Friday, February 11, 2011

Still Waiting For Leadership

If anyone sees Congressman Charlie Dent will you please ask him when he is going to introduce a piece of legislation that will create jobs. He told us in the last election that job creation was his priority.

When will Charlie Dent lead?


  1. When asking abou jobs, you might want to ask about the health care replacement bill that was also top priority.

    The Rs passed a health care repel in the House that failed in the Senate, so the replacement bill should be next. Besides they might want to be ready because it looks bad for health care in the courts.

  2. Well the house passed it knowing full well it would go no further - Grandstanding before substance. Again, where is the job focus?

    The GOP picked those to courts because they were confident they would get a favorable ruling - but the ruling were more narrow then they were hoping for. 2 other federal judges in other districts upheld the bill as is - so it is no doubt up to the Supremes.

    Thanks so much for commenting