Friday, May 6, 2016

A Mini Rant About Trump

A really smart friend of mine has said on more than one occasion that he thinks Trump's campaign is really just a front to elect Hillary Clinton. He is not a Hillary supporter.

I have heard this on numerous occasions from a lot of different people.

But, stop and think about it would Donald J. Trump really do anything for anyone else?  Donald J Trump only cares about Donald J Trump (unless you count the sexual comments he has made about his daughter).

Would Donald Trump ruin his reputation to help Hillary Clinton?

 Macy's, NBC and others have dropped him and his products like a hot potato.  He has taken a financial hit as a result of his presidential campaign.

How will he benefit from a Hillary Clinton victory?

I know all the conspiracy theory people out there think that the huge Clinton secret society will take care of Trump's bills and The Cooking Channel will give him a travel show and The Bonton will start selling his ugly ties and his wife will get paid to pose nude again and his Son-in-law's family will pick up the dinner tab once a week.

Trump may have gotten into the race to boost his brand and that did not work for folks like me but it did work for the teabagger set.  They think a privileged rich guy whose companies file for bankruptcy at an alarming pace is a great business leader. They think the guy NBC paid to insult people and pretend that he is giving his money away is ready to lead this great republic.


  1. I think Donald Trump is going to make America great again so he has my vote. Used to be a fellow could get a lanscrapin gig in this town but nowadays they only hire hispanics, the wall will mean more jobs for citizens not lawbreaking transients.

    Trump is also well connected, he has lots of politicos on his rolodex who owe him favors and want to be on his tv show this translates into dealmaking which he excels at. Bad deals have been the norm for our military guarding the japs, saudis, and supplying the jews over in Israel. time for them to pay up, or we cut back all quite simple in fact Donald i think the main reason you trash Trump is your a partisan hack, name one Republican you voted for in your really long life?

  2. Racist,xenophobic,ageist and more - clearly you are a Trump supporter. You think he will be able to build the wall and then force another country to pay for it. Give me a break.

    You do know that the TV show was not his - it is owned, produced and paid for by NBC - he only received a pay check. Do you really think it was really his show, his money? Wow - you really do not live in the real world do you?

    I have in fact voted for John Heinz twice, Barbara Hafer twice and Ken Smith.

    Oh and "Your a partisan hack" should be "You're a partisan hack" How someone could not know the difference is mind blowing. What is a lanscrapin? deal making is two words

    1. Since you can't really rebut the substance of my post and resort to grammatical corrections then I will chalk round one up as a win for me.

      The wall is going to be 20 billion tops, if the swarthy cactus humpers won't pay for it then the cost will be taken care of via increases in the payments made by countries like Japan to defend them. Keeping out 1 million + illegals will have a lot of savings in the form of less entitlement payments being made to criminals.

      And if over the course of a 4 decade voting history you've only voted for an R five times it maybe YOU'RE basically a straight ticket voter.

      Hillary is a lesbian, a closeted lesbian should not make a flamboyantly gay man proud as president. Pant suits and that type of hairdo scream muff diving expeditions, she always wanted to be in this position something unthinkable for a lesbian when she was starting out. Donald Trump has a strong LGBT network, his interior designer is gay, his hairdresser is gay and so is his Butler in Miralago.

      It saddens me that a talented righter such as yourself would continue to bash Trump just as an act of defiance toward the Republican Party, perhaps you should attend one of his rallies to gain some much needed perspective.

    2. I just reread your comment and there was no substance to reply to. And, everything you write in this post is frivolous and silly. I can't tell if you are trying to be funny - and thank you for saying I am a talented righter except that it is writer.
      Since there vast # of illegal aliens who arrive here via airplanes from Asia and Europe should President Trump build a wall around international airports in this country?

    3. Part2

      As to the straight party ticket voter accusation. I find so few national or state Republicans who I can agree with. What am I supposed to do vote for a Republican just to say I split my ticket? That would be voting against mine and nations interest. Find me a Republican who is close to my views. Can you suggest 5?

  3. I agree that Trump didn't run undercover to help Hillary .I did think at first he was going to give her a decent margin of victory because he would scare enough of the independents . What I didn't realize was that the Democrats had this much fracturing going on and the younger voters seem to hate on Clinton as much as the right does.I also underestimated Trumps appeal .You are wrong if you think its the tea bags who are his main support. Those people were behind Cruz, who is a Libertarian with a bible and an unwillingness to work with anyone .Trumps base comes from a little bit of everywhere. His appeal is that he tells the established media (who likes or trusts them anymore?) to kiss his ass , he tells the people that shit isn't right, but he has a vision and the balls to get it done. Substance you might ask? You would be jesting I hope. Almost all of my life I watched this circus , and on the occasion I have seen any substance it gets quashed and drowned in the BS .So here you have Trump holding up a big mirror saying "Look it what you are , this must be what you want , I'm the baddest barker of them all" . And I think these people get it both consciously and unconsciously . Voting participation is going up and I have to wonder if a good deal those who are going to vote Trump are doing it as a fuck you to all those in establishment from either side who don't seem to realize they are all clowns too.

    1. Thanks for the thoughtful response.
      I agree with you that something is going on out there that needs to be paid attention to by this nations leaders.
      I do think you and much of the media over estimates Trump's power and appeal. Over the course of all the primaries and caucuses to date his % of the vote has been around 40% which means 60% of GOP primary voters opposed him.
      Trump is polling so badly in every voter group except lower/middle class white men without a college education and there are not enough of them to give him a victory.
      But, I am taking nothing for granted and not ready to be totally confident in a Democratic victory in November