Thursday, March 31, 2016


Donald Trump thinks women who have an abortion need to be punished in some way.  Even the anti-choice people critiqued him for this.  Though I think they really agreed with him.  There is video of him from the 90's saying he is pro-choice.

Donald Trump thinks the Geneva Accords are bad. They keep soldiers from really fighting.

Donald Trump says he is going to build a wall across our border with Mexico and he is going to make the people of Mexico pay for it.  Does any serious thoughtful person really think that is going to happen? Apparently Trump voters do but then again have you listened to them?

Donald Trump is upset because nearly naked pictures of his third wife are appearing in anti-Trump ads.  She posed for them, she got paid for posing for them and he married her after she posed for them. I do not understand why he is angry?

Donald Trump denies what he has said even after video is shown of him saying what he has just denied saying and yet he denies it and his supporters believe him even after they see the video or him saying it.

This week I was Twitter trolled by people mocking me for a tweet about Trump saying I did not think he would run.  They attacked me for not being up to date on my facts. - They did not notice that the Tweet was 15 months old.  And, when I informed them of this fact they said they knew it was 15 months old which made mocking me for not being current funny. I asked for further explanation but none of them responded.

There is video of a top Trump aide using physical violence against someone and the person is charged by the state.  Trump denies it happened.  Trump is shown the video and Trump denies what he has been shown.

Trump wants to make it easier to sue journalists for saying negative things about him.

Trump claims his military boarding school was better military training the joining the Army.

Trump whines and complains about the press, the Republican party, Hillary Clinton and so many others are so mean to him. Boo Hoo -  such a pussy Donald Trump is.

Donald Trump is going to be the GOP Nominee for President?

The good news is that between 50% - 60% of all GOP folks are voting against him.

This has been a rough week for Donald Trump  - Who is he going to attack to change the subject and will  the national media allow him to do it?

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