Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Saying!


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  2. I just deleted the comment - I know that Bernie does not like me and I don't care but I will not allow a hateful comment about anyone even a guy who hates me

  3. Dr. Michael Savage's education background:

    Queens College (B.S. Biology)
    University of Hawaii at Mānoa (M.A. Anthropology,
    M.S. Ethnobotany)
    University of California, Berkeley
    (Ph.D. Nutritional Ethnomedicine)

  4. And.... That proves what? You are just another coward hiding behind a fake name - pathetic just pathetic how weak you conservatives are - weak and cowardly

  5. I can't use my real name because if the 9-12 leadership knew I was reading and commenting in your depraved world of liberal insanity they would blow a gasket and have me excommunicated.

    Oh and the information I provided was to illustrate that there are in fact conservatives who hold substantial academic credentials, Dr. Savage is a great thinker and it's amazing he has managed to keep his sanity while living in San Fransicko for the past 40 years.

    I'd like to be an "out" Tea Party member but then all the closet cases will lobby me for down low favors in their man caves.

    1. Bottom line is that you are a coward.

      Having impressive academic credentials does not mean Savage is a great thinker