Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Break Does Not Mean I Was Broken

I have a big urge right now to just run away and lose myself somewhere, a big city preferably. I am not sure what the root of this need is but when I figure it I may decide to share it. Or not.

So instead I took a break from blogging both reading and writing. Another reason I stopped was because I was beginning to bore myself with what I was writing. How many times can I point out the absurdity of many politicians especially on the right? How often can I defend the President? I was beginning to get redundant, so I took a break.

During the break I did not read any of the blogs that I really enjoy and the only columnist I read was Maureen Dowd, I cannot imagine a time that I would not crave her every thought. So, no Frank Rich, no Charles M. Blow, no Joan Walsh, no Bernie O’Hare, no Lehigh Valley with Love, no excitement from Penny @ Vineyard Road and I regret to say I even stopped reading my good friend Hillary Kwiatek over at Lehigh Valley Independent. It’s not that Maureen Dowd is more important than anyone else; it’s just that we have a long history together.

It’s not that I had nothing to say, anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I have a lot to say. I think I was finally in an information overload state. Who knew? I never in a million years thought that would happen to me but it did. I tried writing something erotic but I was told it was boring.

As Cher said in Moonstruck “Snap out of it”, I need to buck up, be a man and start writing again. I am going to try to not write as much about politics and more about life. I am not sure what that means but there has to more than politics. I will still write about current events but I hope I will be able to move beyond the politics and explore the root cause of my opinion of the current event. I will of course still offer solutions to everything. My friend Silagh told me the other night that one of the things she likes about me is my moral certainty and that I am very clear about what I believe to be right and wrong. So, I am going to expand this project to bring my moral clarity to a wider variety of topics.

Suggestions are always welcome and of course polite feedback is encouraged.

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  1. Any time you would like to get lost in the big city... I am ... most certainly... willing to be your companion! ;-)

    Welcome back to the blogosphere, my dear Donald!