Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Response To The Godfather

This became too long for the comment section so I have devoted an entire new posting to my friend.

Bernie -


I watched the tea party marches on cspan and followed media coverage and the crowds were full of angry white people saying really racist and hateful things about the President. The slogan they use "Take our country back" infers that the President is not an American. Who do they want to take their country back from? The fact that they say “Their Country” and not “Our Country” is telling of their lack of respect for him and shows they don’t believe he has the right to be Our President.

The Obama administration is referred to as a REGIME, which infers that they were not democratically elected but came to power by force. They use the expression "Not my President" agree with him or not he is our President. I was critical of those on the left when they used that expression against Bush. You will find no one who opposed President Bush more than I did and yet I always referred to him as the President. Because he was my President, he was the nations President.

They make wild accusations about his background; they compared his wife to a gorilla and let’s not forget a local Catholic Church allowed his likeness to be shot at as a fundraiser.

Never has a Presidents birth come into the debate but it did when a black man was elected President.

Are all tea party people racist? No. I am sure that Jake Towne and Rand Paul are not but I need some proof and convincing that that this "anger" at Washington which did not exist when GWB was ruining the economy and busting the debt ceiling is not race based.


I did not say Dent was a right wing extremist. I was wondering which Charlie Dent was going to be representing us. He has been all of those things I described.


Dent has no real record of accomplishment; no legislation of note bears his name either in DC or Harrisburg.


Dent has to earn my respect back. He ran a vile and negative campaign last year. He never ran one ad that talked about his record and what successes can be attributed him. He won by destroying Callahan's reputation rather than telling us why he had earned our support.


Dent's votes during the lame duck session were more like the Dent of old not the Dent of the last two years spent carrying the water for John Boehner.


To say I would not hold my own against Dent assumes knowledge of me that you do not possess so I am curious as to where that came from.


I am not one of those who made those types of remarks about Condi Rice and was harshly critical of those who did. In fact I think Condi Rice was not given a fair shake because of her association with GWB. I think if she had served a more enlightened President she could have been one of our great foreign policy minds.

Racism, sexism, homophobia is wrong and I will always speak out against it no matter who the moron is uttering it.

All are welcome to follow me no matter what avatar or handle they use. His name is not one that I would choose to use but as my old Irish grandmother used to say. “To each his own”.

I have to admit it was not one of my more positive and affirming blog postings but I stand by it.

I don’t understand your wild and blind affection for Charlie Dent he seems to be the antithesis of who you are.

And, as always Bernie thank you for reading me and thank you for all you did for me in the beginning with promoting by little rant center. You will always be my blog Godfather and I am grateful for your support.

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  1. Donald, we can't always agree but we can always express ourselves. That's the beauty of the blogosphere. Although I completely disagree with you and will be saying more about it on my blog, I gotta' admit I love your passion and the way you put things.

  2. I can't wait. Thanks for reading. Please don't send any your crackpot and rude commenter's my way. My head will explode

  3. I can't help that. My head exploded long ago. Dude, do I have to be right next to "cum.lover"? Can't you put me somewhere else? I'm afraid I might get sprayed. Can't you stick Geeting there?

  4. Bernie your "Might get Sprayed" comment is pure class bro.

    A happy new year to both you and Donald.