Sunday, October 30, 2011

I Have Been Thinking

This and That

Understand sarcasm.

Embrace sarcasm.

Be sarcastic.

Have a sense of humor – there is a lot of stuff out there that we can laugh at.

Do not take yourself so serious – no one else does.

Sometimes it is OK to just say… “OK I can live with that”.

Stupidity should be painful.

Being wealthy and or successful is not wrong nor is it a crime.

If you abuse your position as a wealthy and or successful person it is wrong and should be a crime.

George Clooney, Cher, Jennifer Lopez, Christian Bale, Tyler Florence are stars – Rob Kardashian is a pampered rich kid and according to popular media a noted douche bag he is not a star.

Barack Obama rid the world of Osama Bin Laden, Kaddafi, Al-Alawki , nurtures the Arab spring and is ending the Iraq war. And the GOP thinks these are flaws?

We need more commentary from Joan Walsh and less commentary from Pat Buchannan.

If the media is so liberal why does Fox News control the agenda?

Rick Santorum is not a serious person.

Charlie Dent is really not an effective legislator: During the last congressional session he introduced a bill to strip the citizenship of the 2nd most hated person in America; Anwar Al-Alawki. He could not get it to pass. The President took care of the issue for us and now Rep. Dent can go about doing what he does best…..”Be a nice guy”

I have more respect for Pat Toomey than I do Charlie Dent. I doubt that I can find anything that Sen. Toomey and I agree on but at least he stands for something.

There is nothing wrong with being a moderate. But, have core set of beliefs and do not moderate away from them.

If you do not vote in every single election you should not ever discuss issues of public policy with me. I don’t care what you think if you can’t take the time and effort to understand the issues and why voting is more than just a right it is an obligation.

Ron Paul used to be Ron Paul – now he is corrupted by the media.

The Senate of the United States is not a democratic institution.

More to follow

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