Monday, January 31, 2011

Not A Leader

In an interview after last week’s State of The Union address our Congressman said he did not think the spending freeze the President called for went far enough in cutting spending. Yet Congressman Dent never offered an alternative. Clearly it is easy for Mr. Dent to criticize but it appears it is difficult for Mr. Dent to lead. A leader, man worthy of election to high office should do more than criticize he should offer alternatives and Charlie Dent has chosen to continue do what he has done his entire career. Play it safe and offer little platitudes to the various constituencies that have kept him in office.

What would you cut Mr. Dent? And please be specific. If you say waste and fraud we will all know that you are not a serious thinker and will never really be a leader.

What programs will you cut? Would the cuts come from education? Would they come from senior citizens programs? Would you touch defense spending? Should medical care be cut back for our returning troops? Would you cut NPR? How will Medicare be affected by your suggestions? Should funding be slashed to medical research projects? Would you cut funding to farmers and after school programs? Should we not spend money to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure?

Mr. Dent only has one vote among the 535 members of House and Senate which is very comfortable for him; he can hide behind everyone else.

The time has come after a very long career as a legislator for Charlie Dent to show some leadership skills.

I have a few books sitting around the house on the topic of leadership and I am more than happy to share them with our Congressman.

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