Saturday, October 8, 2016

Trump Update

Republicans Call For Donald Trump To Drop Out; Trump Says He Won't Quit


  1. Hillary's pussy will be grabbed metaphorically in this debate, Donald will gape her keister with his coke can member

    1. You are a vulgar and crude coward. Plus she had him on the ropes the entire time.

  2. Trump grabbed America by the pussy and turned the dial to 10, the libtards have been relegated to lame stream media and liberal institutes of higher learning. You should apply to be The Donald's butler, one of the requirements for that role is you must be a eunuch. I have a great set of garden shears you can borrow Donnie.

  3. Donnie while Rome is being rebuilt by a modern day Caeser you sit idly by sipping mimosas at Tapas on Main refusing to accept that the new POTUS is a macho cisgendered New Yorker who enjoys private jets and riding side saddle with Putin. The Dems are so out of touch they will probably nominate Anthony Weiner next, LOL!