Sunday, November 15, 2009

Dick Should Not Be Talking Smack About Foreign Policy

The Republicans are trying to scare us about putting some of the Gitmo prisoners on trial in New York City and they have been trashing the President for being thoughtful and taking his time to make the best decision possible about how to proceed in Afghanistan. The Republicans used to be perceived as the stronger party on foreign policy issues, I was never sure they deserved that reputation but it was a widely held view. I say was because Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice were very successful in destroying that reputation. So who do the Republicans in exile allow to be their chief spokes people on all things foreign policy and defense matters? Dick Cheney & his unhinged wing nut daughter Liz, the former Vice President was the chief architect of what is arguably the most inept administrations in many generations and I am not sure what exactly Liz brings to the table, she promotes herself as an expert because she worked in the State Department. Does she really think that anyone believes she would have received that appointment if her father had not been the great puppet master of the Bush administration?

The Attorney General announced on Friday that the key planners of 9/11 would be put on trial in Federal Court in New York City. The GOP has whined that the site of the trial will on be a few blocks from where the World Trade Center stood. I am not sure why that is an issue. What better place than lower Manhattan for the trial of the men that caused that big hole to be created in lower Manhattan. Trust me; the citizens of New York can handle a trial of this magnitude. There have been many a high profile trial at this location, the federal government, the State and City of New York will be well prepared for this trial.

Another Republican argument is that these thugs should be put on trial via the military system they set up. This system has proven to be a failure, there have been only three convictions, many military lawyers do not believe in it. The 9/11 attacks were on the entirety of civilization not just the US military. What better message to send to the world that the US will not hide these trials, we will show the world that the US justice system works, the bright light of a public trial will show the world that our legal system of this great republic will prevail over the darkness and pure evil of these men. We have a better system, we are the better people, we are the shining city on the hill and we are not afraid of fair and legal trial. Justice will be served and the entire world we see it. Do the Republicans really think that these people are going to be acquitted by the citizens of New York City and be allowed to walk out of Federal Court into the loving embrace of their families, please what kind of fools do they take us for?

A few weeks ago the discredited chicken hawk draft dodger former Vice President whined that President Obama was dithering about what the next steps should be taken in Afghanistan. His complaint is that the President of the United States was being thoughtful, that he was considering all his options, that he was not rushing to judgment and that he wanted to be sure he was making the best possible decision before committing more of our treasure and more of our troops to a war that was so badly mismanaged by Cheney in the first place. Perhaps if Bush and Cheney had put a little more thought into their efforts in Afghanistan this President would not be in the position he finds himself today. Perhaps if our previous leaders had been interested in gathering enough information and hearing from all sides they would not have started a second military effort in Iraq. Because Dick Cheney did not answer his nations call when it asked him to serve it he has no understanding of what it like to send men to war. President Obama also never served in the military but at least he is relying on the best and the brightest to advise him on this issue, he is not rushing to judgment before he risks the life of one of his citizen warriors.

There are so many failed Republican foreign policy decisions this post could go on forever, I’ll be back.

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