Sunday, July 30, 2017

A Letter To Trump

If I were to write a letter to a person elected President of the United States I would start it Dear Mr. Ms. President.
I would have done that for President Nixon, President Reagan and President Bush (the younger) three men who I never supported or liked but because they were President I respected them.  Trump - I can't even refer to him as Mr. Trump but that would show some level of respect, something he has not earned and does not deserve.

So here we go.

Donald C. Flad Jr

Sunday, July 30, 2017


I am writing this because I am sick of you, I am sick of thinking about you, I am sick of worrying about the harm you are doing to this this great republic, I am sick of talking about the harm you are doing to the world's formerly indispensable nation.  Your very brief Presidency has been sickening.

You comment on the figure of the First Lady of France.  Who are you to comment on how someone looks?  I mean really Trump have you looked in a mirror?  You are not by any stretch of the imagination attractive, your hair is ridiculous, you have a very strange skin color, you may be obese (have you seen the pictures of you in the golf whites you like to wear?  Your hands are oddly small for a man so fat and tall and they way you use them in the odd flapping way is just strange. You are really kind of gross.

I am sick of your children (normally I leave family out of my political discussions but your family is different).  I am sick of Ivanka pretending how pro LGBT she is when you prove at every opportunity how much you despise LGBT people.  I am sick of her husband's pre-pubescent voice as he whines his innocence.  He went to meeting with a non-citizen promising campaign information about an opponent - that is illegal and probably treason.  Oh and boo hoo to Donnie junior whining about how hard his grifter life has been since Putin helped you win the title of President.

I am sickened about the money the taxpayers are spending so you can golf and so your "wife" does not have to live with you.

I am sickened that you are already on your second Chief of Staff, your second Press Secretary, your second National Security Advisor and your second Secretary of Homeland Security and you have not reached the 200 day mark

I am sickened that every time you give a "non-campaign style speech" the group you speak to has to apologize because "The President of The United States"  was vulgar, crude and lied.  I mean really Trump your really weird performance before the Boy Scouts was really appalling.  The fact that you think you did a great job makes it even worse. 

The fact that so many of this nation's police departments had to basically say after your speech to police on Long Island last week "Oh hell no!  This idiot does not speak for us"  speaks volumes to what an dumb ass you are.  Again, it was just so visually odd with you flapping your little orange hands through out the entire speech. 

Watch your speeches Trump - no one will ever compliment you on your figure, skin color, hair or hand size or intellect. 

Your Tweets; the spelling, the grammar, the use of ALL CAPS, over use of !!!!!!! - a 13 year old mean girl's tweets are better structured, better thought out and far more interesting.  Where are you when you hold your smart phone in you little orange hands and use your obese little orange fingers to send out these thoughtless, clueless, OK stupid little tweets.  The sad thing is you think you are making/setting policy with these peculiar 140 letters of insanity.  In reality you are confirming how you are in over your head and you have no idea what you are doing.  

The fact that you do not understand how this great republic's three separate but equal branches of government works is unbelievable.  Did you really go to The Wharton School?  Anybody who graduated from Penn would know how the U.S. government works and you do not.  Is this just another one of your lies?

The fact that you lie about shit that is quickly provable as a lie and then never back down from the lie is a clear example of how unstable you are.  I mean really here are some examples 
The wife of the Japanese PM does not speak English - A Lie 
Your inauguration had the largest attendance EVER! - A Lie 
Your electoral college margin was one of the biggest ever - A lie
Your businesses have no Russian investors - A lie  (your beloved namesake says otherwise)
You claim you have passed more legislation than any previous President.  A lie but please prove me wrong - please try 

Kellyanne Conway (ConArtist) says that you believe in an alternate truth.

You did not think health care was so difficult to understand.  And, according to many reports you never understood the legislation working its way through Congress.  The fact is you do not care about anything other than you was so clear during the health care debate.  You would have signed anything just to say you signed it. 

And, how did the insult to John McCain turn out for you?  Did you really you think insulting a genuine American hero would not be responded to.  I mean really, John McCain willingly would have given his life for this country and you played golf during those same year. 

You once said that your military academy experience was tougher than actual military service and your learned more from it. Because your parents sent you to boarding school is not the same as boot camp.  Did it ever cross your mind that your parents may have sent you to boarding school because they hated you and did not want you around?  Or, maybe they were embarrassed by your thinning hair and oddly small hands.

North Korea is more belligerent than ever - it is because of how weak and clueless you are.  You blame China, you blame Russia.  What country are you going to blame next?  Albania (shout out to my twitter pals for this reference).

Iran is all up in our joint like they haven't been for more than a decade.  And, it is all on you chubby.

I could go on and on and on and I know that my usual group of cowardly tea baggers who use fake names will respond to this blog post in their typical juvenile way .  If history predicts the future they will respond like 8th grade boys.  

 I am sick of you Trump, this great republic is sick of you and I am going to try really hard to blog about some things that matter to me from now on......
Downtown Bethlehem
South Side Bethlehem
Meals on Wheels
Third Street Alliance for Women
Health Care
Homeless Vets
Civil Rights
Martin on Main Festival
LGBT Business Council 
Climate Change
How much I loathe the Eagles and Phillies
Pleated pants
The best hamburger ever 
RuPaul's Drag Race
The weather
Gail Hoover - Realtor 
How hot Tom Brady is - and Gisele 
How I can set my alarm to my garbage pick up
We are! Penn State
Award season red carpet hits and misses
It rained today
What song I am going to "do" and next years bash
Can I find a better bow tie than Tony Iannelli
Should I run for State Senate
Is it gravy or sauce
It's not the heat it's the humidity

In fact, Trump I am so sick of you and sickened by you that I really wish I never had to think about you and your disgusting family ever again.

......................................................  Having said all this I do not want you to leave office before your term is up because that would make Mike Pence President and he is smarter and more politically astute then you which makes him more harmful to the nation I love so much.

Donald C. Flad Jr


  1. Disgusting piece of treasonous hate speech, you've jumped the shark Flad I'm sending this to the secret service and you will be shipped to Leavenworth.

    1. Oh Rolfiepoo!
      There is not one threat to the disgusting orange coward - nor is it treasonous and if you really think I feel threatened or you made me afraid you are a weak minded little joke just like the man you voted for

  2. Don if you and Donald Trump were cellies he'd be penetrating you with his chode on the regular and depositing loads of Donald Jr deep in your colon.

    1. You are a coward - Again a pre-teen boys like reference to gay sex - Pathetic really, how sad your life must be - this is your best response.... an anal sex response - SAD!