Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hey Hey Ho Ho Arlen Specter Has Got To Go

A year ago I was really looking forward to the 2010 elections because this was going to be the year we Pennsylvanians were going to be rid of Arlen Specter once and for all. If the GOP mainstream did not rid us of him the Democrats were going to nominate someone who would finally send this old hack packing.

But no!

Our Governor (who I really like) and our great Vice President (Arlen’s good friend) had to get involved. Normally I am very supportive of Ed Rendell and Joe Biden because I think they are the two smartest Democrats in the country but they really let me down with their decision to bring Arlen out of the darkness and into the light.

Specter has always appealed to Democrats and Independents because of his strategic voting record. He is a centrist for 5 years of his term but to ensure he fights back the extreme (mainstream) opposition in the primary he votes like Jesse Helms during his final year. I often agree with Specter’s votes but in the end the man has no moral or political core beliefs. Before every vote he sticks his finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. I suspect he polls his bowel movements.

Arlen Specter is a man who knew that voting to impeach President Clinton was wrong but he chose to explain his “neutral” vote by claiming some precedent in Scottish law. It made no sense then and it really only showed that he had no moral center. We all knew he thought impeachment was not right but he tried to appease both sides by his ridiculous attempt to abstain. But, then again this is the man who came up with the single bullet theory for the Warren Commission. And, the sleaziest of them all Little Ricky Santorum has come forward with a claim that Arlen said that he would support who ever President Bush nominated to the Supreme Court if Santorum and Bush would support him. This is really hard for me to write but I think Rick Santorum is telling the truth.

We have a chance this year to get it right. We have a chance this year to elect someone to the Senate that will represent us, someone we will be proud to call Senator. That someone is not Arlen Specter. I want to be able to say next January that my junior Senator is Joe Sestak.
Come on Pennsylvania Democrats we really have a chance to elect one of us. Do not allow Arlen Specter to carry our banner into the general election. Be proud of who we are, be proud of our heritage nominate Joe Sestak. Remember in 2008 Arlen Specter crisscrossed this great commonwealth telling us that Sarah Palin would be a great Vice President and now he wants us to make him our nominee for Senate.

This is an anti-incumbent year. Who would you rather replace Arlen Specter with Joe Sestak or Pat Toomey?

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