Thursday, February 4, 2010

Baptists Stealing Children

I just finished watching Anderson Cooper's story on these Baptist folks from Idaho who went to Haiti to "take care of and find homes for children" this is a compelling story that gets darker and more disturbing by the minute.

When the story was first reported these people were portrayed and naive people of good will just trying to find homes for orphan children. Now it turns out that everything these people have told the media are lies. The do not have a school set up in the Dominican Republic it is a 45 room motel, they do not have non profit standing and most of the kids they had in their possession were not orphans. Now CNN is reporting that the leader Laura Sibly has a record of not paying her bills, lost her home & business and does not plan things well in her life.

Why did these people think they could just fly down and pick up spare children? On whose authority? They claim in interviews that they were doing God's work and that God spoke to them to do this. Really, God took the time out of of his/her busy schedule to approve of their illegal snatching of children from their homes and taking them across international borders to an undisclosed future. Were these children going to be sold on the black market to other well meaning Baptist families in Idaho or were they going to be sold for other reasons? Clearly given Laura's financial problems they were going to be sold.

Why do these fundamental white people think the have the right to do what ever they want? Do they really think by blaming God for everything people would just give them a pass? Just because they think they are the only ones heading into to heaven they think they are above the temporal laws of this world.

I hope the the State Department does not get involved in this case, these people deserve to have the full extent of both the Haitian and American laws thrown at them, if for no other reason then the shear hubris of their actions. Hubris by the way is a very unchristian behavior yet it has been a very common one through out the millennium.

God's will indeed.

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