Monday, November 1, 2010

I Am A Candidate

The New Deal Party


For Immediate Release

Donald C. Flad Jr of Bethlehem, Northampton County has announced his candidacy for the State Senate in the 18th Senatorial District.

The District includes the following communities:
Cities – Bethlehem
Boroughs – Bangor, Catasauqua, Coplay, Delaware Water Gap, East Bangor, East Stroudsburg, Fountain Hill, Freemansburg, Hellertown, Nazareth, North Catasauqua, Northampton, Pen Argyl, Portland, Roseto, Stroudsburg, Stockertown
Townships – Bethlehem, Lower Mount Bethel, Lower Saucon, Plainfield, Smithfield, Stroud, Upper Mount Bethel, Upper Nazareth, Washington, Whitehall,

Statement announcing candidacy:

There is a hunger in our land – a hunger for competence, a hunger for leadership, a hunger for simple straight forward clear thinking, a hunger for someone, anyone to speak truth to power. I stand ready, willing and able to feed the hunger.

There is a thirst for someone who makes sense when he speaks, a thirst for someone willing to look at an issue from all sides before voting and thirst for someone willing to reach across the aisle and do what’s best for the people. I stand ready to quench that thirst.

We face difficult times and there will be many hard choices ahead I am prepared to bring all people together to find the solutions. Like a master chef I can combine all the ingredients of our problems and the ingredients of our solutions and create a tasty stew that will satisfy our hunger. Like a great bartender I will add a dash of common sense, a splash of compromise to a generous portion of clear thinking and pour it over the rocks of our problems, give it a vigorous shake and pour out solutions to our problems.

I can no longer ignore the urgent and forceful voices that have been calling out to me over the years to enter the arena of public life and run for office not just any office but this office. I have heard the cries of the people; my people and I can no longer deny them their wishes. I can no longer stand on the sidelines and hope for our leaders to actually lead, I must answer the clarion call of the people and run for this high office.

I am a traditional Liberal and so like a great auto racer I will hold the steering wheel of power steady and constantly and consistently keep our great commonwealth turning to the left and not allowing the extremist fringe pass me on the right.

Why I have chosen to run for the State Senate at this time? Because I need to look at myself in the mirror Wednesday morning and I need to ask myself did I do all I could to solve our problems? Did I vote for the candidates that I believe will do what is right for the people? By voting for Dan Onorato I can say that, by voting for Joe Sestak I can say that, by voting for John Callahan I can say “Hell Yes”, by voting for Steve Samuelson I can say yes. When given the choice on the ballot for this year for the 18th Senatorial District I can’t say I will have made the right choice unless I write in myself.

So, on this day at this hour I am announcing my candidacy for the Pennsylvania State Senate in the 18th District. This seat was once held by a woman of great vision, of great courage and she helped move this great commonwealth forward. I announce my candidacy in the memory of and to honor the legacy of Jeannette F. Reibman.

I am asking the good people of the 18th District to join me as we serve up a new era of progress for all the people. I am asking the fair minded people of the 18th District to write in the name DONALD FLAD JR for the office of State Senate. When you vote tomorrow please take a few extra moments and type in DONALD FLAD JR in the space for write in next to the State Senate line.

I have answered your call to service please answer my call and join me on Election Day and write (type) in DONALD FLAD JR.

Thank you, may God bless you and may God Bless the United States of America.

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  1. You have my support. I was trying to determine if "None of the Above" would fit in the write box...but now I will vote for you. For many of the same reasons as you, I cannot vote for the current occupant of that seat, and can't bring myself to vote for a teabag candidate.

  2. Thanks Jim S. It will be great watching to see how far this goes. Your support is appreciated

  3. After reading your press statement, Donald... I'm starving for the Bacchanalian feast you promise!

    Come... sit by me ... let's partake of this moment, nay, of *your* moment in history! ;-)