Friday, July 23, 2010

Won't Waste Mr. Walsh's Plea

"At long last sir have you..." Oh never mind, I am not going to dignify this whole sordid affair by using that classic plea for decency.

This has been a disgusting few days.
  1. A less than trustworthy blogger (ass) publishes a video that shows black people are racist. Wow that's really big news. Some whites are racist, some blacks are racists, some Jews are racists, some Muslims are racist, some Catholics are racist, some politicians are racist, some parents are racist and they produce racist children. This is not news but the once Pox picks up a story the MSM has to pick it up in order to prove they are not trying to fellate Barack Obama.
  2. Every talking head on all networks (though it seems less so on CNN) goes crazy calling for the firing of the black racist as seen on (ass's)video. Everyone speaking knows that (ass) is a suspicious source but common sense be damned. If Pox is going crazy the MSM has to go crazy to because they don't want to be accused by Pox of trying to fellate Barack Obama.
  3. The Sec. of Agriculture decides to fire the black racist seen in the video because one of his assistance told him that a crazy man with a history of substance abuse was going to come out and talk about this black racist.
  4. An elderly white farmer comes out in support of the black racist. It turns out the black racist saved his family farm. The black racist hits the airwaves and asks people to watch the entire 43 minutes of the video not just the 2+ minutes (ass), Pox and now the MSM have been showing every 30 seconds.
  5. A producer (not a reporter) decides that viewing the entire video may be an act of journalism and discovers that the black racist is not a racist, though she is still black.
  6. Oh the hand wringing.
  7. The big story is the President and his administration over reacted and should not have fired the erstwhile black racist.
  8. My reaction is WHAT THE FUCK is going on here?
  9. All the media- left, right, center, print, on-line, TV, radio are talking about this and yet no one, not a single person is talking about the sleazy person who created this issue and tried to ruin the reputation of the honest and hard working woman. All the media is ignoring the fact that they fanned the flames of this fake story and created an environment that caused the formerly black racist to lose her job and worse yet her reputation.
  10. No one but Anderson Cooper.

This entire event is a disgrace to everyone involved except the formerly racist black woman and Anderson Cooper's tight black tee shirt.


  1. Donald .. first and foremostsir , its great to see you back in the blogosphere.

    You can add the name .. Rachel Maddow to that of Mr Cooper's for she too has addressed the full background into this sorry saga in a positive manner.


  2. That's true TBD Maddow was also all over this and deserves great credit. But, Anderson's anger was so obvious and so real. He inpired me to write this post. Glad to be back.


  3. What I find most alarming about the Shirley Sharrod affair is that the Administration has not come clean at all as to the fact that POTUS & Sec'y of Agriculture were in fact actively made aware from the very beginning about what was developing moment to moment hour to hour day to day at the evil hands of Fox News & its pimp; & it's a sorry state of affairs that the Administration has not told the full truth & has not made full disclosure to & full confesson of its sins to the country & to Shirley Sharrod, as well, One could without exaggerating conclude this to have been a political terrorists' attack!