Friday, January 29, 2010

Let The Music Play

I recently attended a meeting at a local hotel and on the way out I picked up a copy of USA Today it is not a paper I normally would pay to read but a freebie is OK. Every week the paper list the Airplay Charts as compiled by Mediabase. A review of the most played music in the land. So let me put on my Ryan Seacrest too tight shirt, my Kasey Kasem hair and my Dick Clark face lift and review the top 20 of the top 40 singles. Here is my take on some of them

# 1 Bad Romance by Lady GaGa - I love this song as I have loved the rest of her songs. She could well become the next Madonna. The best is apparently she can really sing. The video is a feast for the eyes. Thank god my adderall allows me to focus through it's many vignettes

#2 Tik Tok by Ke$ha - Just her name should let one know she may be a one hit wonder but what a one hit. This stupid song is really catchy and easy to sing along with and who among us would not wanted to be that person she portrays in the video

#3 Replay by Lyaz - I am sure I have heard this but for the life of me I can't bring to mind so apparently it sucks.

#4 Sexy Chick by David Guetta & Akon -Guetta is the hottest DJ on the planet and everyone but Kate Bush & David Byrne is on this CD. This song is about a stupid horndogs reaction to a really hot girl in the hood. Akon wants to call her a whore but the record producers need to get airplay for this dance floor classic so it needs to get it airplay so they muzzle that word out. A call for misogynist rapper and his Euro trash fuck buddy is on line one.

#5 New York State of Mind by Jay Zee & Alicia Keys - I don't get Jay Zee and I am pretty sure it is not because I am a 50 year old white guy either. He has a crap voice and his lyrics say nothing, mean nothing and do not add anything to the culture. This gem is saved by Alicia Keys - trust me it would get no airplay without her. Comparing himself to Sinatra and being responsible for the success of New York sport teams, Please. His biggest hit is his marriage.

#6 Whatcha Say by Jason Derulo - Toe tapping, boy band drivel

#7 FireFlies by Owl City - This is really an insipid song about being an insomniac. If this can be a hit than this blog should win the Nobel next year.

#8 Do You Remember by Jay Sean - My only opinion of Mr. Sean is that he should never ever be seen in public with his shirt on. I know a few gay porn directors who would pay top dollar to put Jay Sean above the title

#9 3 by Britney Spears - The girl has great producers that crank out one hit after another. Who knew that whispering into a microphone could be so successful. Oh wait, Janet Jackson was a hit before Brit Brit

#10 Two is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls - Whimpy song by a group with a really lame name - do you think any of the members are worried about people questioning their sexuality?

#11 According to You by Orianthal - I have no idea - not sure I have heard this

#12 Hard by Rihanna & Jeezy - She is not getting better she is getting over exposed

#13 Fifteen by Taylor Swift - This child has a gift. Her Haiti performance was stunning and she will be around for a very long time. She will peak a few times before she enters the stratosphere that is owned by Dolly and Reba

#14 Down by Jay Sean and Lil Wayne - The first few moments of the extended play video are a shirtless wonderland and Lil Wayne is clearly a whore

#15 Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson - This child can do no wrong in my eyes. Not my favorite song of hers but she is great.

#16 Sweet Dreams by Beyonnce - Hot song, and the hottest child alive, watch the video

#17 Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas - This album has legs and will be a dance classic but the genius parts do not always add up to greatness - but I really love Fergie and Will I AM as people and artists. Not to mention that without the skanky white girl 457 people would have bought their CDs

#18 Telephone by Lady GaGa - see #1

#19 Paparazzi by Lady GaGa - see #1 and this video is a feast for the eyes

#20 Evacuate the Dance Floor by Cascada - More Euro Trash dance greatness

Not everything has to be about poliics and or the state of the nation

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