Monday, September 30, 2013

Congressman Dent Leading - Glad to See It!

Could this be the act of leadership from Congressman Charles Dent that I have been looking for his entire career?  According to reports and his office our GOP Congressman is urging his colleagues to go along with the Senate and fund the government through a truly clean continuing resolution.

As you know the government is set for a partial shut down at midnight tonight unless a bill makes it through both chambers and is signed by the President.  The Democrats in the Senate will only pass and the President will only sign a free and clear straight forward spending bill.  The House is being held hostage by it's extreme right wing and the Speaker is so weak and powerless that he is unable to lead.

So, into the vacuum steps my Congressman Charlie Dent.  I have not always been kind to Mr. Dent but I do always acknowledge when he does the right thing.

Everyone always says what a great guy Mr. Dent is and how nice he is.  I don't really care if he is nicer than what Pope Francis appears to be what I want and expect from our Congressman is leadership.  Mr. Dent has always seemed to be happy being a back bencher and going along to get along.  My theory is why enter politics unless you are ready, willing and able to lead.  To this date the Congressman has shown little inclination in that direction.  I may not always agree with where Mr. Dent is headed but I just want him to show some guts and stand up for what he thinks is right.

Last week Mr. Dent issued a statement claiming he was from the governing wing of the Republican Party and was opposed to shutting down the government, even as he went along with legislation that would have in the end done just that.  But, I didn't comment about it because I was hoping he would be a man of his word.

I am pleased to see that Congressman Dent is just that; a man of his word and is working to ensure the federal government does not shut down.

Good on you; Congressman Dent

Sunday, September 29, 2013

You Will Find These Interesting

Maureen Dowd  reviews James Bamford's article in Wired about the N.S.A. from the Bluffdale, Utah, the home The NSA's new $2 billion, one million square-foot data center.

Prince Charles becomes the oldest heir to the throne.

The National Aquarium  is set to close today as a result of lack of funding.  The aquarium which is only 10,000 sq feet in size and resides in the basement of the Herbert Hoover Building.  It was founded during the administration of President U.S. Grant and recently went through a $2 million face lift will close it's doors and try to transfer it's permanent guests to other locations.

The Allentown Art Museum opens an exhibit of American Wildlife Art.  These priceless animal themed works of art will be on display until December 29th.

The GOP's war on women  continues as they add limits to contraception coverage to the spending bill. So much for their claim that it is a clean bill.  They lie and we continue to allow them to do it by not getting more and more outraged.

The New York Times editorial board is outraged and disgusted with House Republicans.

New York City Opera - The Sad Song Continues

On Sept. 8th I posted about the financial  difficulties that have befallen The New York City Opera.

Despite a well publicized Kickstarter campaign it appears the opera company is going to fall well short of the $1 million they set as a goal for the month of September if they were to have any chance of surviving the 2013 - 2014 season.

New York City's second largest opera company is expected to file for bankruptcy  this week after only receiving less than $250,000 in pledges.  The innovative opera company says they have raised $1.5 million outside of Kickstarter but that is not nearly enough.

If the 70 year old City Opera fails it will leave New York City with only one opera company, something thought unthinkable only a few years ago.


Cristiano Ronoldo Is A Nice Guy

You may remember earlier this summer when soccer superstar  Cristianio Ronaldo was playing in an all star match in Miami when a young man ran on to the field and gave him a rather warm embrace and whispered something into his ear.  Ronaldo was graceful and unflappable, he calmed the young man down and gently escorted him off the field to the waiting arms of the police.

The young Albanian is in this country on a student visa has been charged with trespass and disorderly conduct, if he is convicted his student visa will be revoked and he will be expelled from college and sent packing back to Albania.

The Real Madrid superstar has learned of the young super fans predicament and has written a letter to the Miami Dade District Attorney asking for lenience for the young man so his future is not jeopardized by a foolish act.
"It is my understanding that he now recognises his error and the importance of security. I do not want to see him face criminal penalties for his error." 
"However, I respectfully request that you and your office reconsider this decision and dismiss the two criminal charges this young man faces."

So not only is the great Ronaldo one of the best futbol players on the planet, impossibly handsome and a notorious playboy he is generous & compassionate.  


Oh and Cristiano is launching his own line of underwear.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

New Jersey A Step Closer to Marriage Equality

Is Pennsylvania going to be the last holdout in the Northeast?

Yesterday a New Jersey Superior Court judge ruled that marriage inequality was not legal in the state.  The judge used the recent Supreme Court  as the basis for her decision.  This is not the final word on this matter the case is likely to be appealed to the Court of Appeals and then to the New Jersey Supreme Court.  But, New Jersey is clearly on it's way to recognizing marriage equality.

Well Done You!  Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson

 Many New Jersey court watchers believe that Superior Courts Judge's ruling overturning the states inadequate Civil Union law in favor of marriage equality will be upheld on appeal. The states obnoxious and popular Governor vetoed legislation earlier this year allowing same sex marriage and the legislature has until January to over ride it. So, it appears New Jersey will join the rest of the Northeastern states in supporting a more perfect union.

Which leaves my home state as the last hold out.

C'mon Pennsylvania you can do this.  Remember you are the state that claims to be the birth place of this great democracy and you are the home of the first and only (reportedly) gay President.

Please Pennsylvania don't let Alabama do this before you do!

A similar ruling was just issued  by a judge in Illinois.


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lynne Cheney & Hubris Perfect Together

The haughty and superior Grande Dame Lynne Cheney has "unloaded" on former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson for not supporting her precious spawn or the Senate.

The hubris of the Cheney family has no boundries. 

Apparently the only thing that matters to this awful family is loyalty.  Not to party, not to state, not to country, the only loyality that matters is to The Cheney Family and to The Cheney Family alone.

The quirky, honest and patriotic former Wyoming Senator and current national statesmen and big thinker has had the audacity to not support despicable Liz but instead has decided to remain loyal to both his party and his conscience and is supporting incumbent Senator Mike Enzi.

How dare the respected and dare I say beloved Alan Simpson not support a carpet bagger over a life time and dedicated Wyoming citizen when said carpet bagger is Liz Cheney? 

How is it possible that the painfully honest former Senator not support a woman who beleives her own sister does not deserve full citizenship in this country when that women is the daughter of Dick & Lynne Cheney?

Imagine that.  Imagine anyone in Wyoming not just bowing down and giving up their freedom to vote for whomever he or she thinks would best represent them in Washington when Dick & Lynne Cheney's souless daughter has decided that she is the one to represent them.

The sense of entitlement the Cheney family feels has no limits.

And it is undeserved.

Not Much GOP Love For Ted Cruz

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker is critical of Ted Cruz .

Could this be the beginning of the end of Ted Cruz?  Demagogues have come and gone in American politics but they don't usually have public critics within their own party this soon into their fame arch.  Joe McCarthy lasted a few more years than this.

With Senators Bob Corker, Tom Coburn, John McCain and even Lindsey Graham coming out against Cruz's antics could his influence already be waning?  Even the loathsome Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has decided to stand up to Cruz.

McConnell has a teabagger opponent in the primary next year even though throughout the Obama Presidency he has lurched further and further to the racist right in order to avoid a primary fight.  Since this has failed he has decided to be a statesman and has refused to support Teddy C and his wackjob supporters attempt to bring this nations government to its knees.

When Ted Cruz gets blamed for the government shutdown and then blamed for the default a few weeks later how much longer will his words matter?  How much time after these event occur will he become more irrelevant than Sarah Palin & Michelle Bachman?

But, he will always have the support of the racist tea baggers and perhaps that and his government salary for the next four years will keep he and his family from starving.

Ted Cruz too much for Peter King

Just watched Republican New York Congressman Peter King on Hardball call out Ted Cruz as a grandstanding blow hard.

If Ted Cruz's grandstanding bullshit is too much for someone like Rep. Peter King then you know it is really bad.

Since Rep. Peter King is in the Grandstanding Blow Hard Hall Of Fame.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hillary, Bill, Barack & Chelsea VS Ted Cruz

Compare and contrast these

Hillary Clinton throws down the gauntlet and dared the Republican to shut down the government.  You may recall that Mrs. Clinton was First Lady the first time the Republicans pulled this stunt and you may also recall the disaster that befell the Party Nixon built shortly thereafter.

“This president is not going to agree to defund health care,” she said. “If they want to shut the government down, that is on their head.”

Two Presidents and A Secretary of State  and Chelsea Clinton took the stage at the Clinton Foundation annual meeting.  Chelsea and her mother set the tone and introduced the two Presidents as they set about discussing the Affordable Care Act.

President Barack Obama, right, with former President Bill Clinton, left, speaks at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

And then there is

Ted Cruz who has taken to the Senate floor to speak and speak and speak.  He promised to filibuster the continuing resolution legislation unfortunately the bill has not reached the stage where a filibuster could take effect.  I wonder if this ignorant little Joe McCarthy wannabe realizes that all of his babble is for naught. Because this endless tirade and nonsense talk will not count in the history books as a filibuster.  For a guy who went to Harvard Law he does not seem to have a grasp on either reality or the facts.
This image from Senate video show Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, speaking on the Senate floor at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013. Cruz says he will speak until he's no longer able to stand in opposition to President Barack Obama's health care law. Cruz began a lengthy speech urging his colleagues to oppose moving ahead on a bill he supports. The measure would prevent a government shutdown and defund Obamacare. (AP Photo/Senate TV)

The imagery is striking on one side you have A Secretary of State Former Senator & First Lady, her husband a former President and global political titan and the current President of the United States and on the other side TED CRUZ.

Todd Hughes First Openly Gay Federal Judge

By a vote of 98 - 0 the Senate confirmed the first openly gay person to a federal judgeship.  Todd Hughes will now sit on the U.S. Court of Appeals for The Federal Circuit.

I am surprised that there was not only no opposition but no drama around this nomination.  No real protests, no histrionics, no filibustering, no Ted Cruz idiocy and no people praying and weeping in the gallery.

Congratulations to Judge Ted Hughes.


Monday, September 23, 2013

Sarah Palin & Ted Cruz Are....

The past, present and future of the Republican party...............

They both talk for the sake of talking.
They both think "If the black President favors it I have to oppose it"
They have an opinion on everything - even if they don't fully understand the issue
They do not seem to think about things they just react
They back up their opinions with no facts
They say things just to get headlines
They have no real experience and yet they think they have all the answers
They don't try to really understand an issue they just have strong opinions
They are negative - being positive is Un-American to them
They are publicity whores
That is really all that matters

Senator Gregg is Frustrated

Former NH GOP Senator Judd Gregg has said that the GOP is being ignored and that Republicans should be ignored . Senator Gregg is by no means a centrist or moderate but he is part of the governing wing of the Republican party.  A wing that has so few members they could have their annual conference in my dinning room.

He thinks the national Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people, is devoid of good ideas and since it only offers obstruction to the "Obama" agenda and not alternatives it deserves to be ignored by the American voters.

"Most Americans do not seek purity; they seek answers to the everyday problems they confront. They expect their government to be of assistance in addressing those problems, not to aggravate them through artificial and self-inflicted economic mismanagement, such as having a default crisis that could easily be avoided. "

"If the Republican Party ignores this concern and constantly speaks to an ever-narrower segment of the population, it is not going to be viable for long, no matter how vocal that small band of people may be."

Unfortunately for Sen. Gregg he will be roundly criticized by the likes of the often married junky with a radio show and loved by the stars of MSNBC which means his days as an influence in the Republican party are over.

#note to sensible Republicans if you want to have a conference in my dinning room I will give you great deal on catering.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Merkel Wins & Bangladesh is unwilling to change

There is a lot anger out there because the government of Bangladesh has refused to decriminalize homosexuality .  The law is a relic from British rule and the current government is not ready to enter modernity.

I guess I won't be vacationing in Bangladesh this year.
Despite all the pre-election reporting of a close but certain re-election of German Chancellor Angela Merkel it appear her center right party is coasting to a huge victory .

Merkel's party has captured 41.5% of seats which is a bit short of the absolute majority. She must now form a coalition with some the smaller parties and she is likely to accomplish with ease.  This is the largest victory for an incumbent party since the post unification election.

Colorado Floods and The Homosexuals!

It was just a matter of time before a GOP leaning conservative went ahead and blames The Gays, pot and legal abortions for the flooding in Colorado.

But, I wonder if the eminent scholar Mr. Swanson is mistaken and maybe it was the gun lobby's successful recall of two Colorado Senators last week that pissed off G-D enough to cause the flooding.

I wonder if big Kevin ever thought of that?

Crackpots come and go.

Friday, September 20, 2013

We Should all Care About the Future of Versace

A friend once told me that "At Christmas The wives get Armani and the mistresses get Versace"

Is this the end of the House of Versace ? Or just further proof that the once great fashion house has been in decline since the murder of its namesake.

The house that Gianni built is looking for minority investors in order to assist "with global expansion."  Which means they need some money if they are going to continue.

Versace no longer has the cache it once did and perhaps it does need an injection of excitement.

I am available.

Bloomberg Thought Hillary Was Worthy to Succeed Him

This is not really news story  Democrats endorsing a Democrat is not news. Bill and Hillary Clinton this week have endorsed Bill De Blasio for Mayor of New York City.

The most interesting part of this NYT article is the fact that Mike Bloomberg begged Hillary to run for Mayor because none of the declared candidates were worthy to be his successor.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is Putin Afraid of Selena Gomez?

Uber macho Russian President Vladimir Putin is afraid of Selena Gomez.  She was scheduled to perform next month in St. Petersburg and in Moscow.  The government has denied her a travel visa because they are afraid she will publicly criticize the anti-gay laws in Russia.

If Selena Gomez is more of a bad ass than Vladimir Putin, imagine how scared he is of Taylor Swift!

Elton John is still planning to perform in Moscow later this year but then what would one expect from the whore who performed at Rush Limbaugh's fourth wedding.


il Papa Francisco - A Pope for the People?

This Pope is is sort of kind of awesome .  I am not sure what to make of all this.  I am not a Catholic so I really do not have a dog in this hunt but I am fascinated by the workings of the Mother Church.

During the recent Papal primaries and eventual run off I sat around the lunch room explaining how the whole process works to a table full of of Catholics.  But, then I can tell you the royal succession line in Great Britain.  I am my own little version of "Rain Man"...... But, I digress.

Since Francis became Francis he has done some pretty remarkable things. Some traditionalists would say very un-Pope like.  He seems to be striving to be unlike any of his predecessor less Prince of the Church and more Leader of the People.  On the night of his election he did not ride to dinner in his private limo he rode on the bus with the guys who just elevated him to the throne of St. Peter.  He has decided not live in the palatial Papal apartments but in the area with the other prelates who work in the Vatican.  Granted he is not living in a sparse monks cell but he is not living like Brooke Astor either.  He eats his meals with the boys in black as well.

Pope Francis spoke out against homophobia by basically saying "who am I to judge?"  The reaction from New York's Cardinal claiming it did not matter what the Pope said he was going to judge anyway was disappointing but interesting in itself a change in the way the Vatican works.  The Cardinal did not toe the line in this case in a bad way but he was not summoned to the bosses office.

Now His Holiness says the church has been too obsessed with the gays and abortion and these obsessions are getting in the way of his mission to make the church "as a home for all."  Do I think women, married or out loud & proud priests are on the way?  No.  Do I think the church is going to soften it's approach to abortion or it's treatment of women in general? No on abortion but perhaps slowly with it's treatment of women.

Hopefully this Pope will be around long enough to enact real change and reform to this great institution.

Boehner - Extremists Matter More Than Country

John Boehner has proven to be the worst and weakest House Speaker by capitulating to this . Like many Republicans he has decided that power trumps governing, truth, justice and the American way.

Speaker Boehner has agreed to support Teabaggers in their efforts to allow a government shutdown rather than fund The Affordable Health Care Act.

John Boehner has decided keeping his office is more important than anything else. Historians will write that he has been one of the weakest and least effective Speakers in history but apparently that does not matter to Mr. Boehner.

He has coveted this role for such a long time and he will do anything and everything he can to keep it. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the second in line to the Presidency has decided that the extremists in his party are more important than his country.

There can be no worse political humiliation than being tossed out as Speaker by your own party (ask Newt) and if John Boehner does not bow to the extremists he is in danger of that happening. So, instead of doing what is right for the country Speaker Boehner is falling in line with the people who gave him the Speakership because being Speaker means more to Boehner than anything else.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Politely Asking to Not Commit Mass Murder

Howard Schultz, Chairman of Starbucks announced that  guns will no longer be welcome inside or at the outside seating of the coffee house.  Mr. Schultz has not banned guns he has just asked politely that people not bring them into his stores.

Perhaps gun control advocates having been going about this issue all wrong.

Maybe if we just ask politely for people to not walk into movie theaters, classrooms, military bases and houses of worship with guns and start slaughtering people they just won't.

That way everybody is happy.  Psychotics like Wayne La Pierre will no longer look like lunatics on television and liberals can continue to be polite and care about making the world a better place.

Since the existing gun laws don't seem to be working let's just not try to improve them and just politely ask people not to commit mass murder.

Sounds like an effective plan to me.

Whose with me on this one?


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

De Blasio Up by 43 Points

Could New York Democratic mayoral nominee Bill De Blasio be the one to return the Democrats to Gracie Mansion ?   The primary is over, finally.  And, now Mr. De Blasio can focus on November.

According to the most recent poll De Blasio has a 65% - 22%  lead over Republican and Giuliani backed Joseph Lhota.

The poll finds that 27% of Republicans have an unfavorable opinion of Mr. Lhota.  In a city that is 6-1 Democratic the Republican nominee can ill afford to not capture every Republican vote.

Maybe Mr. Lhota is suffering because of his close association with Rudy (9-11) Giuliani - 51% of those polled said Mr. Giuliani's support makes them less likely to vote for Mr. Lhota.

This is an early poll and polls usually do tighten but a 43 point spread is a lot of ground to make up.


President of Brazil Cancels US Visit

A consequence of  of Edward Snowden's leaking.

The President of Brasil has postponed her official state visit to the United States as a result of the disclosure that the NSA was spying on Brazilian officials.

The NSA was doing what it was mandated to do by Congress.

Remember a few weeks ago when our President stood up to Putin and cancelled a summit with the Russian leader. Remember when President Obama decided to not reward Putin's bad behavior with a summit meeting.  As I recall most of us thought it was a good idea.

What is the message of President Rousseff state visit cancellation?  She is punishing the American President for the actions of one of this nation's spy agencies

Are her actions justified?

 Does her snub diminish Obama's standing in the world?

Edward Snowden has decided that he and he alone knows what is best for this country and he has decided that spying is bad.

We do  not know the long term or total damage to American foreign policy. And, it will be many years before we know the full impact of Edward Snowden's actions

Edward Snowden Nominated for Human Rights Prize

American NSA secerts leaker, Edward Snowden has been nominated by Green Party members of the European Parliament for the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought, Europe's top human rights award.

The $65,000 prize has previously been awarded to likes of Nelson Mandela and Aung Saan Suu Kyi.

 Is Edward Snowden on that level of greatness?

Nelson Mandela spent much of his adult life in jail, Suu Kyi has been in and out of jail and or house arrest for most her adult life.  They stood up to the forces of evil in their country and they paid a Heavy price.  They stayed in their country and  fought for their people.

 Edward Snowden fled first to China and now is living in Russia.

Does his fleeing the country diminish his actions? Perhaps it doesn't but it hardly puts him in the same category as Nelson Mandala.

The list of all the nominees.  I am on Team Malala for this prize


Monday, September 16, 2013

Throwing Firecrackers At the White House

And, then there is this jackass.
White House Firecrackers

Not that any day is a good day to throw firecrackers over the fence of the White House but with what was going on about 4 miles away today was a really bad day to do it.

I can't wait to learn what inspired him.

Another Mass Killing...It all feels so hopeless.

Another mass murdering rampage this time at a Navy Base.  How many times does this have to happen before this nation's leader will compelled to do something to end this madness?

Our soldiers were slaughtered on their base Texas, our babies were slaughtered in their first grade classroom in Connecticut, young couples were slaughtered while watching Batman in Colorado, our teenagers were slaughtered while changing classes also in Colorado, our college students were slaughtered on campus in Virginia and now our sailors were slaughtered in our nations capital.

And, our elected representatives in Congress will do nothing about it.  They are so afraid of a psychotic madman name Wayne La Pierre and they are more concerned about re-election then they are about our safety.

How many more people need to get slaughtered?

What is my Congressman Charlie Dent going to do about this?  Nothing, nothing at all.

At least my extreme right wing Senator Pat Toomey tried do something last year.

It all feels so hopeless.

How Can Anyone Hate Miss America? But, some do.....

So many people really are just stupid.  

Some of the comments about the new Miss American are just disgusting.  The show a lack of understanding of geography, religion and anything else that does not support the notion of white superiority. If the comments were not so mean some of them would be funny.
Miss New York Nina Davuluri performs a Bollywood fusion dance Sunday night. Critics said the ethnic dance was inappropriate for Miss America — Miss Universe, maybe.

Of course some of the most awful came from a Fox News commentator.

Congratulations to Nina Davuluri - I hope you have an enjoyable and positive reign as Miss America.  Don't let the the idiots get to you most of your fellow Americans are pretty decent people.
The 24-year-old from Fayetteville says she has always viewed herself as ‘first and foremost American.’


Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Sigal Museum in Easton

If you get a chance this week visit The Sigal Museum  in downtown Easton.  The 9-11 memorial flag is currently on display.  It will only be there through the September 20th.  I was invited to installation and have been trying to get back down to see it again.  It is breathtaking and heart breaking at the same time.
911 Memorial Flag

It is 22' by 32' and represents all of those who lives were lost on September 11, 2001 attacks.

In fact you should just visit the Sigal Museum.
 Sigal Museum cropped

The museum tells the history of Northampton County in a very clever and honest way.  It does not varnish over the fact that people who lived here before the Europeans were forcibly removed from their lands. It tells the story of the two cities, the small boroughs and the rural townships.  It showcases the industry and the agricultural, the arts and the leisure, the extraordinary and the ordinary of this historic county.  It celebrates the contributions the people of Northampton County have made to this country from it's founding right through to today.

I have had the opportunity (through my job) to support some of the programs and exhibits the museum has presented and I still find something new that I did not notice before as I walk through it's permanent collections.

Take a trip to lovely downtown Easton and spend some time at the Sigal it will be time well spent.  When done go across the street grab a cup of coffee from Terra Cafe stroll around downtown, visit the many shops and stop in for a cocktail or more at Mesa.

The Sigal is operated by Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Louie & Ted & Something I Made Up

The Congressman representing the best and the brightest of all of Texas aka Louie the Dumb  Gohmert has proposed that the executive branch be defunded.

Hot damn this man is a genius.

Could it be the bloom is off the rose as far as the "he who channels Joseph McCarthy" aka Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

Iowa Republicans are having a bit a of a time selling tickets to a dinner where the nastiest Senator is going to be the guest speaker.  Just this week they began to offer a 25% discount.

They are also having a deep discount on sweater vests.  Perhaps the man on dog logo is not as popular with voters as Little Ricky Santorum promised.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Joan Walsh Challenges Politico...And Wins

She who should not be crossed;  Joan Walsh takes apart  a Politico piece about the results of the New York City Democratic Primary and specifically the author's observations about apparent nominee Bill de Blasio.

For those of us who can't get enough about this years fascinating race for Mayor of the Capitol of The World this is an interesting read.

Joan Walsh has always responded positively to my tweets and comments to her and she personally got involved when I was having a problem trying to become a supporter of Salon.  Not that I'm bragging or claiming a friendship because I know if I ever cross Ms. Walsh I know what to expect.  And, she'll no doubt be right.


The Dodgers Welcome the Gays

The LA Dodgers are so gay!

Well, I am not sure about that but at least the team management is pretty gay friendly. The venerable LA Dodgers will be hosting it's first LGBT night.

Highlights of the evening will be a celebrity first pitch (they did not announce who that will be) the LA Gay Men's Chorus will sing the national anthem and the game will wrap up with a big and bold fireworks display.

Well Done You!  LA Dodgers.

She is Known for Her Shoes

She is a fashion trend setter, the woman all designers want to dress for the red carpet and a great Democrat.

She is an award winning actress, movie/TV producer, a wife, a mother and the woman I want to have a "girl drink" with above all others

Today Sarah Jessica Parker launched SJP a line of shoes sold exclusively at Nordstrom

What?  Did you really think she would lower herself and offer her line to the company that sells Donald Trump shirts and ties?

I think not.


Medical Examiner Makes Stunning Trayvon Claim

This is a stunning development if it is true.

The medical examiner  in charge of the autopsy is now claiming that he reported that Trayvon was shot from behind and was not on top of George Zimmerman.

Dr. Shiping Bao is claiming in his wrongful firing lawsuit that he was forced to not disclose all his evidence, the prosecution did not ask him the right questions because they knew it would convict Zimmerman and that they went for murder instead of manslaughter because they knew it would not result in a conviction.

Hopefully the Justice Department will pay attention to this lawsuit.


Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Marriage Proposal

This marriage proposal  may be a tad over the top but it still made me cry.

And, it happened in Salt Lake City.


An Old Guy Gives Advice for Life

Some advice for life from an old guy who has been up and down and somewhere in between

  1. No good deed goes unpunished
  2. Fuck them if they can't take a joke
  3. Do not change for anyone  - only change for yourself - Unless they pay you a shit load of money 
  4. Stop and take a breath
  5. Do not get angry about things that really do not matter 
  6. So much is Bullshit - just learn to relax 
  7. Do not take politicians seriously - even the ones you agree with are full of shit 
  8. Whatever! 
  9. OK...Its OK.... Where's the beer?
  10. Be yourself and if they don't like it - Fuck em! - They are too stupid to worry about 
  11. Love is so much more important than hate and it does not give you a headache or heartburn 
What do you think?  What are your suggestions? 

Tony Perkins & Hate Speech....Yawn

Hate Group leader Tony Perkins today called for a boycott of Betty Crocker because the company donated wedding cakes to 3 same sex couples after marriage equality became legal in Minnesota.

These people keep getting more and more awful and seem more and more out of touch with the culture around them.

And, yet they don't believe in evolution

Missouri's Governor Stands Firm and Wins (So do the people)

In a quite stunning upset the excellent Governor of Missouri vetoes of some really fiscally damaging bills were sustained by the GOP controlled legislature which was supposed to be veto proof .

Gov. Jay Nixon has been a stellar moderate Democratic Governor and he is not afraid to take a stand on behalf of his states people against and onslaught of Teabagger inspired legislation supported by GOP majority in the legislature.

Learn more about Governor Jay Nixon here.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Coming Implosion in Alaska

Alaska's Republicans appear ready to implode during next years Senate primary.

Pity that.

The race is shaping up to be two more main stream Republicans and the loser the nominated last time, who went on to be defeated by a write in candidate.  A very formidable write in candidate but still people had to take the time to actually write in the name Lisa Murkowski.

The Republicans have no chance to retake the Senate without a win in Alaska.

Sarah Palin has been making noises about running but we all no she will not run because she is a quitter, lazy and  being a Senator will not pay her enough money.


Jim Lehrer Coming to Broadway

Well, maybe not quite yet.

A new play by TV news icon Jim Lehrer is opening a little off Broadway at the National Geographic Society in Washington DC.  It is a one man play about Alexander Graham Bell. Pretty exiting subject matter.

Mr. Lehrer has written 4 plays in the past as well as 21 novels. This is his first play in four years.

I read his novel "A Special Prisoner" while on vacation in Hawaii a number of years ago.  I could not put it down.

Jim Lehrer is a fascinating man and in a time when people choose to be specialists there are so few people interested in everything they way Jim Lehrer is.

I hope he is not the end of an era but I suspect he is.


Of Course the Soldier did the Right Thing!

I hate the show "What Would You Do", it is just too contrived and for every great thing it shows about human nature it shows many more images of human failings.

I am also disappointed but not surprised that the reporter seems surprised by this soldiers response. She seem surprised that the soldier would do the right thing.

Well Done You! Soldier.


The Primary was not about Redemption & Corey Johnson Wins!

Disgraced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's race for redemption fell a little bit short.  In the end all of his money could not convince the voters that this race was about the future of New York and not him.

I wonder if Silda had campaigned with Eliot the way Huma campaigned with Anthony if it would have made a diference?

The winner Scott Stringer seems like a very capable fellow and will no doubt do well by the people of the Capital of The World but he just won't be as interesting to watch.

Maybe next time Eliot.

At least you didn't embarrass yourself further like that chronic flasher who was running for Mayor.

Speaking of which

In the slugfest that was the Democratic mayoral primary Bill De Blasio has come in first place but it is still uncertain if he will have received the necessary 40% of the vote to avoid a runoff with 2nd place finisher and previous Democratic mayoral nominee Bill Thompson.

I would like to meet some of the 35,000 people who voted for Anthony Weiner and have them explain to me with so many qualified and decent candidates in the race why they chose to stick with him.

The smart and adorable Corey Johnson has won Democratic Nomination for the City Council seat currently held by Council President and former mayoral front runner Christine Quinn.  You may remember Mr. Johnson first came to our attention when as the captain of his high school football team he came out to his team.  His teammates supported him and kept him as their captain.

You may be asking yourself  "Why is he so obsessed with NYC politics when he doesn't live there?"

Because that is just who I am.

I remember in college one of my professors caught me pouring over the endorsements for city council in the Village Voice.  He asked if I thought I needed a therapist and that he would give me the name of his if I thought my interest in politics had moved to the point of compulsion.

And, New York City politics is just so interesting, it is only 65 miles away (we are pretty much a NYC Suburb at this point), it is the most important city on the planet.