Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Reasons Why I Am Voting To Re-Elect The President - Part 2

  • When President Obama took office this nation was in its worst recession in 75 years, during his first year in office economists declared the recession over.
  • When he took office there were 13 straight months of private sector job loss, the private sector has been adding more jobs than it has been shedding every month since February 2010.  That is over 4.5 million new private sector jobs. 
  • The unemployment rate has continued to drop (except for the first few months) every month since the President took office. The reason the jobs numbers are not showing this growth as clearly because Federal, State and Local governments have been laying off people as a result of economic constraints and Republican austerity programs.
  • The Dow Jones Index was running around 8,000 when the Republican’s left the White House; the stock index is now hovering around 13,000.
  • Under Republican spending we had a $1.4 trillion deficit and despite GOP claims to the contrary the federal deficit is now $1.3 trillion.
  • In February of 2012 GM posted record profits only 2 years after the President wisely supported their bail out.  Chrysler soon followed and Ford is stronger today than it was in 2009.
  • New spending programs under President Obama totals up to $1.44 trillion.  Under the last Republican administration new program spending totaled $5.07 trillion.  Who are the big spenders?  Congressman Ryan supported each one of these new GOP programs and referred to them as economic stimulus. So even if this President doubles the new government spending in his next term it will still be less the Republicans spending.

Things are not as good as any of us want them to be but when the Republican’s ask is the country better off than it was 4 years ago the answer is YES. 

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