Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Republicans Wrong Again - Abu Ghaith is Convicted.

The Republicans said we can't hold trials for big time terrorists in American Federal criminal courts. They clearly do not believe in our system of justice.

The Republicans said we can't hold trials for  big time terrorists in New York City. Republican's hate big cities and really hate New York.

They said we can't trust American juries to convict these terrorists. Republican's do not trust the American people.

They said a trial will cause to much pain and anguish for New Yorkers and cause them to relive the horror of 9-11 all again.  The people of New York and all Americans relive 9-11 every day.

They said a trial would be a media circus. How many of you followed the trial or even knew it was going on?  I forgot about it.

They said a trial in lower Manhattan will cause traffic jams and general chaos. Did not happen.

He was convicted

Rudy Giuliani was wrong
John McCain was wrong
Lindsey Graham was wrong
Peter King was wrong
Dick Cheney was wrong (but then he always is)

The Republican Party has proven time and time again they are on the wrong side of history.

They are on the wrong because they lack faith in American justice.

They are wrong because they lack faith in the American people.

Let's face it folks the Republican Party is just wrong.



  1. Comrade Flad,

    The time has come to reach seek a new solution for our Governments broken two party system, the hoi polloi are alienated by the acrimony between the hardcore partisans on both sides.

    The elimination of both parties and a return to central planning is the way of a brighter future, although clearly wrong concerning the trial of Abu Ghaith the Republicans you demonize so wholly are not without some redeeming qualities.

    Ron Paul has delivered thousands of babies, his son Rand has given sight to the blind multiple times.

    Ted Cruz comes from an immigrant family that worked its way up to an upper middle class status, allowing him to attend Princeton University.

    Paul Walker runs marathons and made the cover of Men's Health.

    Donald Trump has many charitable endeavors and a top rated T.V program that has inspired millions to move up the economic ladder.

    Until you renounce your allegiance to the Democrat party machine and start working towards the purge of party politics we will not be able to move forward.

    Enjoy your weekend Comrade Flad.



    Soviet Red Army (ret)

    1. Comrade - Very clever in fact you entire comment reads like something from The Onion

      * I wish there was a viable third way in American politics but I think we are a long way from that day
      *Rand Paul gave sight? He prescribed glasses and contacts - that is hardly giving site and his father did deliver babies - What that has to do with their involvement in public policy escapes me.
      *Ted Cruz's mother is an American citizen so he is not an immigrant, which makes him an American citizen by birth
      *Paul Walker runs - he can not run from his record
      *Donald Trump is a coward, a bully and a fraud. If he is as rich as he says he is he would not need his TV job nor would he have to have NBC pay his children. He will never run for office because he would have to disclose his true net worth and value

      Pretty clever post though - Viktor....Thanks for reading and posting