Sunday, May 22, 2011

It's My Life - I Was Robbed

During my White House Internship I lived in a dorm on the American University campus. I had never really been away from home for an extended period of time so I was a tad naïve. After my daily late afternoon 1 hour run (I did not measure miles I just always ran for an hour) I sat in my room discussing the evening dinner (drinking) plans with the older guy across the hall. After making plans I took a shower. Walking out of the shower room I saw a commotion at the end of the hall where my room was.

I came back to my room and saw that my wallet was empty and thrown on the floor. Clearly someone had robbed me. The only person it could have been was the guy I had just made dinner plans with. Dressed only in my towel all 121lbs of me raged across the hall and demanded my money back. He said I was only accusing him because he was black. No, I was accusing him because he was the only other person on the floor and he was just bitching about how broke he was before my shower. Push came to shove, my towel fell off and he was on the floor. I picked up the cash and told him that the first round was on me and just because I was half his size did not mean I could not and would not kick his ass if he tried to rob me again and if he needed some cash he just had to ask.

I grabbed my towel went back to my room locked the door, crawled under my bed and cried.


  1. I hope your tears were for the pathetic other person. You were braver than I could have imagined myself in the situation.

  2. It's good you were able to confront your robber. I could not as I was asleep. On a train. In Italy...going from Bologna to Brindisi.

  3. No they were tears of terror - He was much bigger and much older and much tougher - but at that moment I decided if I did not confront him he would rob me for the rest of the summer. But the thought of my scrawny self standing there naked being all bad ass...Oy what was I thinking?