Monday, July 25, 2011

Spend a Little of Your On-Line Time With These Folks

Update on some of the blogs that I read;

Lehigh Valley Independent has gone away and it's a good thing. The chief creative officer of that blog realized he was doing all the work so he closed it and began Same genius, same clarity and same thought provoking commentary but now Jon will get all the credit he deserves.

Tightly Wound Mom of Twins and Todd Dietrich are participating in the 90 posts in 90 days adventure. I said I would participate as well. I lasted 5 days. What does that say about me?

Life of M. R. Sack This guy is the son I never had but no doubt would have deserved. Mike is a smart young man recovering his life and he has invited us along this difficult but essential journey.

There was a time when many of our conversations would start like this.

Me "What the fuck were you thinking? Oh now wait you weren't thinking were you. You never fucking do"
Mike "umm hi Dad"

Our conversations are much more interesting now and we both talk and we both listen. Thanks Son.

Joan Walsh - From time to time this smart, witty and wonderful journalist engages in a Twitter conversation with me. Joan is a leading opinion maker her appearances on MSNBC are always spot on in their clarity and forthrightness. And, she reads this little blog. Ask my guy about my reaction when Ms. Walsh contacts me. (Hint: 13 year old girl sees Justin Bieber in the mall)

Martin on Main - Quickly becoming the little jewel of the summer festival season. Visit the web site but more importantly attend the event. I will see you there. (some volunteer opportunity are available)

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Don. Certainly an honor to be listed with other, better writers.

    Good to see Jon moving to a new site. While he always has informed opinions, his views are far from what I would call "independent" in a political sense. Moving to his own site will keep people from criticizing him of trying to be something he's not and will allow them to appreciate the research and quality writing for what it is.