Monday, May 2, 2016

What did they do in the Bible Belt?

You know how when something bad happens like Super storm Sandy, 9/11 or Katrina the "Christian" right wing nut jobs always say "It is G-D's judgement on the people".

We all know that Pat Robertson is a horses ass. Pat he became a billionaire preaching his demented version of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Jesus would actually throw the first stone when it comes to Pat Robertson.

There have been really horrific storms as as of late in Texas, Oklahoma and throughout the "Bible Belt".

What did these people do to earn G-d's vengeance?

If Super Storm Sandy was because G-d was pissed at the fag loving New Yorkers.

Just Sayin


  1. Loaves to FishesMay 4, 2016 at 3:05 PM

    Sodomy is great when it's guy on girl, man on man, beast on man, man on beast, man on child not so much. Now that Uncle Ted is out of the race we have a democrat in sheeps clothing with New York values who probably swings both ways in the bathhouses of Greenwich village. I'd rather be balls deep in Heidi than getting my rocks off with twinks and bears on the DL while getting an occasional rusty trombone from the trophy wife.

    God's wrath is yet to come these little storms in TX and OK are just the tip of the iceberg, extraterrestrials from far off lands will subjugate humanity and relegate them to sexual slavery as punishment for our deviant practices.

    And if you think Hill can steer us onto the right path your dead wrong, word on the street is Reggie Love, Barrack Hussein and Marion Barry were air locking the secretary of state in the theater.

    1. So are you just a vulgar pig or a right wing religious pervert? I can't really tell.
      What I know is you are not funny.
      I would rather NY Values than yours.
      C'mon people bring you A game or stay away