Monday, November 5, 2012

Marcia Hahn - In PA 138th District

If I lived in the PA 138th State House District I would vote for Republican Marcia Hahn

You may ask why?

  1. She is a Republican 
  2. I don't agree with much of her voting record

Rep. Hahn has a voting record that is fairly conservative but she is not by any stretch a tea bagger, she is what is now called a moderate Republican.

I attended a luncheon sponsored by the Slate Belt Chamber of Commerce and Rep. Hahn was to speak on Education.  After the talk she came up to me and said "OK Flad let me have it".  I had no reason to let her "have it".  Her positions were well thought out and from my Liberal point of view very moderate and she was open to compromise and to fully discuss and understand the issues before making up here mind on any education reform legislation.  I thought it was interesting that she sought me out to get my opinion; it says a lot about the quality of her character.

At recent community festival my company's booth was placed next to a booth manned by a shrieking Tea Party loon.  The Obama bumper sticker on my car was hard to miss since the car was parked next to my booth. Rep. Hahn came up to tease me and asked if I was OK  and to let me know that if  they bothered me she would be there to protect me.  It was a pretty funny moment.  I think she really was concerned about me and this was her way of letting the wing nut know that I was her friend.

Rep. Marcia Hahn never fails to seek me out at an event, to ask my opinion on a topic, asks about work, my family, tell me some jokes and to engage in some friendly political banter.

Representative Hahn puts politics and partisanship aside when it comes to the bread and butter economic issues that impact the greater Lehigh Valley.  She has a very good relationship with Rep. Bob Freeman who is her polar opposite when it comes to politics  but works with him and the rest of the local delegation for what is best for the area.

I would vote for Marcia Hahn because she is smart, thoughtful, organized, cares a great deal about her community and is very visible around the district.  She works very hard and has surrounded herself with a very capable and qualified staff.

I am proud to call Marcia Hahn my friend and I encourage those of you who can vote for her to do so.

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