Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Leading Republicans Criticize The President

I am not one who subscribes to the belief that a President cannot be criticized during a time crisis but Republicans do or they believed it during the Bush administration. It appears they do not believe it when there is a Democrat in the White House or at least some of their superstars don’t. To be fair most of the congressional leadership has stood with the President as our nation finds the best way to respond, assist, and manage the current turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East.

Sarah Palin has used her vast knowledge of world affairs, her extensive experience on the global stage and her years of studying the history of the region to form her well thought out criticism of the President’s handling of the events. Well, actually all she knows is that if the President says something she is supposed to criticize him. She does this in deep and thought provoking Tweets and Facebook postings and in responses to the hard hitting questions from her fellow employees of Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes. I think Sister Sarah is about to hit the wall with the American people. She looked really bad in the days and weeks after the Tucson shootings and made herself look uniformed with her response to what is happening in Egypt. Pity.

TV superstar Glenn Beck has completely gone off the rails. He now admits that President Obama may be a Christian albeit an odd version of a Christian (this from a man who converted to the Mormon version of Christianity as an adult). Beck also claims that the President is an Islamist sympathizer and is working with both President Bush’s and others on the left to form a Caliphate that will allow Islam world domination. How much do you think Liberals like me have in common with the radical Islamsts let alone George W. Bush? Mr. Beck’s eccentric behavior as of late is a direct result of the fact that fewer and fewer people are buying into his way of thinking, his ratings are dropping and he is clearly desperate for attention. I fully expect Glenn Beck to use the ancient art of Self Immolation as a last gasp attempt to get/keep everyone’s attention.

Failed TV star but radio superstar Rush Limbaugh or as I like to call him The Drug Addicted, Oft Married Radio Top Talker is another one of the GOP leaders willing to ignore the fact that he questioned the patriotism of any Democrat or Liberal who criticized George Bush in Iraq or Afghanistan. I truly believe that Rush just says stuff to keep his ratings up. Above all else Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. Though even Rush has gone a bit to the extreme lately but he’s Rush so whatever.

Sean Hannity is an even lighter weight than Sarah Palin, she at least entered the arena and ran for office and tried her hand at public service. Sean has done nothing but spout predictable opinions. Whenever I watch or listen to Sean Hannity I know exactly what he is going to say before he even says it.

Newt Gingrich is a very smart man and his opinions were often very well thought out and based on the history and or facts as he understood them. Note, I said were. Since Barack Obama was elected President he has become increasingly shrill and he seems to be in an intellectual footrace with Anne Coulter to say the most ridiculous and outrageous thing in order to get higher speakers fees and sell more books. Seeing this new Newt actually makes me a little sad, I mean he was Speaker of the House. Maybe a personal life led in hypocrisy has had an impact on his ability to think clearly.

Michelle Bachman………. I just can’t go there, sorry.

If Hillary Clinton, Bill Richardson or Joe Biden were President I wonder if these leaders of the intellectual wing of the Republican Party would be as critical.

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