Sunday, September 17, 2017

Hey Hey Ho Ho Sal Panto Wants The Days Inn to go

My old friend and current excellent Mayor of Easton Sal Panto has made no secret he wants this hotel to not only be closed but torn down and ripped from the memories of Easton's citizens.

The Days Inn sits on what could be argued one the most important intersections in the city.  At the bottom of the South Side and the Eastern beginning of Downtown.  It does need to go. This shabby place has not been a place for tourists, business travelers or local events for quite a long time.  Back in its early days (I don't remember what chain it represented then) it was a really modern, well run and a place where you were happy to recommend to out of town guests.

Back in the day I attended many weddings, anniversary parties, campaign and charity fundraisers at the hotel.  Cocktails by the indoor pool (sometimes it was a little steamy) and then dinner in the main ballroom. The bar was dark & woody and good place for political deal making and quiet conversations before, during and certainly after the event.

Candidates used it for kick off events and election night parties.  State wide and national candidates used to visit it for fund raisers. It attracted crowds unwilling to drive "all the way to Bethlehem" for events at the far more elegant Historic Hotel Bethlehem.  Plus, Easton is the capital of Northampton County so it was a logical site for politicians of both parties.

The final use of the land has yet to be decided but regardless it appears Mayor Panto is going to take the first ceremonial sledge hammer to this shabby eyesore in early January. Sal does look pretty dapper in a hard hat.

Easton does need a hotel somewhere in it's downtown area.  It needs it for Lafayette parents & alumni, business travelers and tourists.  Easton does have some very good event spaces but somehow attending / hosting an event at The Hilton Downtown Easton has a certain panache to it.

What do you think?


  1. Um, this is all related to DaVinci. Panto has wasted taxpayer resources to build a giant fish tank in a flood plain. That is why he purchased it. There is no way that a city should take a $5 million property off the rolls for that purpose. It is fiscally irresponsible.

    1. One guilty of moral turpitude cannot be the arbiter of judgement.

    2. Prove it!
      When was he convicted of that?

    3. I know what it is related to Bernie
      That property has become an eyesore and criminal haven
      Let's see what the final plans are in relation to the flood plane

  2. Back when Sal ran the Deli on Cattell he would hook me up with big logs of capicola and hot saucy meat bawls that made my mouth water like squirting co-ed.

    Sal is a good man with a big heart the whole online anon scandal was much ado about nothing it is standard operating procedure for pols to use multiple aliases in order to further their agendas.

    Love the blog Donnie two scoops!