Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Penn State: A Fresh Start

The Penn State Board of Trustees invites an old friend  back home to take of the Presidency of the great University.

At first glance Eric Barron seems like a perfect fit. He is coming from Florida State where when he was just taking office there was in the middle of a football inspired melt down.  He calmed the waters and united the University.  He also enhanced Florida States reputation as a research institution, something he does not have to do at PSU.

According to new reports he appreciates the role big time sports plays in the life of a place like Penn State but is also not willing to sacrifice academics for football.

With a new football coach who stresses the importance of academics and a president who understands that varsity sports is an integral part of a big land grant university like Penn State.

Here's hoping these two new hires usher in a new and improved era for my beloved Alma Mater!


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