Sunday, November 4, 2012

Like Father Like Son

I was with my father in the car on the way to a Lafayette College football game and as is often the case politics came up.

Dad Flad - "I would rather vote for a DOG than that do nothing, empty suit and intellectually lazy Charlie Dent."

Me - "I'm not really a fan of his opponent but I may end of voting for him just because he's not Congressman Dent."

Dad Flad - "Your Mother & I voted absentee this year because I'm not sure she can stand in line very long."

Me - "That's a good idea.  Who did you vote for in the Congressional race?"

Dad Flad - "I voted for the dog"

My dad once said "I will never vote for another Republican as long as New Gingrich is alive"

Me - "How you gonna vote when he does die?"

Dad Flad - He just glared at me

My father was not always this way, I know he has in fact voted for some Republicans but when Ronald Reagan defeated Jimmy Carter something transformed him.

So.....I come by it honestly.

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