Friday, March 11, 2016

Presidential Campaign Review (And Trump)

This presidential campaign has been painful to watch.  Let's review the candidates.

Ben Carson was/is weird
Carly Fiorina was in over her head and a pathological liar
Lindsey Graham was Lindsey Graham
Little Ricky Santorum reminded everyone why they hated him
Mike Huckabee just seemed too desperate - I actually thought he was going to resort to self immolation to get attention
Jeb Bush seemed like he really didn't want to be there
Marco Rubio bless his heart has no idea about anything and thinks that if he is just a blank slate he can win
John Kasich pretends to be from the sensible center, he really is not but he will govern from the extremes
Ted Cruz believes that G-D has chosen him to lead this country and he actually believes in his talking points
Martin O'Malley (who was my first choice) just could not get any oxygen in the Sanders/Clinton world. He tried to run from the right of Sanders and from the left of Hillary - a place that does not exist
Bernie Sanders is a great guy - I don't think he is running on issues that can be achieved - I wish they could be but he is not in the real world
Hillary Clinton who has the best resume of all the candidates but people just can't warm to her

And, then there is Donald J Trump - the MSM darling (they continue to give him a free pass)
I initially thought with Trump in the race it would be hilarious, I thought he was going to be a few months of bluster and drama and he would announce his latest reality show.
But no; it is Trump who has made this race painful.
In his speeches he says nothing, he rambles from topic to odd topic and insult to insult.
He is thin skinned
He is self absorbed
He really believes in nothing other than Donald J Trump
His opinions on the great issues of the day are not based on research or taking the time to think about them He is all impulse and says what he thinks is going to get the best reaction.
He is for traditional marriage and yet he has been married three times
He is all about using the military at every instance but when this country called him to serve, which it did 5 times he applied for and received 5 deferments (rich kid)
He said he learned more about the military from attending a military styled boarding high school than men who actually served in the military.  Remember the 5 deferments
He claims to be self made but  his father was a millionaire and he took over the company
He says he is a great and successful businessman but the companies that are called Trump have filed for bankruptcy 4 times.
He talks about the working class in very racist terms
At what point in is climb to celebrity status has he ever tried to relate to working people?
How is going to make Mexico pay for that wall?  Go to war? (see 5 deferments)
He is fomenting violence by Islamic extremists
I am convinced that he won't release his tax information because we will find out he is not as rich as he tells us he is. Think about - he earned a large pay check from NBC and convinced them to pay his children as well.
He and his children needed that those paychecks
And, then there are his events.
They started out as raucous and he encouraged it and now they have become violent and he has clearly encouraged it.
Very soon a supporter will shoot off her gun at one of his events but that won't stop him.
A week later a white man will shoot and kill a person of color at a Trump event and then and only then will Trump's campaign come to an end

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