Friday, April 30, 2010

Choosing Religion

The other day we were checking on the status of Tangerine, the latest addition to the downtown Bethlehem shopping scene. The store is going to be a great addition to downtown. If you loved Comfort & Joy you are going to really love Tangerine. The store is located in the Bethlehem Commons on the main floor. They are not quite ready for prime time but they should be in a week or two.

While there I picked up a fun little book called The Savvy Convert’s Guide to Choosing a Religion. The book gives one page synopsis of ninety-nine different faiths. At first I thought this was going to be fun and light reading. After all, how can you summarize a religion on one paperback sized page but I am really getting an education here. The authors give the reader the perks and drawbacks for each religion and gives a cost / time analysis of each one. The book is published by But, don’t order it online visit Randi at Tangerine and add it to your rest of your purchases.

I did not buy this book because I am in the market for a religion I bought because it looked fun, little did I know I was going to get and education from it. To help the reader decide if he or she is content with their current religion or need to find a new one the authors have included a survey. Let’s take it together.

Answer Yes or No to each question.

Do you ever fantasize about other religions?

Has your current religion stopped meeting your spiritual needs?

Do you question the leadership of your current religion?

Do you believe your current religion’s dogma?

Do you feel your current religion has strayed from its own core beliefs?

At services, do you feel like you’re just going through the motions?

When you read your current religion’s sacred texts, do you fall asleep?

Do you dislike most of the other followers of your current religion, or feel you have nothing in common with them?

Do you ever tire of explaining your religion to outsiders?

Does your current religion no longer fit your lifestyle?

Do you need to get directions to your current religions closest house of worship?

Is your current religion no longer convenient?

Is your current religion no longer in business?

Have you married outside your current religion?

Do your current religion’s restrictions – wardrobe, diet, sex –interfere with your lifestyle?

Have an of your current religions leaders been convicted of a felony?

Have you sunk your life saving into your current religion?

Do you suspect members of your current religion would attempt to prevent you from leaving if they knew you were planning to do so?

EVALUATING YOUR ANSWERS: Count the number of “yes” responses and proceed as follows:
1-5 - Wait for inspiration, but keep an open mind.
6-10 – Time to start browsing.
11-15 – Go forth and shop.
16-20 – Leave immediately, whether or not you have a new religion destination.

I will post my results by Monday. Please let me know your results.

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  1. I will definitely stick to my current religion and this is a big reason:

    See the article in my blog ( It contains a formal logical proof, based on scientific premises, that proves the existence of an Intelligent and Perfect Creator of this universe (i.e. the Prime Cause of this universe (the cause of Big Bang)); and it also proves that His instructions are found in Torah, and that His purpose of humankind is for us to practise those Instructions in Torah.

    Anders Branderud