Sunday, March 13, 2016

Hillary Goofed - Move on

A few days ago Hillary Clinton really stepped in when she praised Nancy Reagan for her AIDS efforts.  She was so wrong and so off the mark it was painful.

She apologized effectively; twice.

But that is not good enough for the perfect people out there.

She attempted to say something nice about a peer who had died.  She was trying be kind to one of the few people on the planet who understood what it was like to be First Lady.

She fucked up, she admitted her error and she corrected it.

Isn't that what leaders do?

Move on Hillary haters.  Your outrage is so transparent and so expected it is not interesting nor should it be taken seriously.

Donald Trump would have denied even saying it and when given video evidence that he said it he would still deny he said it.  And, his followers would believe him.


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