Saturday, December 3, 2011

Whats Goin On

I have posted about bullying in the past. I think the “It Gets Better Campaign” sends a great message. The key to this campaign’s success is that these kids have got to be able to hang in there a few more years before they see any improvement in their lives. Life does and will get better but you have to be alive in order to see it happen.

I have attached a YouTube posting from a young man named Jonah. His life to be blunt has been shit. This video has gone viral and thousands of people have seen it. What happens when someone from his school sees it? Will the school administrators support and protect him? Will the adults in the community be there to ensure he is able to make it to and from school safely? Are there some students who will step up and say enough?

Please follow this link- “Whats goin on”

For more information about how we all can help:

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  1. That youtube video went viral. The young man has now fostered alot of celebrity support it seems this perticular person is going to be fine now with all the support he needs.