Thursday, January 7, 2016

I am thinking about posting again.

What would you like to discuss?


  1. There is so much to choose from including several areas in which you have much knowledge and have written well about in the past but for me the release of Jim Gregory in Feb. will be an event which will have great ramifications in the future of Bethlehem and NorCo politics. Also Jim has developed his spirituality via Bible study and has talked of forming an interfaith ministry mainly because he has spent a lot of time working with the Muslim inmates at SCI Pitts, bridging the gap between them and white supremacists.

    Jim is no spring chicken, for him to be of maximum service to the community it is vital he is given a platform from which to launch his resurgence as a friend of 30+ years I hope you will consider aiding him in his missions of social and political change. O'Hare made a mockery of him and will undoubtedly continue along that vein when he is released and starts up his endeavors, if those who care don't rally around him there may not be a phoenix like resurgence which we so badly need.

    Maybe an interview documenting his inmate experience would be a good starting point, his story needs to be told.

    1. Thanks Tony
      Jim and I met and became reformer allies in the early 80's I have had almost no contact with Jim since the mid 90's but we when ever we saw each other it was friendly.
      I am not sure I want to return to blogging by helping him tell his story, I think this is something he needs to do on his own. I wish him well

  2. How about a top ten list of hunkiest conservatives? To this uber liberal bi-curious political junkie they are the forbidden fruit. My top 5...
    5. Aaron Shock
    4. Rick Perry
    3. Bill O'Reilly
    2. Benny Johnson
    1. Paul Ryan

    Your top 5 would be nice Donald!

  3. Larry
    I don't know who Benny Johnson is. Bill O'Reilly is not attractive at all - even if he was a liberal I would not touch him with your dick. Rick Perry is sort of handsome but I can't get past how dumb he is. Paul Ryan is attractive in an older Eddie Munster kind of way and well Aaron Shock is just delish but probably a jerk. I really can't think of any others except maybe John Thune.