Thursday, March 20, 2014

In Happy News: He is dead!

I feel no guilt about being happy about this.  And, please no one try to tell me that all lives are precious - because his was not.

Will anyone mourn his passing?  
Will anyone shed a tear?
Will anyone grieve?

The vile children who began to run the "church" he founded even excommunicated him a few years back.

He was mean, he was cruel, he is was bigot, he was hateful and he was a truly awful person.

His protesting and taunting of the mourners at funerals was/is so disgusting that I can even find the right words to describe my true thoughts.

I am glad Fred Phelps is dead I only wish he could have taken the family members who have taken up his causes with him.

I wished I believed in hell.  

But, then even a place like that is too good for him. His corpse just rotting away and becoming nothing is much more appropriate end for a man of no value to society.

Fred Phelps is dead - let all the people rise together and say AMEN! 

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