Wednesday, August 25, 2010

They Won't Say It - I Just Did

They hate him because he is black.

They cannot abide the fact that the President of the United States is not white.

They hate that the face of America is no longer Caucasian.

For almost 2 years now the punditry has tap danced around this topic but few have actually come out and said it.

The right wing hatred of Barack Obama is purely and simply based on the color of his skin.

The vast majority of the chattering class can’t or will not say it. I just did.

· Two years ago they bashed him for attending a Christian Church where someone they considered to be a radical Black preacher was the senior minister. I have met Rev. Wright and I have heard him preach. He is by no stretch of the imagination a radical. Yes, he may have been angry when he preached those infamous sermons but he is hardly a radical. I am a member of the United Church of Christ and by and large we may be a very progressive lot but radical is a stretch.

· The same people who accused Barack Obama of attending a radical Christian church now accuse him of being a Muslim. These idiots might try to have it both ways but I am not about to let them. He can’t be a Christian in 2008 and a Muslim in 2010. If he converted I think someone would have noticed.

· They say he was not born in the United States and therefore should not be allowed to serve as our President. We all know this is bullshit and they know this is bullshit but this is one way that they can delegitimize this colored President.

· But none of them actually come out and say it but we all know they hate him because he black.

· They a call him a Marxist, communist, socialist, fascist and a Nazi often in single steam of thought. You and I know that it is not true but it is also not possible. So do they but what the hell they are talking about a black guy and they are really good at playing to people’s fears. Yes Newt I am talking about you.

· They compared his wife to a gorilla, but they meant nothing racist by that, they were just talking about her fit arms.

· They sold campaign pins that read “If Obama wins can we still call it the White House” and said it was just a joke. I got the joke it just was not funny.

· They said his policies favor black people at the expense of white people. Prove it. They can’t.

· They were critical of his appointment of the Black Attorney General. After all we can’t have too many non whites in position of power can we?

· Then he nominated that uppity Puerto Rican woman to their Supreme Court.

· They hate this black President so much they have had nothing but high praise for Hillary Rodham Clinton. So we all know that if they are nice to Hillary they must really hate him.

· I have thousands of examples but you get my point.

The more mainstream conservatives are just winking and nodding about the issue. These uptight very white eunuchs know better but they are willing to do anything to get back into power. They clearly are morally bankrupt and only care about power. They are willing to sell their souls to the racist devil. When the devil comes to collect they will all be taken straight to hell and then we have the world to ourselves and oh! What a great place it will be.


  1. Donald, Although there certainly are bigoted conservatives, you're painting with a rather broad brush when you claim that ALL right wing "hatred" of Obama is based purely on race. That's ridiculous.

    A few years ago, Condi Rice was being portrayed by liberals pundits as Aunt Jemima. It would be just as ridiculous to claim, therefore, that ALL liberal criticism of her is necessarily racist.

  2. I am only referring to the hard core haters I never said all conservatives say these things. But where are the true conservatives saying they don't agree? I am not hearing those voices, are you hearing them? I never said all conservatives are racists.

    I am also Critical of the more Liberal MSM for not calling a spade a spade (so to speak).

    I did not have this forum when Condi was in office but I would have and continue to come to her defense but I have yet to hear any conservative voices speaking the truth to this hate.

    Sorry it took so long to respond - I get so few responses I almost give up sometimes and don't check that often