Monday, September 3, 2012

If Paul Ryan Were An Action Figure He Would Be Called LIAR MAN

Paul Ryan - lies about "Obamacare" taking money away from Medicare
Paul Ryan - lies about the fact that his Medicare plan actually does take money away from the program and is a voucher plan.
Paul Ryan - lies about the negative impact his budget plans have on the poor and the middle class
Paul Ryan - lies about the benefits his budget plans have for the 1%
Paul Ryan - lies about his general economic plans - Trickle down has never worked and will never work
Paul Ryan - lies when he blames President Obama for the closing of the auto plant in his home town.  The plant closed a month before this President took the oath of office
Paul Ryan - lies when he blames The President for the lowering of the nation's S&P rating.  When shown a statement by S&P blaming the Republicans in Congress for the lower rating, he still denies the facts.
Paul Ryan - lies about the financial and social status of his family in his home town and pretends he pulled himself up by his boot straps.  His family was very financially comfortable and very prominent in the town.  It is a shame that his father died when he was a young man but as a result his college education was paid for via a benefit provided by Social Security.  A plan he would now like to end.

These are all pretty significant lies.

Paul Ryan - lies when he said he ran a marathon in 2 hours and 55 minutes when in fact it took him over 4 hours.

If Paul Ryan is willing to lie about something as silly as a marathon time imagine the lies he will tell us as Vice President

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