot and kill a person of color at a Trump event and then and only then will Trump's campaign come to an end

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Nancy Reagan

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan has died in California at the age of 94. She was both loved and despised during her time in the White House.

The role of First Lady is not mentioned in the Constitution so it is up to the women (and perhaps someday man) whose spouse was elected President to find her own way through his term.  First Lady is a position with great privileges and perks and it also is a position that satisfies few and comes with many sacrifices.

When the President is popular the First Lady is sometime heavily criticized by the people can't touch him. When the President is unpopular she is often used by the White House staff to improve the President's image.  She goes to places that are unworthy of the President's presences.  She is his surrogate at tedious local party fundraisers.  Her clothing, hair, shoes, personal spending habits are critiqued. She takes a trip overseas people bitch and if she does not travel people bitch.  She is expected to take up any number of causes and the moment she does she is hammered for the cause.

But, she is the second most powerful person in the world.  It is she who has the last word before the President goes to bed at night and the first word when the President wakes up.  She is the only person on the planet the President trusts completely.

Those of us on the left have been indignant and outraged by the treatment Roslyn, Hillary and Michelle have received by their husband's opponents.  And, for good reason.

How many of us had empathy for or spoke out against the absolutely vile things that were said about Nancy, Barbara or Laura? 

Nancy Reagan was a great First Lady because she fulfilled the undefined duties of her role with grace, with humor and with great diligence.  She stood with her man who just happened to be President of The United States as they both tried to do what they thought was right for the country. 

I disagreed with President Reagan on almost everything but I never lost respect for his office or his First Lady.

Nancy Reagan has served her nation well.  I hope we are all thanking her today.

The New York Times remembers Nancy Reagan here.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

A Supreme Decision for The President

Today's news has given me the perfect opportunity to re-enter the arena.

First let me express my sympathies to Mr. Justice Scalia's family - he was an important figure during his time on earth.  I disagreed with him on everything but he was a Supreme Court Justice and the nation owes him it's respect and thanks.

It should come to no ones surprise that the GOP leaders are calling on the President to not fulfill his constitutional duties and not nominate a new Supreme Court Justice.

Of course if he does not make an appointment they will criticize him for not doing so.

The President should find the most reasonable and acceptable person he can find.  Someone beloved by the legal community and the media, someone so mainstream that only any idiot would oppose him or her.

And, the Washington GOP will oppose this person because the colored usurper to the oval office nominated this person.

The Washington GOP does not want this nomination because they fear that their opposition to the nominee could destroy their chances for the White House and control of the Senate this November.  They do not want the fight they are compelled by their base to have.

Tom Ridge or Lindsey Graham would be interesting choices that would create havoc for the the GOP.

The President will nominate someone to the Supreme Court as he is required to do by the Constitution of this great republic.

The next move is up to the Washington GOP.  Do they put the nation first or do they succumb to the will of the Teabaggers who hold their leashes?

Thursday, January 7, 2016