Monday, March 24, 2014

This & That

  • The President of the United States brings the G7 leaders together to coordinate a western response to a Putin Gone Wild.

  • The city of Longview, Texas is paying Ted Nugent to not bring his vile self to their annual Independence Day Festival wang dang sweet poontang

Just a few of the things that captured my Adderall hazed brain



  1. Donald your disparaging remarks about Uncle Ted Nuge are an indication that you listen to rubbish like Kenny G or Englebert Humperdink otherwise you wouldn't object to one of the greatest guitar shredders in history playing a show in the great state of Texas. Maybe if he was appearing there to bash Barrack Hussein Obama and rant on politics I could see a problem, let the Nuge do what he does best and save the political correctness for MSNBC

    1. Kind hard to take the opinions of someone who hides his/her identity behind a silly fake name - leads me to believe that you do not truly believe in what you are saying - but having said that

      I made no comment at all about Mr. Nugent - did you actually read the post? If the people of a city do not want someone like Ted Nugent it is up to them -