Monday, February 10, 2014

About Me: 30 Years

Just after a pretty sad Christmas I decided to make a change. 

I needed leave... I was going to finish college and then move to DC and never look back except for holidays.

I gave my employers 7 months notice and I turned down the Mondale campaign which offered me a job to go to New Hampshire to organize for them.  

I was sticking to my plans - work for 7 months and save so I could take out smaller loans and pay off credit cards.  I was going to get my BA/BS and move away.

During a dinner break I was walking through the mall with the reasons for my sad Christmas - We were trying to stay friends and as we walked past the quirky card and gift shop I noticed someone. I said I am going in and look around and I would catch up with them (yes, not only did one break my heart with the other but we were once pals and we all worked together) in a few minutes.

He was fine, built like a G-d and a butt (in leather pants).  I never had a "Type" I had dated (slept with) pretty much every type of guy but I had yet to check a black guy off my must do list.  

So I went in and was determined to find out right away if he was playing for my team.  I asked about a brand of greeting cards that if he knew about them would let me know.  He knew.  I walked around a bit trying to give him a good look at my assets. I think I bought some birthday cards and moved on.  Caught up to the heart breakers.  On the way back to work I looked in to the card shop and he saw me and smiled.

Now what do I do?

Two day later I went to the local gay dance club as I often did on a Thursday night and after walking around for awhile I saw him...and it looked like he was with somebody or was he - it was hard to tell.  He saw me and smiled so I walked over to him and asked him if he was with that guy and he said no.

So I asked him to dance and we did for quite awhile.  I asked again if he and his little pal were together because they were clearly intimate but he assured me that they were not together anymore.

I stood there - looked at him - looked at the guy - looked back at him and said "Good cuz you are taking me home with you tonight".  

I am a firm believer in having sex as soon as possible.  Why continue a relationship if you do not click in bed or on the couch or on the kitchen floor or in the back of the car or well you get it.  

If the sex is bad then why bother .

He asked me out on a date.  Then the next day he called to postpone the date.  

Of course he would.  

He really was still with that guy.  

But, his voice his voice was golden. 

 He said he did not feel well so instead of going to dinner and movie on Friday could we go on Saturday.

I met him at his apartment and we went out to dinner and saw a showing of Vertigo.  At the end of the movie he asked if I wanted to go dancing.  So we did.  As we walked around the place all of the sudden I grabbed his hand and we walked around holding hands. And, except when we were dancing we held hands all night.

He drove back to his place and he did not even ask if I was coming in it was just assumed I would.  

I did.

And,  I never left.

That Saturday night was 2/11/84 - These 30 years have really just flown by - sometimes it feels like just a few years ago.

It took a little bit of time (though not a lot)  before one of us said "I love you."  I said it first but telling that story will have to come with a NSFW warning

I did go back to school and got my degree- he came and rescued me every other weekend.

But, instead of going to DC - I came home to be with him.