Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Chicest Person On The Planet

''The chicest man on the planet today is the new president of Afghanistan, whose look is very elegant and very proud,'' So said American fashion/style guru Tom Ford in January, 2002 about Afghan President Hamid Karzai.

At the time all the worlds hope rested in the stylish shoulders of Mr. Karzai and I for one hoped that I could have pulled off one of his hats. Well, Mr. Karzai's star has faded both politically and now even his look is getting a little tired. I wonder who the elegant Mr. Ford would pick this year?

Since I have not come across any new comments from the stylish Houston native, I am going to make my choice for the chicest person on the planet. Most fashion/style icons either come from the worlds runways or the worlds film business. My choice is not Cate Blanchett nor George Clooney nor the fabulous Mrs. Tom Brady (Giselle). No smart readers the chicest person on the planet last year comes from Washington DC by way of Chicago. No, not him - her.

First Lady Michelle Obama is quickly becoming a fashion and life style icon. What she wore on inauguration day was far and away the hottest First Lady look since Jackie. Every time Michelle goes out in public she looks completely pulled together yet comfortable, she looks natural & simple but always sophisticated and tasteful. When she is planting in the garden she looks looks ready to work but not sloppy, when she is talking to school children she looks approachable but not like a school librarian. And, those arms. When have we had a First Lady that so many women want to dress like? Many women can dress like her because she wears so much off the rack clothing that any woman can buy in any mall in American. With that piece of arm candy she is frequently photographed with she has become the total American style package. Michelle Obamas main rival in the hot First Lady competition is a former super model / pop star and our First Lady came out on top when they last met. Viva Michelle!

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