Monday, May 17, 2010

Sestak - The Real Democrat

The Sestak campaign has been providing voters with something they call The Democratic Scorecard, it is a list of ratings by various organizations that are essential to understand the Democratic base. These organizations provide the volunteers and the money that Democratic candidates depend on. These ratings don’t always hold sway with me but in this case they are an indication of who is the Real Democrat in the race for the Senate. These ratings are based on the voting histories of the two candidates on the issues that are important to the organizations. Specter comments are mine.

For what it is worth:

Voted With Dems during Bush Years
Sestak 97%
Specter 23% / Voted with GOP 85% during career

AFL-CIO - lifetime
Sestak 97%
Specter 61% (Not bad for Republican)

AFSCME – lifetime
Sestak 100%
Specter 54% (Most progressive of Unions)

IBEW – lifetime
Sestak 100%
Specter 65% (Ditto AFL-CIO)

League of Women Voters – 2007
Sestak 100%
Specter 44%

National Education Assoc
Sestak 100%
Specter 56%

Disabled American Veterans
Sestak 100%
Specter 61%

NAACP – 2007-2008
Sestak 100%
Specter 76% - Not sure why this is so low – he does have a strong civil rights record

League of Conservation Voters – lifetime
Sestak 95%
Specter 45%

Alliance for Retired Americans - lifetime
Sestak 95%
Specter 39% (guess he figured he would never retire)

ACLU – 2007-2008
Sestak 91%
Specter 43%

NOW – current term
Sestak 100%
Specter 48%

Americans for Democratic Action – 2007
Sestak 95%
Specter 60% (surprised it is this high)

Environment America – 2008
Sestak 100%
Specter 60% (Wonder why they like him more than the Conservation voters)

NARAL – current term
Sestak 100%
Specter 67.5% (guess he is not pro-choice enough)

Humane Society – 2008
Sestak 100%
Specter 50% (I heard he kicks puppies when he is angry)

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund – 2009
Sestak 100%
Specter 50% (Must hate Bambi)

Human Rights Campaign – 2007-2008
Sestak 95%
Specter 70% (Pretty good Gaydar for a Republican in his 70’s)

Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence – lifetime
Sestak 100%
Specter 10% (I bet if he did not represent PA and were a true Democrat his score would be higher)

Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America
Sestak A+
Specter B+

I wonder how I would fair with these ratings; I am liberal who is opposed to many campaign finance limits, I think people do have the right to bear arms; I am pro-business and think unions are sometimes out of step with the 21st century economic realities.

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